Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Magic carpet cleaner!

Hey guys! Sorry for my absence but our life has been pretty boring & wonderful :)

This past weekend we kept our friends dog for a couple days & we SO enjoyed her playfulness & just livelihood. She & H got along beautifully and it was so fun watching them play. But poor Nala got an upset stomach and had a couple accidents on our carpet! She was really, really sick and although it was frustrating I didn't blame her one bit. She couldn't help it! Anyway, needless to say we had some stains. I really didn't want to have to rent one of those things that clean your carpet because I've read they are a pain in the butt (we are going to rent one anyway- just to spruce up our whole carpet for spring) but I didn't really want these stains on my carpet until we rent that thing... So I started researching and I found this amazing concoction on Pinterest. You take one part ammonia, one part HOT water (I put it on the stove until it was ALMOST boiling), an iron, a spray bottle, and a clean white towel. All you do is heat up the water & mix it with the ammonia in a clean spray bottle. Spray it liberally on the spot & then lay the towel on it & iron the stain! EASY, PEASY! I know it sounds so crazy and I don't even know how it works but I have to tell you IT WORKS. It is INCREDIBLE and I am so proud of my results! For a really hard stain you'll have to spray & iron a couple times but I promise it will come off. The big, gross stain was there for over a week and I tried endless things to get it off. This worked. Now I'm going all over my house doing this because it is SO easy! Here are my pictures to prove it: