Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What's happenin' lately

Let's rewind! 2 weekends ago, my mom kept H so that we could go to Alumni weekend for my husbands fraternity (Woo hoo, Delta Tau Delta ). So we dropped H off at my mom's on Friday and headed down to go ole Statesboro! It was so strange being back at the place where we fell in love, had H, and got married! So much has changed in our lives since we left in December 2010. It really made me appreciate how much we've grown up. But, it was really fun to go back and see all our old friends! 

It was so fun!

Then on Friday, J and I did our annual pumpkin carving. We have carved pumpkins together ever since we started dating in 2008, its something we both look forward to and I can't wait for H to join us next year! 
Before carving pumpkins we went to Taco Mac.... look at my cute little angels. 

Mine is 3 pumpkins stacked on top of each other (Duh, I'm such a great carver that it doesn't need a description)  and J's is a Falcon football player. I want to say its Julio Jones. 
He entered his in a Falcon's contest. Isn't he just the cutest?

Then this past weekend my brother and his adorable wife wanted to take H and her cousins to The Atlanta Zoo. The zoo was having their Boo at the Zoo so all the kids got candy and had so much fun! Well, we weren't going to pass up doing something fun while we were baby free, and it was my best friend's birthday, so we all headed up to the winery's in Dahlonega! I am obsessed with the winery's, even if you hate wine the views alone are breathtaking. 

Hope ya'll have had a good week!

Until Next Time
Mrs. K. Scott

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Want to know how my 2 1/2 year old thinks?

So H is 2 1/2. She has been a "terrible twoer" since around 18 months. Her pitching fits and attitude changes are nothing new. But there is something new.

H: "Mama, Kitty kitty shoes on"
Me: "Okay!" then I put the shoes on
H: "MAMA!! NOOOOOOO" Then she falls on the floor and screams about wanting her "red shoes." No, you didn't read that wrong... She asked for the kitty kitty shoes and I put them on her.... How could I? I know.

Lord have mercy. We have reached the point where NOTHING I do makes her happy. She does this all day. With snacks, shoes, panties, shirts, juice, juice CUP (Lord forbid I give her the green cup when SHE ASKED FOR THE GREEN CUP). I know. I'm a terrible mother for giving her WHAT SHE ASKS FOR.

This stage is driving me insane. If you can't tell.

Until Next Time (pray for my sanity)
Mrs. K Scott

Monday, October 8, 2012

Praises and Prayers

Hey everyone!

It's been an eventful past couple days around The Scott Household.

Thursday started off like any other day. H and I were snoozing away and my poor husband was up at 5:30 getting ready for work and making his own breakfast (Gasp, I know. I'm a terrible wife who sleeps while her husband makes his own breakfast... somehow we're still married ;-)). Anyway, he was boiling water for his oatmeal in the microwave (because that's how he does it) and he dropped the cup and split the boiling water all over his legs. He came running upstairs where he shouted "I need you, I need you, I need you." I was shocked awake and ran into the bathroom where he was breathing heavily and I said "WHAT HAPPENED?" It looked like he had fallen down and scraped all the skin off of his legs. After me asking him what happened about 32 times, he finally muttered "I burnt myself", so immediately I started Googling how to help this situation and everything said to get in a cool bath and stop the burn process so I told him to do that. After a couple minutes in the bathtub he was feeling better so he got out and all of the pain immediately hit him and he was crippled in pain... again. So he jumped back into the bathtub, which is the only place he found peace, and sat there while I called my mom, whose husband is a paramedic, and asked him what we should do and he said that it sounds severe enough that he needed to go to the Emergency Room so I got dressed, got H up and dressed and we headed to the hospital. He was seen pretty immediately but unfortunately I had H and she is too young to go back there with him so we had to sit in the waiting area and it seemed like forever. He finally came out and said that he needed to go to the Burn Center because the people at the hospital didn't really know what they were doing and the bandages they did put on him were falling off before he even got in the car. Thankfully, my mom is awesome and immediately met us to get H so that we could go to the burn center which was an hour away without her. So H played at my mom's house all day with her and my step-dad and we headed to the burn center. We waited for a while, it was really busy and finally got sent back and our nurse turned out to be a girl from my hometown who my whole family knows and she used to play at our house all the time. Thankfully, she hooked us up and got J all cleaned and gave us a ton of options with at home care. She was great! (Thanks Carrie). Well after they scrapped all the dead skin off his legs they bandaged him up and we got sent home. He had second degree burns all over his legs. We had left to go to the hospital around 6:30 and didn't get home till 3. I was so exhausted so thankfully (again) my mom offered to keep her longer so I could take a nap. So I slept till 5 and then my mom and step-dad brought her home. I can't thank them both enough. Well unfortunately because of the placement of the burns J can't walk or move around without being in pain because the bandages pull on the skin that is trying to grow back. So he was basically either on the sofa or in bed from Thursday night till Sunday. He was completely bored out his mind and I was running around like crazy taking care of everyone and everything. At first I was fine and I'm so thankful for everyone who offered to help. It wasn't until Sunday morning where I felt I really needed help because I didn't know how much more I could do and just at that exact moment my sweet friend Karen, who we met in small group at church, said she was at the grocery store and she was going to make us dinner. I am so thankful for her and her perfect timing. It was such a blessing to not have to worry about dinner. I told J that I want to be like Karen. She is just a great hostess, not only did she bring us a big pasta dinner but she always brought us a salad, rolls, brownies, ice cream, and plastic plates and silver ware so I didn't even have to worry about dishes. It was such a blessing and I hope I can do that for someone one day who needs it the way I did.

Anyway, J went back to work today and he said overall he's feeling okay, the bandages and pants are making his legs hot, but other than that he's okay. He is so strong.

So, that was the "prayers" part of this. Please pray for his recovery and pray he doesn't get an infection.

Now, on to the praises.

J and I have been in a small group for a couple weeks and recently we started a study about finances and trying to use money the way God intends us to use money. We had never been "tithers". We would go to church and when the bucket was passed around we just kept on passing. Well, at the beginning of this study, God really weighed on our hearts that we need to start tithing  It was important for us to become closer to him and to go grow in our relationship with him. Let me tell you. It is HARD. I thought, we're struggling enough as it is, how are we going to "give" away this large (in my eyes) amount of money. How will I buy all the things we need each month? The money just didn't add up. Since we started tithing, a month ago, we have received more blessings that I could ever have imagined. My thoughts about money have changed  so drastically and I no longer think of it as "my/our" money. It is all His money and He wants us to do with it His will. I used to think " its my money that I'm giving to God". How stupid was I? Anyway, I'm just being honest. But I just need to praise God for ALWAYS providing with us. Tithing is hard. It's supposed to be hard and challenging. That is where FAITH comes from. Faith that God will always provide for you and your family the things that you need. Well today J went to work and got a HUGE raise. I mean... unheard of huge. He didn't get a promotion, he doesn't have any more responsibilities, just a raise. We have been struggling for a while now financially. It is hard with a family of only 1 income, but we decided before H was born that I would stay home with her and raise her the way we want her raised. I'm not bashing day-cares or anything like that, it just wasn't for us. So we knew it would be hard but we also knew it was the right decision for our family. Of course, we are going to send her to pre-school. She and I are very excited about pre-school. I know she needs the kid interaction and discipline that comes with school, so we are excited for next year. Anyway, we have been struggling and this raise is HUGE for us. Such an incredible blessing from God who will always provide and give us what we need. He is really an amazing God and I am so thankful for my growing relationship with Him.

Until next Time

Mrs. K. Scott

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pumpkin Fever

What is it about October that makes me think, I MUST EAT ALL THINGS PUMPKIN?

I feel like I can't get enough of the heaven in a can! H and I made a pumpkin pie on October 1st and I have to admit that it is already gone.

 Yes, I know its October 3rd. DON'T JUDGE ME! Before you start thinking that I ate the whole pie, I know that H ate at least 2 pieces, Jonathan ate who knows how much, and my mom had a sliver piece last night. I don't know about you but I've never found a Pumpkin Pie recipe as full proof and unbelievably delicious as the one on the back of the Libby Pureed Pumpkin can. It is seriously the best pie I've ever tasted, let alone made! Just look at this beautiful pie!

(Stop judging me on the amount of Cool Whip)

 And of course when I was buying the stuff for the first pumpkin pie, I had to buy 2 cans of pumpkin puree. So now I have a can taunting me and making me make something delicious. Its no wonder I gain so much weight during the holidays! If I eat a pumpkin pie every 2 days, how much weight do you think I'll gain by January?  Well, I am justifying my obsession with pumpkin flavored anything by saying that this time of year only happens once a year. I can indulge once a year for 3 months  right? Anyway, in addition to my pie, and the other can of pumpkin, I also got the Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee creamer and let me just say I am disappointed. I was thinking  "pumpkin pie + coffee = heaven"! Well, unfortunately, it smells great but I am underwhelmed by the amount of pumpkin flavor. Maybe for people who aren't bat shit crazy about pumpkin then it is enough but I gotta admit, I have thought of opening the can of pumpkin and stirring some in there. I don't think I'll ever do it (just because if its disgusting then I wasted something that could have been delicious.)

She may have caught the pumpkin fever. 

I can't wait to go to the Pumpkin Patch! She is going to be so excited!! Also, this Saturday we are having a fun fall filled day (say that 5 times fast!) We are going to the Pumpkin Festival with my mom and then that afternoon we're going to Stone Mountain with a couple friends and they are having a Pumpkin Patch there too. Let's hope H decides to be on her best behavior!! 
Unlike in this picture

Until Next Time
Mrs. K. Scott

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First World Problems.

Okay, I need to rant.

So... If you don't want to listen to my "problems", then stop reading. (I put problems in quotations because I know that I am in great health, I have a beautiful home that keeps me warm (or cool- depending on the weather), an amazing husband and a beautiful daughter and supportive, happy family.)

I am just so, so tired of having to clean my house EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. And I don't mean just picking up toys. I mean like CLEAN. H has always been a very active, in-to-everything child and it has only gotten worse with her age. I discipline her but she is just stubborn and active. I get her to help me clean up her messes but that takes longer than if I would just do it myself and it is MUCH more frustrating having to fight her every single second.

I am tired of my child waking up at 6:40 every day. It started at 7:30 and gradually she has been getting up earlier and earlier. Doesn't she know that we have very LITTLE to NO plans most days and we have NO reason to wake up BEFORE the sun, or even before her daddy leaves for work? I've even caved and let her in my bed just so I can get a couple more minutes of sleep but she REFUSES to go back to sleep. Needless to say I'm a zombie. I am the type of person who NEEDS 8 hours of sleep. It isn't an option. Otherwise, I get a terrible headache and can't do anything. Also, the earlier she wakes up, the longer I have to entertain her and our day is so LONG now. She used to sleep till 9 or 10. I MISS those days, our days flew by.

I am so sick of her climbing, jumping, hurting me all day. If I am sitting down, she is on top of me, JUMPING. I am covered in bruises.

I think most of this stems from the fact that I haven't exercised since Thursday. I am a much more pleasant and happy person when I have exercised. And the fact that I haven't is totally just my laziness and excuses. I need to remember that "I am one work out from a good mood". I feel like there is a huge weight on my chest right now because I'm anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed.

Now I have to go, H has made 3 messes in the 5 minutes it took me to type this....