Thursday, February 28, 2013

So you think you know me?

Happy Thursday!!

I woke up with a terrible headache and I'm exhausted. I don't know how it is a possible that I am tired after my 3.5 nap yesterday and over 9 hours of sleep last night but I am. Hopefully coffee and Advil will help because so far my Thursday has not been pleasant. 

Heather posted this and I stole it from her! I have no creativity today and I just thought it was a cute idea! Ya'll go check Heather out. She has the cutest little kids and I love her blog!

Top TEN Favorite Foods
1. Japanese. I love the soup, salad with ginger, fried rice, and chicken! Add some Spicy Tuna and I am smitten. 
2. Mexican. Give me some cheese dip. PRONTO
3. I love a good homemade grilled cheese and Cambell's Tomato Soup. Growing up we didn't have a ton of money and we had 6 people in our family so we had this often. It brings me home. 
4. I recently started making homemade dressing for my bigasssalads and I'm obsessed. (1-2 clove of garlic, 1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar, 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup of EVOO, 1/4 cup of Dijon mustard... whisk all together and pour over salad. Use a little and add more... It's got a lot of flavor for a little calories.) So I'm loving that on a salad with some shredded chicken.
5. A warm brownie with a scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream. Ain't nothing betta. 
6. A big ole' juicy steak done medium rare. 
7. Lasagna. I recently made one and it was divine. I am craving it again.
8. Anything my husband cooks. He is a great cook... He used to cook for me all the time before he got a full-time job. Not it's rare but it makes it that much more special. His mama taught him well :)
9. PIZZA. I love a pepperoni pizza with extra sauce. Get in my belly.
10. Moes. Gimme a Joey Steak. Thanks. 

NINE of my all-time favorite movies
1. I love all the Harry Potter movies. They make me so happy. 
2. The Shawshank Redemption 
3. The Lord of the Rings (all)
4. All the Toy Story's 
5. The Green Mile
6. Alice in Wonderland
7. Anchor Man
8. The Family Stone
9. Jurassic Park. don't judge me.

EIGHT celebrities I'd like to marry
1. Johnny Depp
2. Matthew McConnaughey 
3. Adam Levine 
4. Channing Tatum 
5. Chris Hemsworth 
6. Robert Pattinson
7. Rachel McAdams (what? no said it had to be boys)
8. Ellen Degeneres 

SEVEN things I'm loving right now
1. My group fitness classes at the gym and all the friendships I've made through that.
2. My sweet Hazel's little voice. She is talking more and more each day and I am so proud of her.
3. My new perfume Jonathan got me for Valentine's Day. I love the smell and I love that he picked it out.
4. Our new Playstation 3 and Netflix.
5. Watching Ellen every day. She seriously makes me laugh and puts me in a great mood.
6. My simple life.
7. I just finished a great book and I'm on to the next one in the series.

SIX places I'd love to visit one day
1. New Zealand. I want to live there.
2. Hawaii. I went there in high school and I really want to go back.
3. Italy
4. Australia 
5. Africa
6. The Caribbean

FIVE games I played as a child
1. We were always exploring and playing adventurers.
2. I always played "School and teacher."
3. We loved a good game of Monopoly.
4. And clue
5. Barbies... not really a game but I was constantly pretending with my Barbies

FOUR things I'd rather never see again
1. Me being over-weight
2. My child sick
3. Dog poop
4. Bills

THREE things I'd like to do this year
1. Get pregnant
2. Go camping with just Jonathan and Hazel
3. Go to the beach

 TWO facts about me
1. I love being "the hostess" and taking care of people.
2. I would love to have a maid to clean my house.

ONE meaning behind my blog name 
I rarely get rest. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday. Week 8

Good morning ladies! 

Why is it a good morning you ask?

Starting weight (1.2.13): 230.4
Last week: 216.2
Today: 214.4

Hallelujah. I've done well this week. I could do better eating wise but I think that a good splurge meal once a week is healthy so I'm not beating myself up over it. 

One pound at a time.
My new motto.

I am running out of healthy meal ideas. I feel like I cook the same things over and over and I really don't want to get "burnt out" so I'm planning on spending a good amount of time on Pinterest, Food Gawker, and other places to find new healthy, fast, recipes and plan out my next 2 weeks. It is so hard to do this because Jonathan, Hazel and I the majority of our meals from home. I'll either make Jonathan lunch or he brings left-overs from dinner. And unless Hazel and I go out for lunch we always eat here. It's great because I can control what goes into our food... but it sucks when I'm in a funk (like right now) and I have no ideas because we end up eating the same thing every day. 

I have lost 16 pounds in 8 weeks. I can't believe it. I am over half-way there! I only have 9 more weeks to lose 14 more pounds. I can do this. 

weight loss inspiration | Tumblr
This was me last night in RPM

Here's what I did this week:
Wednesday: Yoga and stair master for 20 minutes.
Thursday: RPM
Friday: Body Pump and CX
Saturday: Tried to run on the treadmill but I had a head-cold and was feeling foggy and I kept losing my balance so I got on the stairmaster for 30 minutes then sat in the sauna. I was feeling terrible.
Sunday: Walk
Monday: Body Step and Body Pump
Tuesday: RPM
Today I am really tired and we don't have small group tonight so I'm going to wait and go to Body Pump with Jonathan tonight and relax today. Hopefully I can keep my eyes open!

Oh my gosh I need this!!!!
Also... if anyone wants to buy me this then we will be forever BFF's. 


Let's kick-it-up this week! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What's on my mind.

Lately I've been at a loss of what to write about. 

I have one thing on my mind. 
I know ya'll are sick of hearing it. Honestly, I'm sick of it being my constant thought. When you have baby fever then it really is all you think about. I can't help it. It's worst when I see a newborn, see a post about someone being pregnant, or holding the newborns at church like I do every other Sunday. I like to torture myself. What can I say?
So that is why I haven't been super creative in the blog department. I don't want to constantly blog about getting pregnant. But you blog about what's going on in your life and other than working out & eating healthy that's really the only other thing in my brain. 

I am so thankful for friends like Lora and my IRL friends, especially Hannah (who I text daily and thankfully she never gets tired of hearing all my struggles.) Everyone needs someone to talk to and I am so thankful for these 2 ladies who know what I'm going through and who can relate. 

On a totally different note, I lost another pound! I am down 16.2 pounds since January. That is an amazing feeling. Yes. I am trying to get pregnant WHILE trying to lose weight. No, I'm not crazy. Honestly all the gym time and meal prep and just focusing on something else other than getting pregnant is good for me. I need to stop stressing about it. Easier said than done. I know that God is in control. It is TOTALLY up to Him. We're doing everything we can so I need to stop worrying and trying to control everything and just let Him take over. Again, easier said than done. 

This is the first year ever that I have stuck with my New Year's Resolution this long. I have been working out 6 days a week and eating healthy and counting my calories every. single. day since January 2! 56 days and counting! That's a big deal, ya'll! I am usually the type who goes into things FULL FORCE and then I have a hiccup and then I totally fall off the wagon and into a pile of donuts and pizza. Although I've had my days, for the most part I have done really well. The important thing is those days didn't turn into months... like they used to. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Shortest Weekend Ever

Why does it feel like this past weekend flew by? I blinked on Friday and I looked up and it was Monday morning. Boo. 

My weekend was a good one.

Hazel and I met Jonathan at the gym for our Body Pump/ CX Friday date night! :) There is an older lady there who is so nice and always compliments us on doing this together and coming even on Friday night. She also goes to our church! Small world :). After that we headed home. I made shredded chicken tacos and this mashed avocado/ guacamole thing that was so good I was eating it with a spoon. Confession: I think avocados are bland and I'll eat them because I know its good for me but I never crave it. I added chopped garlic, some of the juice from the shredded chicken tacos, some cumin, and a spoonful of petite diced tomatoes to the avocado and it was so yummy. Kind of like guacamole. 
We had a lazy morning of eating breakfast and watching cartoons. Then around 10:30 we headed for the gym. I had/have a stuffed up head. My sinus's are going crazy and I feel just foggy. I can't really explain it. My nose is running like a faucet and my eyes were watering like crazy. Jonathan offered to take Hazel to the gym and let me stay home and relax but I knew I would be disappointed in myself if I didn't go. So I went and tried to run on the treadmill and I kept feeling "off balance" so I got on the stair master instead and did 30 minutes on level 5. It was a slow and steady pace and it didn't feel overwhelming like the treadmill had. After that I went and sat in the sauna for a couple minutes hoping that that would help but it didn't so I ended up laying in the dressing room for about 10 minutes. Then went and told Jonathan it was time to go. We came home and my mom came over to hang out and ate lunch and watched some shows and then Hazel and her wanted to go for a walk so we just took a little stroll around the neighborhood. Saturday night we ordered pizza from Domino's and I was highly disappointed. As our "cheat" meal I had really high expectations and I was let down. The past couple of times we had had Domino's it was so good. I guess they were just having an off night. It didn't stop me from eating 3 pieces. 
My wonderful husband took Hazel downstairs so that I could sleep. I had taken a NyQuil the night before and I couldn't even open my eyes when Hazel came into our room. That stuff knocks me out. I got up around 9 and it was so pretty we all wanted to go outside! So we decided to go to this park that has a big walking/running/biking trail, a play ground, and a picnic area. We walked for a little while and then had a picnic. It was so fun and relaxing just to get some fresh air and relax. It made me crave Spring!

 I am so sick of being cooped up because it's so cold and rainy. Today, guess what the weather is.... cold and rainy :( Doesn't help my Monday morning blues.

That's my mom. Shes 49. I know... Hazel looks like her child. 

I am feeling better though. Thanks for all the sweet comments on MFP. I still have a runny nose but I don't feel quite as "foggy" as I had all weekend. I can actually breath and I'm not sneezing every couple of minutes. 
I'm going to go to Body Step today! Although I don't feel 100% I am feeling much better and I think a good sweat session is just what I need. Plus it's becoming my favorite class and it's only offered today! So if I don't go today then I won't be able to go till next week! Tragic. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Warning. This is a lovey-dovey post.

Isn't it amazing how God picked ONE person who will make you so incredibly happy but drive you insane in the next moment? 
I'm so blessed that I have found this person. He's my husband. He is my best friend. (I used to hate when people said that. But it is the truth.) I feel so complete when he's with me. I feel confident. 

Sure, he drives me insane and makes me want to pull my hair out when he comes home to a clean house and throws his clothes/ shoes/ keys everywhere. But I was thinking the other day and I would miss that if anything happened to him. I would miss our daily "conversations" about him throwing his things every where after I spent all day cleaning. It's such a stupid thing. 

I love that I can be completely myself around him. He doesn't expect to come home to a perfectly manicured woman with perfect hair and make up. Good thing, because I rarely put on makeup if we're staying in. He loves me in my sweat pants and t-shirts with my hair in a bun. Sure... he loves when I get "dolled" up... but he is happy to come home to me, the real me. The other day he came home and I said "wow, you sure are looking good!" and he looked at me in my sweat pants, t-shirt, no make-up, hair all a mess and said "you too!" I immediately busted out laughing thinking he was joking and he looked at me very seriously and said "I'm not joking!" 
That's a good husband. Someone who can make you feel beautiful when you aren't looking your best. 

I love how he pushes me to be my best. At the gym last night, we walked in to RPM and I just wasn't feeling it. We got on our bikes in the front row yes, we're those people and I started pedaling and I just wasn't in the mood. He looked at me and said "just pedal... you'll get it..." Then when we left he said "you were looking really fast today!" then smiled and said "Yeah... I was checking you out." It's amazing how after 5 years of being together that he can still give me butterflies with such a simple statement. 

He is also totally committed to getting healthy and living a more active lifestyle with me. I don't ever have to talk him into going to the gym like he does to me pretty often. He's my biggest motivator. He has dropped an entire pants size and almost 25 pounds. He is looking HOT. 

He loves our little girl. We have been talking about a huge career change for him and our family that would turn our whole world up side down. It would be a lot more money but it would also mean he would have to miss ballgames, church, and some holidays. We have been going back and forth and the main thing he was worried about was how it would effect Hazel. On some weeks, he might go a couple days without even seeing her. When I was younger my dad was constantly working. He would usually always miss our games and never came to school functions. It was a big deal for him to be at our ball games. I always wished he was there. Sure, my mom was there hollering her head off... but all the other kids had both parents there. I never had that and I always wanted it. It seems silly but it was important to me and we both decided that we want him to be there daily for the kids. Sometimes the best thing for children is just to be there. When Hazel looks back on her childhood I want her to see both of her parents there for her. She won't remember the money. She will remember the memories of her mom and dad supporting her. Sometimes that's more important than money. I want her to have a dad that goes to church weekly with his family. Being the spiritual leader of our family. If he took this other job then he would most likely miss out on Sunday's. I just don't think it's worth it. And thankfully neither does he. 

When we were engaged we both read this book called Every Man's Battle. Have you read it? It's a great book. Basically it talks about how sexual temptation is everywhere. Tv, movies, billboards, commercials, & magazine's. Every where you look there is a naked girl or some pretty intense sexual scenes. I can't believe that they can show that kind of thing on TV but apparently soft-core porn is now the norm. Anyway, in that book it talks about "bouncing" your eyes (meaning the mans... or both of you look away when you see something racy.) Since we read that book 4 years ago he has bounced his eyes every. single. time. he even thinks there is going to be a raunchy scene. He fast forwards when he can, he looks away when he has to. He does this out of respect for me. I don't make him. He chooses to. I can't explain how loved this little simple act makes me feel. He only has eyes for me. It's such an amazing feeling. 

I know most of you are puking by now at this love post. But I just needed to brag about my husband. I am so happy to have married him. I love him more today that I ever have... but not as much as I will tomorrow unless he pisses me off.

I love this picture. Sure I was 15+ pounds heavier than I am now... but this picture makes me happy. We are happy. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday!
This is what I want to be doing. (Hazel keeps looking at this picture and going "mess.. you clean her, mama!! CLEAN HER!!!")

Instead I'm eating my Bagel Thin and wishing it was Nutella. 

We have zero plans this weekend. Those are my favorite weekends. I'm hoping it doesn't rain so we can go on another hike. This time I want to go see some of the waterfalls in North Georgia. 

So I was feeling skinny this morning and so I weighed myself. I was down another 0.8 from yesterday!!! HOLLA!!! 215.4. I am so close to being in the 200's I can taste it.

"Bad" thing about weight-loss. None of my pants fit. I have 1 pair that "fits" but I get saggy butt and I am constantly pulling them up. Apparently I don't own a belt... weird huh? So, sorry to everyone that see's my butt until I can talk myself into going shopping. I really want to get to my goal before I got shop because I want to be in my goal size.

Another fun thing is my wedding rings are too big and they are constantly turning and sliding. 

So last night for dinner I made homemade lasagna. Can you tell I have a scattered brain today?
It was SO good. Like slap-yo-mama good. So good that my husband said "Man, I am so lucky." So good that I scarfed it down without taking a picture for ya'll. Sigh.
I just googled "best lasagna recipe" and  I made my own sauce but this time I added more tomato paste than normal. It was so good. I used skim-milk ricotta, ground chicken breast, and my homemade sauce with low sugar. It wasn't the healthiest meal we've ever had but it was SO good. We both limited our portion sizes and it was worth it. Left overs for lunch = mama doesn't have to cook = holla!

I was going to see if you lovely ladies had any good, healthy, crock pot meal recipes? On Tuesday and Thursday we take RPM at 6:30 and don't get home till closer to 8 so I like to have dinner completely ready when we get home. Any ideas? I have a lot of chicken. Because that's all we eat. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday Week 7

When I got on the scale this morning I wasn't expecting much. I know what I ate this past weekend and it was pretty. I did really well for breakfast and lunch the whole weekend and then dinner came around and life happened. 
Friday was my planned cheat meal. I'm not feeling guilty about that bacon cheeseburger. It was delicious. I savored it. It totally hit the spot. 
Saturday we were meeting the family at Taco Mac before the Monster Truck Jam and traffic happened. We ended up sitting in the car for over 2 overs to not even move 5 miles. So we had to eat in the Georgia Dome. Dome food is never healthy. I chose between a personal pan pizza over a basket of fried chicken fingers and fries. The 700 calorie pizza was better than the 1,500+ chicken finger basket BUT it was still way too much. Not to mention I followed the pizza with popcorn and a little cotton candy. Fail.
Then Sunday life happened again. I did really well breakfast and lunch again but on every other Sunday we have to be at church by 5 to volunteer. Sometimes they have healthy options. Not this week. It was pizza. My weakness. So I have 2 pieces and then finished half of Hazel's piece. Why did my mom have to ingrain in my head that there are starving kids in Africa? 

But since Monday (yes... a whole 2 days) I have done really well. I've been making good decisions and exercising. 

Starting Weight (1.2.2013): 230.4 
Last week: 217
Today: 216.2

I am happy with that .8 loss. That is almost a whole pound. I was honestly expecting a gain so I'm really thrilled with that. 

Jonathan and I had a pep talk and decided that we both need to buckle down on the weekends. We want this to be a lifestyle change. Not a quick fix. We both decided that we still need the cheat meal once a week. I need something to look forward to. But other than that we need to make better decisions on the weekend. We are both half way through our goals. When I started this I wanted to lose 30 pounds and get to 200. Jonathan wants to lose 50 pounds and get to 225. He has lost about 24 pounds and I have lost 14.2. 

This next week I'm ready for another big loss. I know these last 16 pounds won't come off without a fight but I'm ready to get in the ring. 
I also decided I'm going to lower my calories from 1700 to 1500-1600. I am really against being hungry. So I'm going to try it this week but if I get hungry I'm going to eat. I won't feel guilty about filling my belly with healthy foods. That is the key. 
Plus I turn into a monster when I'm hungry. 

I also decided I'm only going to do my measurements every 10 pounds loss instead of every week. I don't want to get discouraged and I know my inches will come off slowly. 

Here's what I did this past week:
Wednesday: Yoga and Body Pump
Thursday: nothing. Hazel was really sick and it was too cold to run outside. 
Friday: Body Pump and CX
Saturday: 5 miles (with sprinting intervals) and 10 minutes on the stair master
Sunday: off
 Monday: Body Step and Body Pump. 
NSV: I didn't feel like puking after Body Step so that's progress!
Tuesday: RPM and I kicked my own butt. I did feel like puking. 

Today I'm going to yoga and then I'm going to beat Lora's butt and see how fast I can go up 50 flights of stairs on the stair master. 
If you don't follow me then do so:
My Fitness Pal: kscott24
Instagram: kscott24 

I want to leave ya'll with something pretty amazing. Jonathan found these pictures last night. These were my original "before" pictures.
 I was 245 + here. 

Nope, I wasn't pregnant. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

So my weekend was pretty a good one! 
On Friday, I always meet Jonathan at the gym. We did Body Pump followed by CX Worx. Cx is a 30- minute core class. It's awesome and I really recommend a core class. It really makes you stronger in all your other work outs. Plus it kills your abs-so-good. After the gym we went to the Peach Mac store where I finally got a new phone :). I actually got the exact same phone I had (iPhone 4s). I'm not impressed enough with the 5 to shell out that extra cash. As long as I have Siri then I'm good. (Side note: I had a couple of you wonderful ladies numbers and I lost all my contacts so email me with those digits, girllll)
After we got my phone we headed to Five Guys for our "cheat meal." I had been craving red meat! Since I've been counting my calories I've mainly been eating chicken and fish. So we went there. Oh my heavens, it was the best cheeseburger ever. I told Jonathan that I savored it so much more than I used to because I knew it was a treat. It was so yummy and it really wasn't THAT bad in calories. I mean it was a lot... but not as bad as it could have been. 

After we ate we went home and Hazel went to sleep. We watched Sherlock Holmes. The T.V. show... it's on Netflix... it's a British show and I'm addicted! 

Saturday morning we slept in till 8 (which Hazel did all weekend... hopefully it's a new trend?)
The plan was to get up and go to RPM on Saturday but when my alarm went off at 6:30, I rolled over and went back to sleep. So we got up and ate breakfast then headed to the gym. I was totally not feeling it but Jonathan talked me into it. So I went and jumped on the treadmill and busted out 5 miles. 
I was only planning on doing a 5K but my music was right and I was feeling great! I haven't felt great while running in a while. I really think that strength training and RPM are helping in my running too. It was awesome to not be dying on the treadmill. The last 17 minutes of the run I did intervals. I would sprint for 30-45 seconds and then jog for 1 minute. It got my heart pumping and I burned a ton of calories during that time. 

Then I went on the stair master for 10 minutes. I only did level 4 but it still kicked my butt.
After the gym we went home to try to get Hazel to nap before the Monster Truck Jam that night. It was my nephews 8th birthday and he wanted to go.  So we packed up and drove to the Georgia Dome. It turns out that there was also other things going on downtown. We sat in traffic for 2 hours. It was awful but we finally got there and the monster trucks were actually really fun! Holy rednecks.  All the boys in the family were betting on the races which I'm sure is illegal. Anyway, because we were in traffic we didn't get to eat dinner beforehand like planned so we had to eat at the dome. NO healthy options so I ended up getting a personal pan pizza. 
My eating was not as good as it could have been this weekend and today I feel like a cow. 

On Sunday we did the normal. Church at 11 and then back again for volunteering at 6.
Then I read till I feel asleep. Perfect night. 

So the whole weekend I did really well eating wise for breakfast and lunch but then by dinner time I ate like crap. I need more self control but I'm not letting it get me down. I'm about to head to Body Step and I'm going to "start over" today. 

How was your weekend?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tell me again... that we'll be lovers and friends.

Happy Valentine's Day!! 

I wonder how many people have wished you that today? My facebook/blogger/instagram is flooded with Valentines Day well wishes! None as good as mine. 

Let's take a look at these beautiful lyrics shall we? They'll get you feeling all romantic.
I's been know you fo' a long time (shorty'),
But fuckin' never crossed my mind (shorty'),
But tonight, I seen sumthin' in ya (shorty),
That made me wanna get wit 'cha (shorta'),
but You ain't been nuttin' but a friend to me (shorty'),
And a nigga never ever dreamed to be (shorty'),
Up in here, kissin', huggin', squeezin', touchin' (shorty'),
Up in the bathtub, rub-a-dubbin' (shorty'),
Are you sure you wanna go this route? (shorty'),
Let a nigga know before I pull it out (shorty'),
I would never ever cross the line (shorty'),
Shorta'let me hear you tell me one mo' mo' time...

You're welcome for the poetry this morning. 

Although I am not a huge fan of this holiday (as I am pretty much all the other holidays) I still can't help but get into the holiday spirit. I love how holidays get people all excited. I have told ya'll before that Jonathan and I rarely do the traditional holiday gifts. He and I appreciate a gift more if it isn't a "forced" gift. I'm not saying your flowers were a "forced" gift but you know what I mean. I'd rather have flowers on a random Tuesday "just because" than the obligatory Valentines Day flowers. I'd rather have something I actually need. Like new pants that fit  ya know.. because I'm so skinny. I'm kidding. But seriously. I am down to 1 pair of blue jeans... This isn't good. Good thing I don't usually wear real clothes on the daily basis. My wardrobe consist of workout clothes/ pajamas/ sweat pants. I have I mentioned lately how lucky my husband is? 

What are our big plans you ask?
RPM at 6:30. 
Oh yeahhhhhhh bow chicka wow wow. He is a lucky man.
I know. I am the lamest person in the universe who doesn't even take Valentines Day off. I am about 90% positive Jonathan and I will be the only losers people in there. But at least we're losers together? 
I'd rather go get my sweat on than stuff my face with over-priced candy. I'll stuff my face tomorrow when the candy is on sale. 

What are your big romantic Valentines plans?? Try to top mine. I dare ya! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weigh- In Wednesday Week 6

Hey ladies! 

I'm here to weigh in again! I really wasn't expecting a big loss this week. I had a huge week last week of a loss of 3.8 pounds. That's almost 4 pounds in 1 week. So I wasn't surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning and it read 217.
I am 6'1" Starting weight: 230.4
Last week: 217.6
Today: 217

So I am down 0.6. Almost a whole pound. I will take it. I wasn't expecting the scale to move at all since coming off such a huge week last week. I watch Biggest Loser. I know that the scale is finicky. 

But I feel GREAT about myself. I feel smaller. People who don't know I'm trying to lose weight are noticing a difference. I've had 2 instructors and a girl in a class saying how great I look! Sometimes those compliments are the better than the scale going down. Knowing that strangers who don't know about my journey can tell a difference is a big deal. My clothes are getting to be too big. Where am I going to get the money to buy a whole new wardrobe?  I am feeling great in my clothes. 
I feel pretty.
For the first time in a long time I actually asked Jonathan to take a picture of Hazel and I because I want to remember how I feel. Sure I'll probably look back at those pictures 17 pounds from now and say "wow I was a cow" but right now I feel great. I am down 13.6 pounds in 6 weeks. I am proud. 

Last week:
Arms: 13
Thighs: 22
Bust: 37
Hips: 37
Waist: 31

This week:
Arms: 13
Thighs: 21 (-1)
Bust: 37
Hips: 37
Waist: 31

I only lost in my thighs. But honestly that's my biggest body part so I am proud that they are going down! I know that I actually have bicep muscles now. I can see my calf and thigh muscles. My stomach is shrinking and my neck isn't so double anymore. 

Even though I didn't have a huge loss this week... it was still a loss. A step closer in the right direction. I know that I made good choices this week and I met all my exercise goals.

Here's what I did:
Wednesday: Yoga and 25 minutes on the Stair-master at level 7.
Thursday: RPM
Friday: Body Pump and CX Worx
Saturday: 4.4 mile hike
Sunday: Nothing 
Monday: Body Step and Body Pump
Tuesday: RPM

I'm ready to kick butt this week!

I also need to brag on my husband! He has been on the healthy train with me since January 2 and he has lost almost 20 pounds! He was down 4 pounds this week. damn him. He is such a great motivator! I am so proud of him!! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

100 (more) Things About Me.

I know what you're thinking. I just want to know more about KellyAnne. 
Well, your wishes are coming true because the other day in the shower I started thinking about some random things that I do that I don't think anyone else does. The first 100 things about me is right there. Click it. Read it. Love it.

This is part two:

1. I wash my hands about 30 times a day. 
2. I enjoy washing clothes and folding them but I don't like putting them up.
3. I want to have 3 children.
4. I love getting mail in the mailbox.
5. I am a terrible gift giver (unless you tell me EXACTLY what you want.)
6. My child spends most of the day naked.
7. I prefer snowmen over Santa.
8. I paint my own nails usually once a week.
9. Pumpkin pie is my favorite and I don't like pecan pie.
10. College football bores me but I'm starting to love NFL. Don't tell my husband.
11. I have a girl crush on Ellen and my dream is to be on her show one day.
12. Icing on my dream would be one of her Christmas shows. Oh. My. Gosh. I would DIE.
13. I am going to shoot the birds that ram themselves into my windows. They are starting to scratch them and it makes me so angry. I'm like the girl on Failure to Launch.
14. I just recently got my nose pierced. I freaking love it and feel like a rock star. A lot of people my mother hates it but I don't really care. I love it.
15. We live in a town home. I love it. Jonathan hates it. probably because of our batshitcrazyneighbor. 
16. If I could I would eat Japanese or Chinese food 5 times a week.
17. Same goes for Mexican.
18. I have lost 28 pounds since Hazel was born and still have 17 more to go.
19. I love watching the Falcons but all other football bores me and I usually nap when my husband watches it. every. single. Sunday.
20. I can't stand wearing socks to sleep in. YUCK
21. I am an avid reader and feel weird when I don't have a book that I'm really in to. (Any book suggestions? I'm always open)
22. My car is 13 years old and has over 230,000 miles on it. 
23. My favorite beer is Wild Blue. Its 8% of alcoholic goodness. Taste just like a blueberry. 
24. I have 2 tattoos.
25. I love cold weather. I hate when I shower and get ready only to walk outside and start sweating. I really need to move out of Georgia.
26. I enjoy Hot Yoga, RPM, Body Pump, and Body Step. (basically all of Les Mills)- they are my new obsession. 
27. Christmas is my favorite season.
28. Some people hate sarcasm but I love it and love people who know how to use it correctly. 
29. I instantly connect with people who are really into TV shows (Walking Dead, Dexter, The Wire, The Office, Breaking Bad, Entourage, Fringe, etc.... JUST TO NAME A FEW)
30. My husband and I LOVE our shows and really enjoy that time together. 
31. I don't really like shopping. I usually get flustered and start sweating.
32. I hate breakfast time and usually have to force myself to eat it. BUT I LOVE breakfast foods for dinner :)
33. I love sitting on my back deck with its a little cool outside and looking at the stars.
34. I love bonfires.
35. I love hot and sour soup.
36. I enjoy children movies.
37. I make my bed twice a day every day. (That's where Hazel naps during the day.)
38. I love snow globes.
39. And teapots. 
40. I love thrift shopping. 
41. I am a big softy when it comes to Hazel. She gets her way way to often with me but Jonathan is great about keeping her in line.
42. I hate the smell of eggs but I love eating them. Boiled or scrambled are my favorite.
43. I love trying new wines.
44. When I was pregnant with Hazel I hated ALL others names... I just knew she was going to be Hazel.
45. I had my belly button pierced in college but it wouldn't stop getting infected (I blame the piercer) so I took it out... now I have a stretch mark over the scar... Karma
46. I can't stand dirty counter tops but dirty floors don't freak me out the way dirty counters freak me out.
47. When I was younger I would get forks and brush my hair with them and pretend I was Ariel.
48.I always wished I had curly hair and brown eyes.
49. I hate vacuuming stairs.
50. Every time I eat toast it reminds me of my Noni because she always made it for me when I was younger. She made me toast and coffee with milk... So every time I have those things I think of her.
51. I am currently reading "The Passage." It's a great book if you're looking for a new one.
52. I like cleaning dust off of fans.
53. I like loading the dish washer but I have unloading it.
54. I got my first cell phone when I was 14 and it was a Nextell (it was like a walkie-talkie). 
55. I can't stand when my toes aren't polished. 
56. I hate cleaning out showers and bath tubs. 
57. My favorite grocery store is Kroger.
58. I love the winter.
59. The smell of cinnamon makes me happy.
60. I usually enjoy watching cartoons with Hazel but sometimes they drive me batshitcrazy.
61. I love, love, love canning my own pickles. My mom and I did it last summer and it was so fun and the pickles are SO much better. 
62. I love to have a clean sink but I don't like doing the dishes. I'm getting better about keeping the dishwasher empty so I can just put the dishes in there instead of letting them sit in the sink.
63. My favorite perfume smell is Ralph Lauren Rocks perfume. I'm also almost out if someone wants to send me some :)
64. I have static.
65. I love my gym.
66. Every time that I sit down Callie comes and sits beside me. 
67. I have a niece and nephew who I love dearly and need to see more of. They are the 2 sweetest little angels in the world and Hazel loves them. 
68. My sister is my best friend.
69. My brother recently got married to a wonderful woman who I am so proud to call my sister-in-law. 
70. I want to be as healthy as I can be before I get pregnant so that I can be one of the cool pregnant ladies at the gym still working out. 
71. When I was pregnant with Hazel I barely even walked. I don't know how I didn't gain 90 pounds when I was pregnant. 
72. My favorite fruit is kiwi's.
73. My favorite vegetable is cooked carrots. 
74. My least favorite fruit is cantaloupe. 
75. My least favorite vegetable is cabbage. 
76. I wish I could pull off a short hair cut. My hair is so long and I love it but I an envious of people who can spend only 10-15 minutes on their hair. 
77. I love pizza and could eat it every day. Why does it have to have so many calories?
78. I am obsessed with air fresheners. 
79. We have a Honda CRV and I love it. It's such a great car and I am so happy that we bought it. 
80. I am so blessed to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom. I am so thankful that my husband agrees that it is so important for Hazel (and our other children) to have this time at home before our lives get super hectic. I love that he works so hard for us. 
81. I am not really into Valentines Day. I know it's cliche but I'd rather get flowers "just because." I don't want to get obligatory flowers. I also think it's super funny that the new trend is to post pictures every holiday of your presents or flowers that you get. I know I have posted when I get "just because" flowers because I like to brag on my husband but other than that I think it's obnoxious to post a picture every time you get a present. 
82. I wish it was Spring year round. I love when it's not too hot or cold. 
83. I wear a "nightie" to bed every night. It's a night dress. I don't like wearing pants or shorts when I sleep. 
84. I am so proud of the little person that Hazel is becoming. She is getting so good at her "yes ma'am, yes sirs, please, thank you's and I'm sorry's".
85. I want her to look back and know that her parents were always there for her and loved her unconditionally. It would break my heart for her to look back and one of us not be there for her. 
86. I wish I could eat bacon for breakfast every day and not get fat. 
87. When I'm doing a group fitness class I have to go towards the front so that I can see myself in the mirrors to make sure I'm doing it right. I can't stand to be in the back where I don't know what the heck is going on. 
88. I love working out with Jonathan.
89. I am an introvert. It drains me to be in groups of people. I enjoy being with friends but I need my "recoup" time in order to be a functioning human.

90. I really want to go to a "blog meetup" but as I just said... I am an introvert and would be intimidated by meeting new people. Drinks would definitely need to be involved.
91. Hazel makes me laugh every day. She has such a funny sense of humor.
92. I would love to have a teacup pig. 
93. I love the smell of Lavender essential oil. 
94. I don't like smells that are sweet like "cookie" or whatever. All it does is make me crave cookies.
95. I love to ride horses and I haven't done it in so long. I really want to go horseback riding soon.
96. I want to go on a hot air balloon ride.
97. I love being outdoors.
98. I want to be able to do a pull-up.
99. I don't have a favorite color.
100. I want to visit Australia one day. 

Woo! I'm glad that's done. That was harder than I thought it would be! 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better :)
Be sure to come back tomorrow for Weigh-In Wednesday. 


Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend. (Why is coming up with Titles harder than writing an entire post?)

I know that most of you follow me on Instagram and already saw all these pictures but this is my blog to document my day-to-day life so that when I'm old and gray (and hopefully skinny) I will be able to look back and see what a a kick-ass life I have. 

 So on Friday night I looked at the weather and saw it would be sunny and a bit chilly but not too cold. We live in North Georgia and we live about 40 minutes from the Dahlonega mountains but I just googled "places to hike near Cumming, Ga" I know... I'm super computer savvy.  And I found that we live about 5 minutes from the Sawnee Mountain Reserve. Who knew? We've lived here for over a year. We need to get out more. So we headed over there Saturday morning to do a little hiking. 

She picked her own outfit. I read this article that was talking about letting your child chose their clothes when they are young so that when they get older they will have a unique style and be an individual and it really hit home with me. She picked this outfit out and she looks really cute.
When I was young we were ALWAYS outside exploring. I love it. I love caves and dirt and finding new things. So we headed there and just began hiking. There were 3 different trails and since we had no idea where we were going we just picked one. We're going to go back and do the others but we went to "the observation deck." 

It was beautiful! I can't wait to go back in the summer when everything is green! But still, it was a great view. The whole hike up and back was 4.4 miles. Hazel hiked almost the whole way up! She did so great! She really loved it. But then on the way down she said "my legs is tired, mama! I need a break!" so Jonathan carried her on his shoulders the entire way down. It was actually a great workout and also really fun. 

We took a couple breaks on the way up because Hazel "needed a snack." I am so proud of her for almost making it to the top! Some parts were really steep and I was out of breath! She loved it and kept saying "we're hiking, mama!!" She was so proud. I love that she's getting older that we can do these fun things with her before we have another baby. I know that I am getting frustrated with not being pregnant yet but I really need to take this time to enjoy my little girl. She will only be my only baby for a little bit longer and I need to just enjoy her. She is so wonderful. 

I can't wait to go back! So when we got done hiking we headed to Chic-Fil-A for some lunch. Next time we'll pack a lunch and eat there but since it was our first time going there I didn't know if they would have picnic tables or a place for us to sit so I didn't want to deal with it. So even though I REALLY wanted the french fries, I resisted and got a chargrilled sandwich and a side salad with light Italian. I'm so glad that Hazel is always with me. She loves the croutons and sun flower seeds that they put in there so I don't even have to be tempted with those added calories because she immediately asks for them. 

I also asked her when we were ordering if she wanted fruit or french fries and she said "fruit!!"... I was so proud. Our healthy choices are starting to wear off on her. I am doing this for me. But I am also doing this so that Hazel knows that you can still eat the foods you love and pick healthy choices! 

Then the rest of Saturday was relaxing. We came back and Hazel and I napped.
Sunday was a day full of church. I love our church! We went to the 11 o'clock service then came home for lunch and Hazel nap and then went back because we volunteer at the 6 o'clock service. I get to hold the newborn babies and Jonathan sings and plays his guitar for all the little kids. Hazel LOVES seeing her daddy on stage singing! She gets so excited.

After that we came back and watched The Grammy's until it was time for The Walking Dead. I'm seriously obsessed with that show. If you don't watch it you need to. 

Now I'm going to get ready for Body Step! I'm so excited. I know it's going to be hard but it's going to be worth it! 

How was your weekend?