Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week 37

We have been a bunch of sickies over here and add being 37+ week's pregnant and I am exhausted. ALL. THE. TIME.

I went to the doctor yesterday for my WEEKLY (ahh!) check-up. Everything looks good. My belly is still measuring 2-3 weeks big. Yesterday it measured at 41 weeks. And... I LOST 2 pounds this past week. I don't know how that is even possible considering I have been eating like crap and A LOT  of it. But my doctor said it was normal for women to lose weight right before they go into labor. 

I have another ultrasound next Wednesday. I am not complaining. I LOVE seeing her little sweet face. The doctor just wants to do one more scan to see how big she is but the plan is to induce at 39 weeks 2 days, which is December 2. :) I simply can not wait! 

She is still head down, I'm 1 cm and soft. So things are getting ready :).

This was taken 5 days ago. I am NOT dressed to take another one... Sorry bout it.
How far along?: 37 weeks 5 days.

Size of the baby?: The app says 19- 22 inches and 6.5 pounds. She was 6.6 pounds 4 weeks ago so I'm sure she's bigger. We will know more of a guess on Wednesday. :)

Sleep?: Still sleeping great. I take a nap every day now with Hazel and then I'm in bed by 8:30 at the latest. It takes some time to get comfortable but once I am I'm asleep.

Best moment this week?: She was rolling around in my tummy (like always) and I saw a knee or a foot or something VERY prominent slide across my belly. It was the coolest thing. She's also getting hiccups a lot of moving like crazy.

Miss anything?: I have been having this strange feeling. The other night Jonathan, Hazel, and I were just sitting on the sofa watching The Voice and snuggling and I felt like I missed Elouise. Like she was missing. I know she was right there with us but it was like my heart was hurting because she wasn't with us. It was the strangest feeling. I also get SO excited every time I see all the precious babies on my Instagram feed. I can't wait to see her.

Movement?: She is very active. She is still head down but her legs and arms are going nuts! haha. She makes me so happy, already. 

Bed Rest?: None.

Limitations?: I can't bend over, it takes me a while to get up off the sofa, and I definitely have the pregnant waddle! haha! But nothing too serious. I have been so blessed to have a healthy, problem free (other than my sciatic nerve pain) pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Symptoms?: I am in pretty much constant pain from my sciatic nerve. I have terrible heartburn and I have to take a Zantac every single day or I am miserable. My heartburn is so bad that it makes me throw up. I am exhausted pretty much all the time and a new one that has been happening the past 2 days I get really, really nauseous around like 6 PM. It is really the worst timing because I don't want to cook or eat and usually just take a couple bites of whatever I'm eating and then go to bed. Has this happened to anyone else? I hope it's not a habit that will last until she's here. 

Wedding Rings?: On.

Looking Forward To?: Seeing her on the ultrasound next week and seeing how big she is! And then of course having her next Monday!!! AHHHHH. 

Weight Gain?: Up 28 pounds. Feeling great about that. It has been hard and I have really "let myself go" these past couple of weeks since I haven't been able to work out like I was. But I know it's better for my body to rest and not aggravate my sciatic nerve anymore than it already is. 

Did anyone else lose weight during the last couple weeks of their pregnancy? 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Second Time Mom's

I am gearing up to welcome my second little one into this wonderful world and the question I keep asking myself is 

what is the biggest change I'm about to go through?

With Hazel, I had no idea what to expect. I think it was better that way. I wasn't nervous about labor because I didn't know how awful it is. I wasn't worried about the sleepless nights because I had never experienced them before. 

Now that I have experienced those things, I know how hard it is. But I've never had two children before so I want to know what the hardest thing to overcome is? What was your "I wish someone would have warned me" moment? 

She will be here in 12 shorts days (OR LESS.) 

I realize that I will not be prepared and I just have to live it in order to endure it.... but I just want to know what is about to happen. 

I've been having mild contractions. Nothing serious or super regular. But they are definitely happening.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Update on Miss Elouise

We went to the doctor yesterday for another ultrasound to see if she has flipped and 

SHE HAS! Praise Jesus. I was so happy to see her little face. She is such a doll baby already (I may be a bit biased.) I can NOT wait to squeeze her chunky cheeks!

The ultrasound tech wouldn't tell me how much she weighed because "the doctor didn't order a weight scan." <insert eye roll>. But my belly is measuring 39 weeks so that is definitely bigger than 2 weeks ago when she was measuring a little over 36 weeks. 

Elouise looks perfect. She was practice breathing and it was the coolest sight to see! The ultrasound tech said that was great news and means she is happy and healthy because one of the first things they do when they are feeling distressed is stop practicing to breathe. So I was really happy to hear that. I am so thankful for a happy and healthy baby kicking in my tummy :). I can't get over how amazing of a miracle it is. 

My doctor also checked me and said that my cervix was soft and 1 cm dilated. She also said that if I make it to 39 weeks (December 1) that we will induce then. 

Thank you all for following this journey with me and praying for my angel. I can't wait to post pictures of her!! :) 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 36

How in the world am I already 36 weeks? Can someone please explain to me how time works? I feel like I was just writing that I was pregnant! 

I just got up and took this picture. Don't judge me. If I'm not going anywhere then I am wearing pjs.  :)

How far along?: 36 weeks and 3 days. 

Size of the baby?: My app says a watermelon. 19-22 inches and 6.5 lbs. Considering she was 6 lb 6 ounces at 34 weeks I would say she's pushing 8 pounds now. I go for an ultrasound TOMORROW  to see if she has flipped. Please pray for good news :) 

Sleep?: I am tired often. And now that I stopped taking naps (again) I usually sleep through the night with just getting up once or twice to go to the bathroom. I can't complain about the sleep department because I know a lot of women have it worst than me. It just takes me a bit to get my hips comfortable to actually sleep but once I'm asleep I'm good.

Best moment this week?: The girls I volunteer with threw me a shower today at "work." They were so sweet and have been listening to my cravings and they made me a cheesecake and ordered us lunch from Five Guys. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their cheeseburgers. I was in happy pregnant lady heaven today.

Miss anything?: Nope.

Bed Rest?: I have put myself on "not working out anymore" rest. I will still take Baxter for our short walks (a half of a mile to a full mile) but with my hip hurting as much as it is I don't want to aggravate it anymore than necessary. I only have around 17 days left so I think I deserve the break. I just don't won't to hurt it even more and then have to deal with that in labor. 

Limitations?: Not working out due to hip pain, can't bend over due to feeling like I'm about to pee myself, bathtubs are no longer comfortable. Is that a limitation?

Pregnancy Symptoms?: Back and hip pain, headaches... occasional, not constant so I'm happy about that, pressure in my lower tummy.

Wedding rings?: On

Looking forward to?: Seeing her tomorrow!! My mom is coming with me and this is the first ultrasound she's going to (for Elouise) so I'm excited for her to see her. My mom ADORES her grandchildren and we are both excited. It will be fun. And I'm excited for our family get together to honor Ellie on Sunday :) 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 35.

How far along?: 35 weeks and 2 days. 

Size of the baby?: 19-22 inches. If she's gaining .5 pounds a week like she's supposed to then she will be 7 pounds now. I have an ultrasound on November 13 so I will know more then. 

Sleep?: Not so great. My hips and back have really been hurting a lot lately. I sit on a heating pad occasionally during the day and that seems to help but it still hurts when I change positions in the middle of the night. Plus I have to rearrange my 5 pillows I sleep with. 

Best moment this week?: Getting all her stuff ready on Saturday. It makes me feel good that if she does come early, we are ready for her. Also, she had a little disco party in my tummy the other night. My whole stomach was rotating. It looks so cool.

Miss anything?: I really miss being able to push myself at the gym. I am looking forward to getting back in there and really getting a good sweat when the time comes. But for now I will do what's best for us both and take it easy. I am still going to the gym but it's just not the same. 

Gender?: Girl. I'm going to start leaving this one off. It's not going to change. haha :)

Bed Rest?: None. 

Limitations?: Can't really bend over and bath tubs are officially not comfortable anymore because I can't lay on my back. 

Pregnancy Symptoms?: My face is breaking out again, my back and hips are killing me, I've been getting leg cramps in the middle of the night (NO FUN), I get out of breath easily, and usually by 6 pm I am done for the day. It makes cooking dinner really fun. I've had mild swelling in my ankles but it's usually only when I've been standing for a long time.

Wedding Rings?: On and loose. I have been very thankful and lucky that I've had minimal swelling. 

Looking forward to?: Her ultrasound and seeing if she has flipped. 

If you remember back to this post, then you remember I listed all the things we needed to get done before she gets here. I thought it'd be fun to go back and "check" things off.

1. Buy a new car. -CHECK 

2. Replace the floors in the main living area. -DATE SET: NOV. 16-17
3. Get all her clothes organized. -CHECK
4. Get car seat and swing. -CHECK

5. Have a baby shower. -HAPPENING NOV. 17
6. Get all of my Christmas shopping done in November. 
7. Get glider from my sister and get it re-covered. -CHECK

8. Get a present from Hazel for Ellie and get a present from Ellie to Hazel. 
9. Rearrange our room to fit her things while she's nursing and going to be in our room. -CHECK
The pad is on it's way.

10. Have a baby.

Friday, November 1, 2013


When I first got pregnant with Elouise, I had NO desire to nurse. I was willing to "tough it out" for one month and then she was going on a bottle with formula. I had my mind made up. But as the time gets closer my thoughts have changed. 

I can't imagine not nursing. I never thought I'd say that. But I miss it! 

With Hazel, it wasn't easy. She latched fine and I never had any cracking or bleeding... but it DRAINED me. Physically, emotionally, mentally. I was drained. I didn't cherish it the way I should. I dreaded it. Probably because she refused to take a bottle (of pumped milk) or a passy. So I was her passy. Whenever she was just whiny, bored, or just wanted something to do NOTHING would calm her down until I started nursing her. I was constantly nursing for the first couple of months. It was exhausting. I've decided that as soon as Elouise comes out I am popping a passy in her mouth and duct taping it to her mouth until she loves it. (I'm joking). I am also planning on pumping a lot more this time so that I can give her a couple of feedings with a bottle so that she is willing to take a bottle (so I can *gasp* leave her for an hour while I go somewhere). Any tips on increasing my milk supply? 

I really am looking forward to it this time. I know what a bond it forms and honestly I am too lazy to walk downstairs in the middle of the night to fix a bottle when I can just put her in my bed and go back to sleep. 

Did you nurse? Or formula? I know that both are perfectly fine but which do you prefer?