Thursday, January 31, 2013

My motivation.

Okay first of all you guys know that I'm not a weight-loss or exercise guru or professional. I am just a girl who is tired of being fat. I'm tired of having to squeeze into my fat pants and pull them up so I don't have a muffin top. I'm tired of not being able to go into any damn store I want to buy clothes. 

I am 6'1 so I will always have to buy "longs" but dang it I want to be a size 10/12 again like I was in high school. I have big hips. When I was anorexic skinny in high school I was still a size 10/12 and a size medium/large... I would be OVER THE MOON to be back in size 12's... right now I'm a 14/16... Now that I've lost 9 pounds I'm a very comfortable 14. (Read: no muffin top)

I totally got off track.
My motivation.
I have been getting a lot of questions lately about "how do you have so much energy?", "where does your motivation come from?", "how do you find the time?"

First of all let me say that my life is pretty simple right now. My husband leaves for work at 7 each morning and is home by 5. 
I am a stay-at-home-mom to an almost 3 year old, who other than the occasional gymnastics or other little "sport" I put her in, has no other outside-the-house activities. 
I love my simple life.
I am not taking it for granted. I know that many of you would kill to have my life. I am extremely blessed. BUT I know that it won't always be this way. When Hazel starts school and sports and when we have another baby ('s)... my life won't be so simple. So I'm using this time to take care of MYSELF. I am being "selfish." (I put that in quotes because I don't think I'm being selfish AT. ALL. because I'm taking care of myself.)

BUT with all that being said... I have a daily struggle with "should I go to the gym today? or just stay home?"

Obviously, being lazy would be my first choice. That's what got me here. 
Every day I have to talk myself into it. 
-I think about how much better I'll feel when I'm done and a sweaty mess.
yes I do!
-I think about my family. I want Hazel to have a happy and healthy mom. I don't want to constantly be battling with my weight all my life. I want to teach her that you can be healthy and active and HAPPY. I'm not ever going to beat myself up over eating a brownie. I want her to know that ALL things in moderation is a great way to live. I want her to be happy and healthy and active too. I want to be a good example so that she won't constantly be worried about her weight the way I have. I want her to know that it's okay to have a brownie or even 2... but eating 8 is not good. Even when I was anorexic skinny in high school... I thought I was fat. I don't EVER want her to think she's fat. I want her to be comfortable in her own skin.

- I think about all of you. We are in this together. I have a goal weight and so do you. Mine is more than likely higher than yours but I'm way taller than you. I want to be HEALTHY... And I want to be able to maintain my weight without sacrificing for the rest of my life. But seriously, you guys are super motivating. Every time I post something about working out on instagram or my blog or MFP you guys are always there with encouraging words! It's incredible. THANK YOU.

fit and healthy over skinny

-Me. I am tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what I see. I want to rock any outfit I choose. I want to look good naked and be confident in myself. I want people to look at me and say "I want to look like her." I want to motivate other moms to push themselves. Just because you're a mom doesn't mean you can't be a MILF. I want people to see me dripping of sweat at the gym (which happens every time I go) and push a little harder because of me. 
- I am tired of saying "I quit" when someone asks me how my weight-loss is going. Like I said... this isn't my first rodeo. I have started and quit a dozen times. This time I am finishing. Something this time around clicked. I am done being fat. I am done starting over. I am done being unhappy. I am done with the excuses. The dirty dishes and house can wait. This is my time. I don't care how long it takes. I will never give up. I will reach my goal weight and I will finally take my "after" pictures... instead of only "before's"

What are somethings that motivate you?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 4

Hey ladies!! I hope your week went well!
I had a great week this week. I stuck with my workouts and eating well and never went over in my calories. I FEEL good about myself! 

Downside is that it's the dreaded Shark Week. Therefore my hormones are all outta whack but I still lost 1.6 pounds this week! WHAT??? 

The real victory is that I haven't spent the past week shoving my face like I normally do the week before TOM. I had SELF-CONTROL for once in my life and I didn't gain. THAT IS HUGE FOR ME. Like I have said before this isn't my first go-round with this weight-loss thing. But I always , and I mean always have shoved my face the week before my TOM and gained. Every single time. Then the week after I would spend losing the weight I had gained. So the fact that I lost weight this week sends me over the moon. I couldn't be more happy. 
Hard work pays off! 

Starting Weight: 230.4
Last week: 223.0
Today: 221.4

That's a total loss of 9 pounds this month! 

Another non-scale victory is I didn't spend my week shoving my face with pizza. Like last weekend. 
We did have Panda Express one day for lunch but instead of rice I got steamed veggies. Small changes. Slow and steady. 
I can't give up everything I love! I love food! I love to go out to eat! But making small changes will lead to big changes! :)

Now to measurements. 
No big changes :(
Last week:
Arms: 13
Thighs: 23
Bust: 37
Hips: 37.5
Waist: 32

This week: 
Arms:  13 (no big changes but I can actually SEE my muscles... big deal for me!)
Thighs: 22.5 (-.5)
Bust: 37 (-0)
Hips: 37 (-.5)
Waist: 31 (-1)

That's a total of 2 inches this week

Total loss of inches for the month of January: 
Arms: -2 inches
Thighs: -4 inches (yeah buddy)
Bust: -3 inches
Hips: -4 inches
Waist: -3 inches
Total: 16 inches OFF my body! Yay! 

My workouts this week:
Wednesday: Body Pump followed by RPM (Kicked my butt so good and I just upped my weights) 

Thursday: RPM
Friday: Body Pump
Saturday: Body Pump
Sunday: Rest
Monday:Hot Yoga and Body Pump

Tuesday: RPM

See a pattern? I might be obsessed with Body Pump and RPM. But I burn so many calories and get a sweaty mess. I love it. I want to start adding a step-class too but I don't know. I'll probably wait until I get over these 2 classes. Right now they are working and kicking my bootay!

Now for 1 month progress pics! 

The green is before and blue is 1 month
I can't really see much of a difference. I'm going to start taking pictures of my back/ flexing my arms so I can see the differences in the muscles. 

This made me LOL. 
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Can I get an AMEN?
This makes me LOL and totally what I wanted to do this week. Yummm brownies!!

How did you do this week? Be sure to link-up with Erin and Alex!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Different Blog Circles.

I know. I know. 2 post in one day? Who is this lady?
Well I didn't go to the gym this morning so I'm distracting myself from shoveling food in my face by reading other blogs. Somehow I managed to get somewhere I had never been before.

The Young-Single-Women's blog club. 
I have never been apart of this club. I didn't start blogging till after I was a mom and wife so I never knew these people. They blog about some crazy things like about their fun weekend plans and how cute their apartments are. I'm jealous.
But the thing that I found hilarious was that most of them didn't blog about their weight-loss journeys. As wives and mothers I feel like when I read a blog that I follow it should have at least a paragraph about how they are doing in the weight-loss department. They don't blog about boogers, potty training, planning birthday parties, or losing weight. 
Another thing I found so funny was that like us (mom-bloggers) they all knew each other. I knew no one... So I creepily backed away and left them be. 

I guess I thought all bloggers were mom bloggers? 

I didn't know there was more than one circle.
For the record I like the women I roll with.
We wear pink on Wednesdays.

This was a totally pointless post. 
Are there blog-dad's out there that I don't know about??
(Other than Hubby Jack. We all know him... he's only famous because of his kick-ass wife, Holly
 And all he does is give us free blog design information and make fun of us... 

I am going blog-exploring. 


Not A Happy Post

Well.... Hazel was up from 2 A.M. till 6 A.M. when she decided she didn't want to lay in bed any longer and that we needed to go downstairs RIGHT THAT SECOND. 


Usually we sleep until 7:30-8... 
This hour and a half or 2 hours has made my day SO long already. Plus being partially awake since 2 this morning.... Is it nap time? No it's only 8 Am.
Also it is the first day of Shark Week. It's a cruel joke to be late when you're trying to have a baby. 
So if you were wondering how my day is going... It's not great. I am ready for nap time. 

grumpy cat

BUT I will NOT let this bad day effect my eating. I will eat healthy. I will stay on track. I will get through today. 

Today I am thankful for Netflix. I am thankful for Tinkerbell. I am thankful for Lego's and blocks.

Instead of typing here are a list of things I find funny today because they are true. 

contemplate life
This will be needed today. 
Here's a list of things I'd like to do today...

That is all. Here's to hoping I make it through today and that tomorrow will be a better day!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Recipe and Ramblings

Well I am happy to report that this weekend I didn't totally blow it like last weekend! I really think the key is getting my butt up and going to the gym on Saturday morning. Our gym has the day care open Monday-Saturday 8-8 but is closed on Sunday so I can't go on Sunday's. It is awesome getting up on my sleep-in day and get my butt sweating.
Not literally my butt...
I'm struggling with getting my butt up today!

And I stayed within my calories all weekend. 

We had a couple of friends over on Saturday night so I tried a new recipe from Pinterest but tweeked it to make it low(ER) fat. 

The recipe is called Million-Dollar-Spaghtetti from Being a Grown Up.

It should be called million-calorie-spaghetti. 
Why in the world would you put a whole stick of butter in baked spaghetti? 
I don't know. But anyway this is how I made it...

-1 Pound Ground Chicken (instead of ground beef)
-Homemade low sugar spaghetti sauce
-Whole wheat spaghetti noodles (This was my first time eating whole wheat noodles and I am now obsessed. So good!)
-4 oz. of fat free cream cheese
-1/4 cup of light sour cream (I think fat free sour cream is too watery and yuck)
1/2 cup of fat free cottage cheese 
-NO BUTTER (the recipe calls for a whole stick)
-I sprinkled it with Parmesan cheese not cheddar and didn't use very much.

I made my sauce and added the browned ground chicken to it. I don't like ground turkey and think it's too dry. Ground chicken breast is juicy and low fat. Then I boiled the noodles and mixed together the cream cheese, cottage cheese, and sour cream. Spray a baking sheet and do a layer of noodles. Next spread the cream mixture over the noodles. Then another layer of noodles and top it with the sauce and sprinkle a little cheese. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

It's really yummy. Not exactly healthy but not totally terrible for a weekend dinner. Hazel absolutely loved it and the left overs are great! 

So this morning the very last thing I wanted to do was get my butt up and go to the gym. Anyone else feel this way after there day off? Like I get in the relaxing mode and then I have to force myself to go back.

 But I got my butt up and went to Hot Yoga and I am SO glad that I did. It was just what I needed to start my week off right. 

I also want to say that this is the longest I have been consistent with eating better and exercising consistently! I usually get to the 10 pounds loss mark and then relax and gain it all back! I need ya'lls help to push through that and keep losing! 

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Now I'm off to clean the mess Hazel made while I typed this! Then back to the gym for Body Pump tonight! 
Have a great Monday!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Wanna know how much of a fat girl I am?

Okay last night Jonathan and I were watching Top Chef. I love cooking competition shows! I could watch Food Network all day! Anyway... Last night on the show they did a fried chicken competition. I LOVE FRIED CHICKEN YA'LL. Well right after we watched that show we went to bed...

And I had a dream. 
Not as good as MLK's.
In MY dream I was in a mall. And I passed by The Great American Cookie Company stand. And I was all "I'm not going to get one I'll just keep walking...." Then (because we're still in a dream here people) EVERY. SINGLE. STORE. (you're welcome Hannah)  was The Great American Cookie Company. So I got a mini doozie with m&m's. 
What? Ya'll don't remember what you order in your dreams?
Well anyway... I put my cookie on my plate and apparently they were having a "if you buy a cookie then you get a free food buffet." Right... cause that happens never.
So I walked through the buffet of food and found the fried chicken and I LOADED UP. I got 3 legs and a breast that's what she said.

I don't remember eating any of this in my dream... Do you even eat in dreams? I can't recall if I ever have... But I loaded them all up and say my fat butt down.

I have decided that I need professional help. Jillian Michael's would tear me in two for having that dream.

Have I mentioned that my blog is a "no judge" zone?? So stop judging me!
I just though this one was especially strange because apparently I will never stop being a fat girl at heart even in my dreams. 
I have issue's ya'll.
Now I'm heading to Body Pump to work off my 4 pieces of fried chicken and cookie.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's In My Make-Up Bag?

Okay ya'll. 
I love make-up. 
Mac especially.
 If I could afford all of their stuff I would use exclusively their make-up. 
Want to know why I love make-up? 
Because without it I look like a 10 year old boy. 
Exhibit A

This is my make-up routine including pictures of the products. 

First I used BB Cream 
I love this stuff because it is light and it blends into my skin good!
This is how much I use on my entire face. 

 On top of the BB cream I use a brush and put this Studio Fix. I just use a little bit and get an even covering on my whole face and neck. 
Next comes the blush. I just use the cheap Covergirl. I like a light pink shade on my complexion
I think it's called Rose but I have no idea. 

Next that goes on is my eye shadow. I don't wear it every day but usually when I'm going to see friends or out on a date I'll put it on. I really want to get a Naked Palette. 

On the side is the concealer and the highlighter and I use my finger and mix the 2 to add a little bit under my eyes. I don't really have dark under my eyes but I think the brightness looks good. 
The black color I use VERY lightly to color in my eyebrows. 
Next is eye liner. Right now I'm using a brown liquid but I usually have a black pencil. I'm just liking the "lighter" look of the brown now a days.
After eye liner I curl my eye lashes. I think curling your eye lashes is VERY important and makes them look longer. I love curling mine. 

Then mascara. I have tried every single mascara known to man but when Mama Laughlin suggested this one I used it and was hooked instantly. 

Not only does it make your eye lashes look longer and fuller but it also doesn't run down my face when I'm a sweaty mess. It stays on good and washes off easily with warm water. It is amazing. 
Exhibit B... This was after I was sweating for an hour during spin. No mascara running down my face! 
Any other kind of mascara that I've tried runs down my face and gets in my eyes while I'm dying on the bike so I can't use any other mascara while I'm working out. 

Next is my lips! I just use Burt's Bees tinted chaptstick. I've tried a couple different lip sticks and just don't think they look quite right on my face.. So I'll stick with this 

Lastly I want to talk about my make-up bag itself. I'm obsessed with it. I ordered it from my sister who is a Thirty-One consultant. It is so big and doesn't show dirt (or make-up) AT. ALL. Its so perfect. 

What's in your make-up bag? Be sure to link-up with Trista.


Big changes might be happening to this Scott Household! 
I'll leave it at that and keep you in suspense because nothing is set in stone.  Just some potentially exciting things happening in the future! 

Do you think I'm pregnant? I'm not. yet. I always first think when a woman says "exciting changes are happening" that she's pregnant. Sadly That's not the case here.

Just pray for us and that we can make the right decision that will change our lives for the better. That's all about that for now!

So... this morning I woke up and I was feeling skinny. Well, yesterday I kicked my own butt (with the help of Aimee and her mom) and did Body Pump immediately followed by RPM. My hair was so wet from sweat it looked like I had just gotten out of the shower. 

I am a sweater. I feel like ya'll need to know that about me. 

So anyway I woke up and decided to jump on the scale just for giggles and 
I LOST 1.6 POUNDS... Since yesterday... 

My fat cried a lot yesterday.

I mentioned yesterday that I haven't been under 220 in 2 years... I am so ready to get this weight I gained with Hazel OFF of my body.
When I got pregnant with her I was a little overweight at 210... I want to get to 200 and then see how I feel. 200 is my goal right now. It's so close I can feel it!

Let me do a little back story. In High School I thought I was so fat because I always weighed between 170-180. The number is what I judged myself on. I am a big boned girl. I will never be a size 2. I just want to be healthy and feel good about myself. My goal right now is 200... If I get there and I'm not happy I'll go to 190 or 185 but realistically I like to eat. I don't want to spend the rest of my life denying myself because if one I day I want a piece of cheesecake then I will eat the piece. I'm not going to live the rest of my life not enjoying the foods I love. In moderation. So I think for me 190-200 is a good weight for me to be able to MAINTAIN and still look good. 

This was me at 170-180. I thought I was fat in this dress.. Sigh.

This was me at 170-180. These pants were a size 10 and I remember having to squeeze into them. I have big hips.
This was me right after we found out I was pregnant... around 210. So I want to be a bit smaller than that... 
This was me at 190-200...

This was me at my biggest. WOWZA.

I am also pretty proud that I'm not starving myself to do this. When I'm hungry, I eat! The difference this go around is I grab HEALTHY foods and eat before I get so hungry that my brain stops working and I grab and eat an entire bag of chips.

Does that happen to anyone else? I used to wait till I was so hungry I couldn't stand it anymore and then I binged...

Totally not healthy. This time I'm doing it the right way and I feel FANTASTIC. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday- Week 3

Today I'm linking up with Erin and Alex

Wooooo! Finally over the dreaded week 2 any biggest loser fans out there? 

Well this past week other than Saturday and Sunday I did really well. 

Here is what I did:

Wednesday: Body Pump
Thursday: RPM
Friday: Body Pump
Saturday: Sat on my fat butt
Sunday: Sat on my fat butt some more
Monday: 25 minutes on the stair master and Body Pump
Tuesday: RPM
Wednesday: Body Pump immediately followed by RPM

I did pretty well eating wise. I could have done better but I am pretty happy.

I have added a ton more fruits and veggies to my diet and eliminated red meats for the time being. 

My energy level is through the roof and I feel simply amazing.

Now to what you've all been waiting for!
Starting Weight: January 2, 2013: 230.4
Last week: January 16, 2013: 226.4
Today: January 23, 2013: 223.0

That's a loss of 3.4 pounds this week!  And a total loss of 7.4 in 3 weeks. Despite my eating really terrible last weekend. I promise this weekend will be better! 
I am so happy for another big loss this week after a .4 gain last week!! 

I am really hoping to be in the 210's next week! I haven't seen 219 or less in about 2 years so that would be a wonderful feeling! I plan on kicking butt this week!

Now for measurements: 
Last week:
Arms: 13.5
Thighs: 25
Bust 37
Hips: 37.5
Waist: 32

This week: 
Arms: 13 (-.5)
Thighs: 23 (-2)
Bust: 37 (0)
Hips: 37.5 (0)
Waist: 32(0)

Loss of 2.5 inches this week!! After last week I wasn't expecting a huge loss of inches because last week I lost about 9 inches! As long as my thighs keep shrinking I will be a happy camper! Thanks to Body Pump :)

How did you do this week??

Can we also all just agree that men are big jerks? Jonathan started this weight loss journey with me on January 2 and he has lost 11 pounds. I am so so proud of him but damnit. I want to lose 11 pounds in 3 weeks! I guess 7.4 pounds is great too! As long as my scale keeps going down I will be a happy camper!
Disclaimer: I am only joking. I am super proud of my husband! He is kicking butt in the eating and working out departments and I am SO happy he is doing this with me. I just want to lose more weight than him dang it!! ;)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Looking back.

In 2011 I joined a gym. LA Fitness to be exact. Hazel was only a year old and had never really be apart from me... The daycare ladies had to come get me every. single. day. It was awful. I couldn't even work out for 30 minutes without being interrupted. 
When I joined is when I tried my first ever spin class. I walked in having no idea what to do. I asked the instructor to help me set up my bike and got on. 
After 1 song I was huffing and puffing.
After 2 songs I walked out. I couldn't even make it through 2 songs and I felt light headed and dizzy and that I was about to die. I went home feeling defeated. 

I never went back to a spin class there.

I instead did yoga a lot, tried a Zumba class, but mainly walked and ran on the treadmill. I soon cancelled my membership. Mainly because the daycare ladies couldn't keep Hazel happy for more than 30 minutes. So it just wasn't worth it.

So after that we started running at home. When we moved into our house that we live in now I was training for a half so we found this trail called "The Greenway" It's concrete and wood planks that go through the woods and over steams. It's beautiful. This is where I really found myself as a runner. This trail is split up into 2 trails. One side is 6 miles down and back and the other side is 8 miles down and back. They connect by crossing over a road. It was the perfect place for me to train. Hazel loves going there because there is so much to look at. I love going there because I despise the treadmill. For me running outside is so much easier. Probably because of the countless hours I've spent on The Greenway. I just love it. After the half I was burnt out from running. I had hurt my knee pretty bad so I just got lazy and didn't do anything. Then my BFF Aimee and I started walking. Like 6 miles a day. It was so much fun. We bonded. Hazel ate snacks and it was our time to relax and exercise. It was low impact so it didn't hurt my knee and it was summer so we sweated like pigs. When it got cold I felt worse and worse about taking Hazel out there and making her sit in the freezing stroller. I knew that Jonathan and I needed to do something so we toyed with the idea of getting a treadmill. Realistically, this wouldn't have worked for us. Seeing how much I HATE the treadmill, I wouldn't have used it very often. A couple of our friends went to Body Plex, where we joined and they loved it so we went in and gave it a try. We instantly fell in love. The first time we went we did Hot Yoga and I was instantly sweating like a pig hooked. It was awesome. So the next day we tried an RPM class. After my last spin class 2 years ago I was skeptical but decided to try it because Jonathan loves it so much. So we went in and set up our bikes and I finished the entire class. 9 songs people. It is amazing how far I have come in 2 years. Since doing that we have ventured into the group fitness class. I had to drag Jonathan. And we tried Body Pump. Again I was instantly hooked. Jonathan loves it too. It is just an incredible workout! Using weights and burning a ton of calories = the perfect workout. except for jumping squats...  I can't say enough good things about group classes at the gym. It's incredible how much harder I work out. It's like having a personal trainer... for free! 

For the first time in my life my arms actually have definition.
I still have a long way to go but I am so proud of how far I've come.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting back on track

So I know that I, like most of you, have started a healthy living lifestyles (I don't like the word diet because it means that one day this will end... and I know that's not true for me. I will constantly have to eat healthy and move my body in order to NOT be 245 again.) 
Yup... That was my starting weight. 245. YIKES. The day after I had Hazel I weighed 235. I nursed her so everyone told me "the pounds will just melt off." Um. False. This nursing mama actually gained 10 pounds while nursing. Is that even humanly possible?
I never watched what I ate. I was as stay at home mom in a college town. (Jonathan had 1 semester left of school before he graduated... so we lived there for 1 semester). I couldn't go out with my friends any more and party so I had them over and cooked these huge meals ALWAYS followed by dessert. It was fun. It made me gain weight. When you're eating a pan of brownies or a cake every other day... You're bound to gain weight. I was an idiot.
So then when I stopped nursing Hazel I had the urge to start running. I had never been a runner. It was what my old high-school basketball coach used to punish me when I was late because I hated it so much. 
But my sister was my main motivator. She had had 2 kids. After her first child she lost a ridiculous amount of weight. She did it from running and triathlons. So I started the only place I knew how... by running. 

This was my literal motto. I ran so slow. But I ran

I remember that first run like it was yesterday. Jonathan and I packed Hazel into the stroller and walked out of our duplex. I was in shape in high school so I thought I would be able to run a mile with no problem... WRONG. When we started running I swear it wasn't even 40 feet and I was huffing and puffing. It was awful. I kept having to walk and even that was hard. It was awful. So I quit. I told myself that "I wasn't meant to be a runner." 

We tried p90x. But with a baby it was hard for both of us to not have to do something for her for 90 minutes. She at that point rarely napped unless I was holding her. We didn't start letting her cry-it-out till around 8 months. So one of us would have to stop. It was just way too long. We have since done p90x for a while again and I like it. Jonathan always loves it more than I do... I'm not a big in-home-video- workouter. Which I didn't realize until we joined a gym. Then fast forward when we moved in with my mom. That is when "I got serious." Every night when Jonathan got home we laced up and would run the 2 mile road. I remember when I first ran a mile without stopping I felt on top of the world. Then I had to wait a while then finally ran 2 without stopping. We were running 4-6 times a week but we were still eating whatever we wanted and it showed. But I had lost the 15 pounds and got down to 230. I have been between 220-230 since then. Over a year ago. I even trained and ran a half marathon during that time and I never got below 220. It was all because of my eating habits. I told myself "I can eat this double cheeseburger with large fries... I just ran 7 miles!"... WRONG. Like I said I was an idiot.

Me and my sister before the half. I did the half and she did the full
My real time was 2 hours and 47 minutes. Not bad for my first. But the people who won the real marathon ended before me :( I messed up my knee bad around mile 9 and couldn't really run after that. 

You can read my after-half-marathon thoughts here.

So, 20 days ago, I started this whole thing again. But this time I was going to eat healthy. Eat a ton more fruits and veggies and less carbs and red meat. I'm not saying I will never eat a streak again because this girl loves some steak... But I want to change my views on food. I have always been a "reward eater" meaning I would reward myself with unhealthy food. If I ran 4 miles I would eat half a pan of browines because "I earned it"

This time its different though. I can just feel it. I am finally ready mentally and physically to make some big changes. 

If you are my friends on MFP then you know that I had a MAJOR slip-up this past weekend. I ate like crap. It always happens when we're busy and on the road. I need to start preparing myself for the weekends. They are always the hardest. But the big difference is this time I am OWNING up to my mistakes. I am not letting them get me down and this week I will kick some ass. Next weekend will be difference and I won't totally binge on fast food. 

 I think the key to a successful weekend is exercising Saturday morning. I didn't do that this past week because of poor planning. I hadn't taken a day off in almost 2 weeks and my body was TIRED. So I took Saturday off which lead to Sunday because we had plans to go to my brothers to watch The Falcon's game. So I was like the "relaxation" mode all weekend and my eating showed. 
So I need to make sure I take at least one day off a week. I am planning on Sunday being my "day off" meaning I will just go for a long walk or something. Low impact. 

Now I'm getting ready to go sweat out all my bad toxins at Hot Yoga! Then I'm meeting Jonathan tonight for body pump!

New week! Forgive, Forget and Move on! 

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!!

Can I get a drum roll please?


The winner is #2 Meredith...

Meredith email me at so I can get you hooked up with the Firmoo people :)

Also, for all of you who didn't win Firmoo is having a special deal where you can get a pair of glasses for free, you only have to pay for the shipping! So go to this link and it will direct you to the place where you can get your free pair too! 

Hope ya'll like them as much as I do!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Firmoo Glasses review and giveaway!- Closed

So I got these awesome glasses in the mail and I am in love with how they change the way my face looks! Just adds a little something extra! 

The Firmoo website was so easy to use even though I am computer illiterate and the website has this cool feature where you can upload your own picture then try the different glasses on your actual face to see what they'd look like which I thought was a really cool feature. The costumer service people were very nice and answered all my questions and I will probably be ordering another pair in the future just for fun! Also, Jonathan does wear glasses and contacts and he said they were good glasses too. Sturdy and durable and he wants to order some from there the next time he needs glasses! 

Sorry for the terrible quality. I couldn't figure out how to get the video from my phone to the computer so I had to record it from my camera on my computer.
The website is simply  or click here and you can check out all the styles. 
You can also order normal glasses frames and get the lenses tinted which is an awesome option! You can also choose the color of the tint. It's totally customized.
If you want to enter in the give away just leave me a comment and I will pick the winner on Monday! 

I hope you love them as much as do!
Every time I put them on Hazel says "mommy is so pretty in glasses!" total suck-up but hey it works! :)

This give-away will be closed on Sunday (January 20, 2013) at 8 PM and the winner will be announced Monday morning. Check back then to see if you win :)