Friday, February 28, 2014

New challenge.

I don't know about you but when I was dating my husband any and every time that he came over just to hang out or when we would go on a date, I would try to look my best. 

Since we have gotten married, I have gotten lazy. Being a stay-at-home mom means that it's acceptable for me to lay around in my pajamas all day with my hair all messy and no make up. Hell, some days I don't even brush my teeth (yuck, I know. But I'm being real here.) 

My lucky husband. 

I hear women say this all the time when they are joking and basically calling themselves a mess. 

Why, now that we're married, do I feel like I don't even have to dress before I see my husband? Doesn't he deserve my best? The best that I can give him? 

I'm not saying that I am not beautiful in my pajamas with a messy bun and zero make-up. My husband makes me feel beautiful no matter what I have on. But I don't feel my best when I'm that way. I KNOW that I look better when I put some effort into it. If I didn't then why would I even waste the time?

My new challenge to myself (and to you if you feel like this part of you is lacking) is to take time to make myself feel beautiful. Doing my hair and/or make up every day. I have 2 small children so some days a shower is just out of the question but that doesn't mean I can't take 10 minutes to myself (even if it's the 10 minutes before Jonathan walks through the door), to make myself look presentable. 

I want my husband to always see me as the most beautiful girl in the world, but how is that possible when I take zero time for myself to make myself look *more* beautiful. 

I wonder what changes it'll make in myself and in my marriage? 

The month of March I am going to challenge myself to take 10 minutes to myself to fix myself up for my husband. 

After all, he's gotta look at me the rest of his life.... might as well make it a pretty view. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Random updates

Some exciting changes are happening in the Scott Household!!! Can't go into details yet, but I am very excited about the changes. 

Changes make me nervous though. I get overwhelmed thinking about how this will change our lives entirely. (NO, I'm not pregnant.) Thinking of all we have to accomplish before those changes can happen. It is very scary and exciting. 

Hazel has been working so hard at school. I love seeing all her accomplishments and how proud she is to show me her work. We always review her day when she gets home and she loves telling me all about it. Makes my heart happy to see her learning and growing. 

Elouise is growing so fast. She is 2 months old. She is smiling and cooing all the time and she loves when we talk to her. She is a very happy and content baby. I am so very thankful. She is still not sleeping at through the night but the 6 hour stretches are becoming more frequent and for that I am thankful. She has also put herself on the "baby wise" schedule. She eats, is awake, then falls asleep. It's been pretty good so far. But I refuse to be a slave to her schedule. It's not fair to Hazel. I used to be such a stickler for Hazel's schedule and I know they are great for babies... but for us, she can adjust to our schedule and sleep wherever she is at that point. It used to drive me crazy that Hazel would only sleep in her crib in the complete dark with no noise. So I've made sure to never shush Hazel while Elouise is sleeping so that Elouise will get used to the noise and now the girl LOVES noise while she's sleeping. She is such a joy and I could go on and on about how wonderful she is but I'll spare you. haha

Me: not much going on with me other than trying to lose this baby weight. We've been back hitting the gym pretty hard. Feels really amazing to get a good sweat on again. I have about 30 pounds I want to lose. That's my first goal and then I will reevaluate how I feel.

I miss blogging and all my blogger friends. I wish I had more time to blog but that just isn't possible at the moment! :) I am an avid instagrammer though so follow me :) kscott24.