Monday, December 31, 2012

My Year in Review

Ya'll know I love jumping on a bandwagon! Here I go!

Erin  did this and copied it from Courtney so I'm doing it too! :)

Our Year In Review:

We had just moved to Cumming that past September and we knew no one. After going to Brown's Bridge Community Church for a couple months (we started going that November of 2011) we kept hearing of Small Groups there and how awesome they are and how it connects you with people. Our church is HUGE (and I am an introvert) so this was the only way we would meet people in our new town. So we went to the worst thing ever Group-Link, where you walked up to a group and talk to them... if you like them then you stay... if you don't then you awkwardly walk away. It was awful, it was terrible, it was my worst nightmare come true. But we got connected with our group and they couldn't be more perfect for us. Although we've been married for 2 years we joined the "Just Married" group because we are young and wanted to hang out with others our age. It was the best decision and we absolutely love going each Wednesday. Also this month is the month Jonathan and I bought our first car! 

I can't recall one exciting thing that happened in February. I swear we are the most boring people. This was before Jonathan got his big raise so we were very poor after purchasing said car! So we mainly stayed home and had quality time together. It was a great-boring-love filled month. I was also training for my half marathon so I was running like crazy. 
I ran my first half marathon! I can't believe I actually did it! I need to sign up for another one to get my butt in gear! Jonathan was in a Frisbee league so it was fun to go watch him play. Hazel also celebrated her second birthday! We went to the Children's Museum in downtown and it was a big success we had so much fun celebrating our baby! ! I made this rainbow cake from scratch for Hazel's birthday. 
And we did the color run! 
And we went to Biloxi with our family to gamble :) It was fun and my first time gambling!

I turned the big 23! Woo hoo. I know, I know. I'm so young :) I feel like I'm 30. We went to my sisters to celebrate Easter... It was such a fun, relaxing holiday! Hazel had so much fun hunting eggs!
We played outside A LOT.

Our friends from our small group got married this month and I was one of her bridesmaids! She is one of my BFF's and I love her to death. I am so honored that she let me be a part of her big day! This was also Jonathan's birthday month and he turned 24. I don't think we did anything to celebrate either of our birthdays... We are incredibly boring. Why do I even have a blog?

This month my brother got married to his wonderful wife. We all love her so! That was like the only exciting thing that happened. We enjoyed going to the pool and aquatic center and the lake! It was a fun summer with Hazel!
We also went to the beach with Jonathan's family! It was a blast and we spent the whole week at the beach! 
Look at the joy in that baby's face!

This is the month that I got smart and quit drinking diet coke. I have been a diet coke addict since middle school. That's all that my sister and mom drank so we always had it in the house. I had been reading a lot of articles about how the artificial sugar in the diet coke is actually worse for you than sugar. It makes you crave sweet things, makes you hold onto weight, and it's just got way too many chemicals. I think since June I've had 1 or 2 diet cokes. If I want the bubbly then I'll occasionally get a regular coke. But usually I'm drinking water! 
We also went to my brother and his wife's new house they bought! Hazel had a blast in the pool.

This month is the first month that I started pickling my own pickles! Man, this post is making me more depressed by the month. Could I be anymore boring? Anyway, my pickles are freaking delicious! I need to make more as a matter of fact! If you want the recipe go here.

Jonathan and I celebrated 2 years this month! We also celebrated being in our house for 1 year! We had an in home date to celebrate for our anniversary and it was wonderful. Jonathan cooked me dinner and we dressed up and ate after Hazel went to bed. It was wonderful and relaxing. We also went to Stone Mountain. It was Jonathan and Hazel's first time going and it was a blast! We climbed the mountain and had a picnic. I can't wait to go back in the spring!

We went to Jonathan's fraternity's alumni weekend! It was really fun! It was awesome to be back where we fell in love. Then we went to the winery with Aimee and Bryan to celebrate Aimee's birthday. It was a fun night! For Halloween we went to a church festival with some friends. Hazel was spider-girl but refused to be called that. She was "Spider-man." 

We went to Augusta to visit Jonathan's family for Thanksgiving. It's always fun to go there and visit them since we don't see them often. This is also when Callie's spine disk messed up and she became paralyzed. She has become a lot better and can actually walk and run and play! She's not 100% but she has definitely improved from when she couldn't even move her back legs at all! 
We got our tree on the first and did normal Christmas-y stuff! 
Like make cookies 

I am really looking forward to 2013. I think it's going to be a good year for The Scott's! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

How to be a Stay-At-Mom.

This post is not meaning to be mean to working moms or stay-at-home-moms. This is just a post to poke fun of stay at home moms (I am one so don't get your panties in a wad) and I'm not saying just because you work or stay home that any of this applies to you. Lighten up. Take a joke.

-Be content. I am (usually) content to stay home. I am content to let Hazel run around naked and totally destroy the house. She is making memories and I'm okay with that. That's what I'm here for. To clean up after her. That's what all mothers do!

-Be flexible. There is ALWAYS something that is going to go wrong.
 For example: Hazel throughout her life has... dumped an ENTIRE new box of flour on the floor, spilled an ENTIRE crock pot of chicken noodle soup on the floor, pooped EVERYWHERE, drawn on the walls, carpet, and furniture with sharpies, taken all of the clothes out of her chest of drawers in her room, thrown COUNTLESS toys down the toilet, thrown my phone (and Jonathan's) phone in the toilet.
Before you say or think: "where were you all the times she was doing this??"... I was most of the time cleaning a different mess, going to the bathroom (by MYSELF... gasp!), folding or doing the laundry, doing the dishes. You see, my child doesn't make messes while I'm sitting on the sofa doing nothing. She ONLY makes messes when I actually am trying to clean up. Therefore, I no longer clean. ;)

-Don't get overwhelmed. This is something that I need to remember and do. I tend to get overwhelmed.  As I'm typing this there are about 100 things I need to do. Make a list. And take 1 room at a time.

-Be able to play games and have fun with your child. All too often, myself included, I get so wrapped up in other things, cleaning, blogging, dinner, working out, or whatever else I might have going on that I forget that Hazel is an only child. She has no one else to play with other than me (most of the time) and she is only 2. All she wants to do is play and make messes. My house will be clean when she goes to away to college. Right now its a wreck.

-Don't stress about if your child is watching too much tv, eating the right food, having enough child play time, doing enough crafts or coloring. I read an article recently that too many people put their ENTIRE focus on their children. Being a parent is HARD. But don't stress too much about it. Before all the technology and crap children survived. The olden parents were not only parents but also had about 3 other jobs... And they survived without structured craft and play time.

Hazel eats what I eat. Usually. I like to think that I've got a pretty balanced diet. I don't make her a different breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If she doesn't like what I'm eating then she doesn't eat. And guess what? She is happy, healthy, and TRIES NEW FOODS. She isn't constantly eating chicken nuggets and fries. She LOVES fruits and veggies and I make sure she gets them. But I don't force them down her throat or count how many bites she eats. Ease up. When she's hungry, she will eat. Otherwise she won't. I think that I (and many people) have a weight problem because we were taught to ALWAYS eat all our food on our plates, instead of till we were full. Now I get hives if I don't finish my plates "there are starving children in Africa." So I refuse to do this with Hazel. She is 2 and a half. She has NO knowledge of fat or skinny. When she's hungry she eats.

-Don't listen to the negative people who think staying at home "is the easiest job in the world," they obviously have no brain. 
-Enjoy this time with your child. I can not believe that it has been 2 years and 8 months since I laid eyes on my perfect angel. It has been a blink of an eye. Sure, at times I wanted to pull my hair out and scream and cry (and I often did), but I  can't imagine doing anything else. Hanging out with my little nut ball of a child is the only job in the world for me. I was meant to do this. I am GREAT at it and I enjoy it. I'm not trying to one-up any other mothers out there. I know that everything we ALL do is very important and I know that ya'll have a lot going on. I'm just saying that I couldn't be happier in staying home with my munchkin. I know that there are other stay at home moms out there who do more crafts and play dates and I'm okay with that. To each their own. 

I live by the motto "Live and Let Live."  

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Me A-Z

I saw this on Becca's blog and thought it would be fun :)

A. Age: 23.

B. Bed size: King.

C. Chore you hate: Putting the dishes up from the dishwasher. 

D. Dogs: 1 Callie, she's 2.5

E. Essential start to your day: COFFEEEEEEE

F. Favorite color: Purple 

G. Gold or Silver: Silver

H. Height: 6'1''. yes. I am a giant :)

I. Instruments you play: I used to play the trumpet (in 6th grade)... But I don't play anything anymore 

J. Job Title: Wife, mother, maid, taxi driver, chef

K. Kids: Hazel. She will be 3 in March. Hopefully more soon :)

L. Live: Georgia. 

M. Married: September 18, 2010! :) 

N. Nicknames: Nan & Bay-Bay

O. Overnight hospital stays: When I was young I was in the hospital for about 3 days. Then when Hazel was born we stayed for 1 night. I really wanted to leave as soon as we could so she was born on March 24 at 2 PM and we left March 25 at 2 pm. 

P. Pet peeve: smacking, the TV being too loud.

Q. Quote:  "Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly.

R. Righty or Lefty: Righty.

S. Siblings: 1 sister and 2 brothers. My husband is an only child so no in-laws. 

T. Time you wake up:  Whenever Hazel wakes up. Usually between 7-8

U. University attended: Georgia Southern University 

V. Vegetables you dislike: Cabbage. Brussel Sprouts 

W. What makes you run late: My child. Lack of planning

X. X-rays you've had: Dentist. and my ankle one time. I've never broken a bone 

Y. Yummy food: I love to cook so this is a hard thing for me. I would have to say steak though. I love a medium rare steak!

Z. Zoo animal favorite: I love the elephants!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Christmas

We had the best Christmas! Hazel got spoiled rotten with entirely too many toys (thanks everyone!) and she is in HEAVEN today! She has never sat this quietly and played with her toys this long. I am loving it! 
So I have to go through her room and her toys in the living room today and donate the old toys so that we can make room for all her new toys. 
We are so blessed.

On a different note I stepped on the scale for the first time since before Thanksgiving and I have gained 6 pounds. barf. I am so irritated but I honestly haven't worked out at AT ALL and I have been shoving my face with everything I could get my hands on! Today I just feel gross and I am craving some veggies and water! I just feel like I need to detox BIG TIME. So I'm going to drink 2 gallons of water today to get rid of all this JUNK IN MY TRUNK. Literally. . .

Before you get all "that's too much water for someone blah blah blah." I am 6 feet 1 inches tall. I am overweight and I have been salting the crap out of my food the past couple of days. I promise you my body needs WATER. damn you eggnog.  And lots of it. And I used to drink 2 gallons of water a day when I was eating healthy and losing weight so I know that my body can take it. I'm not saying that you need to drink that much. This is just for me. 

So today starts day 1 of getting back on track and eating right and exercising. I am done with shoving my face and I want to lose 30 pounds by the summer. I can do this! Hard work people! So I'm going to start doing a weigh-in-Friday! I'm actually going to post my weight and all the juicy details. I'm going to measure myself for the first time and see how many inches I lose because I know the scale can be a liar sometimes. 

1. Lose 3o pounds.
2. Weigh-in EVERY Friday (no matter the outcome) and have you guys keep me accountable. 
3. Go to the gym 5 times a week.
4. Do 1 plank a day for as long as I can. I was doing so well with this and then I just gave up. My goal is to do a 5 minute plank.
5. BE HAPPY. :)

My plan as far as eating goes will be to drink my fruit and veggie smoothie for breakfast. (I like the green smoothies)
 Eat salad for lunch each day. My plan is to get a box of salad (I like mixed greens) and eat A BIG salad for lunch.  I need to find a good fat-free salad dressing. I love Italian/vinegary dressings... any suggestions on a good brand?
For dinner will typically be grilled or baked chicken, some sort of veggie, and some sort of carb. 
Snack will be a veggie, cheese, or crackers. 
NO DESSERTS. I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth but today I don't even want to LOOK at sweet stuff (I'm sure this will change in a couple days.) 
Nothing to drink but water and coffee!

Will you guys keep me accountable? Jonathan on board so I will have that accountability at home but 30 pounds is a lot and I need all the help I can get! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bloggy Questions

You all know that I am computer and blogger illiterate. 

Unless you step by step spell it out for me I'm not going to get it. 
Once you do that I'm pretty good about following directions.
That's what he said.

The only reason I made a button is because Chris at Hubby Jack's Blog ATTACK gave me very detailed step-by-step instructions...

1. When someone leaves me a comment... how do I comment back so that they get an email with my response? If I leave someone a comment the only way I know they replied is when I get an email. I don't go back and check unless I asked a specific question. So I want people to know that I reply to all my comments and want them to get an email. 
2. How do I put other people's button's on my profile? 

 I thought I had more questions but apparently I don't. Not that I can think of anyway :)

Completely unrelated:
I am so happy that I get to spend the next 5 days with my hubby!!! I wish it was longer but I'll take 5 days. Compared to other husband's my husband is home a good bit during the week. He goes to work before Hazel and I wake up (he leaves around 6:45 am) and he is home by 5 pm. So our days go by quickly (most of the time). I am very thankful that he works normal hours and is home by a decent time. Hazel is in bed by 9 so he gets to actually spend time with her during the week! But 5 whole days with no work will be awesome! He does have to go back to work the day after Christmas but he got New Year's off so I guess its a good trade off.  
I'm hoping that while we're visiting his family that we can sneak away and go see The Hobbit! Has anyone seen it? I'm a complete nerd and have read most of the book and I am SO excited for the movie. I would have gone to the premiere but I have a little 2 year old who requires me to be awake during the day ;)

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Don't know if I'll blog again till after.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So What Wednesday...

So What If....

- If I haven't worked out since last Thursday.

-I have no intention to work out.

-We just discovered Netflix and we are obsessed.

-If I didn't get an award from Hubby Jack. I will get over the hurt one day.

-There are toys all over my floor and I am blogging and Hazel is sitting on the coffee table watching some turtle movie on Netflix. I'm a good mom.

-I have no idea what to make for dinner. For the 294959302 day in a row.

-I just painted my nails and last night during the finale of The Voice I picked all of the polish off because I was so nervous. Don't worry. The person I wanted to win won! 

-I have no motivation to clean my house because of said Netflix addiction. It's Jonathan's fault because he set it up last night.

Have a great Wednesday!!!!! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sorry for my absence. 

I'm going to do a little complaining here. This is my blog. I'll write what I want.

So... Jonathan and I have only been trying to get pregnant for 2 months. 
2 months. 
I know what you're thinking. "People try for YEARS with nothing and I'm complaining about 2 months?"
 Yes. I am. 
Because I have been WANTING to try for a baby for over a year. So it feels like a LOT longer for me. I feel like we've been trying a long time. 

For those of you who don't know, Hazel was a surprise. She was the best surprise I've ever gotten. But, she wasn't planned. We have never tried to hide this. Sure, it caught us completely off guard. But she saved us from ourselves and she is our shining light and angel. 

Anyway. So I subconsciously had in my mind that "since it JUST happened last time with NO trying... that now that we're trying it would JUST HAPPEN... again. Well it hasn't. I don't know how all you stronger women do this for years. The disappointment each month is tearing me up. I just feel like a failure and that I'm failing my unborn child. I am a mental case.

 I am disappointed. I am sad. I just don't know what to do.
I got mirana in right after Hazel was born and for about a year and a half it was great. Then it moved and I had to get it taken out. 
A couple of weeks ago I saw a commercial saying that having the mirana can cause infertility. 
I am afraid that that has happened to me. 
I know, I know. "I've only been trying for 2 months. I'm jumping to conclusions." 
But I also know that I will feel this way until I get pregnant. I will feel like I caused my next baby to not be born. I chose to get a IUD. I made that decision. What if I caused this?

I just don't know anything anymore. 
To say I'm discouraged would be a huge understatement. 
I also know that God has a plan. I need to let go of my controlling tendencies. I want to snap my fingers and get pregnant and I know that God is telling me to let go and let him be in control. 
But I am trying. Starting today. I am going to let God protect and be in control of my unborn baby. He is the one who will create it so I need to just give him the reigns. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Christmas Traditions.

Jonathan and I have only been married for a little over 2 years. But we have already started our own traditions that we either got from our families or that I saw somewhere and just fell in love with the idea! 

I think traditions are super important and just plain fun! 

1. Getting a real Christmas tree. I have never had a fake tree all growing up and Jonathan doesn't like them either so we are real tree people! I love going and picking the perfect one out. It is part of the experience and excitement for me!

2. Going to get the tree on the first Saturday of December. This is one we started this year but plan to continue. :)
3.  We pick out & buy each other new pajamas and open them and wear them on Christmas Eve. This was a tradition that Jonathan grew up with and I loved the idea so we have done this since Hazel was born. 
I only have a picture from our first family Christmas. 
We have to remember to take a picture this year!

4. Watch a Christmas movie (This year is Polar Express) and drink hot chocolate in our new pajamas and relax on Christmas Eve night. This is the first year we are doing this one and I'm really excited about it.
5. Get silly putty in our stockings. My mom always did this with us and it was always just fun. I love silly putty and it's just a silly and fun thing. 
6. My mom makes this Breakfast Casserole. It is the most delicious thing and she literally will not make it any other day in the year so it makes it that much better. Although she will be spending Christmas morning with my sister and her kids, I asked told her to make us one so we could still have it! It has bacon, sausage, bread, eggs, milk, & LOTS of cheese. It is so, so, bad for you but OH SO GOOD.
7. Our family is really big. So we get in a circle on Christmas day and we go around and let one person open ONE present, then its the next person's turn. It takes for.ever. but it puts emphasis on the FAMILY TIME and not so much on the presents. Forcing us to slow down means we can enjoy it more. 
8. Make an Operation Shoe Box and fill it with lots of presents for a child who needs it. 

9. Every year our church does a "Be Rich" campaign where 100% of the proceeds go to organizations who help people in our community and in the world so we give money to that and do a service project to help someone in need. This year I cooked 3 families a meal and Jonathan went to help a local private christian school who just started up. He helped them move things and get it organized for the students. If you want to read more about the Be Rich then click here. We are so thankful to go to a church that puts so much emphasis on helping others. 

Well those are all the traditions that I can think of right now.

So on a little side note, today has been a crazy day. Hazel and I got up, went to Chic-Fil-A, Wal-mart, and Starbucks, then headed to my mom's to clean her house (I do it each week.)
Well I thought I was doing okay calorie wise. 
THEN I plugged all I had eaten into My Fitness Pal and it was WAYYY to many calories for a breakfast. BUT instead of letting it ruin my whole day I ate a super healthy lunch. I had a big salad and a turkey sandwich that I made myself to control what went on it. 

This is a big deal, ya'll. Usually when I "mess up" one meal I say "screw it" and just eat like crap all day and usually all weekend... So a small win for me. 

What are some traditions that you and your family enjoy?

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Well I have nothing to blog about...

But I've been reading a lot of blogs today so I felt like I needed to say something instead of just being a total creeper. I love all the blogs I follow! Just so you know (if I follow you)! Also, if you are reading this and I don't follow you its probably because I'm completely blog-and computer-illiterate and don't know how to find your blog unless you leave me a comment... so leave me a comment and I'll follow you :). I get so caught up in reading other people's blogs and I really feel like I know ya'll and that we are BFF. Although usually the person I'm reading about has no idea I exist .. But that doesn't stop me. I am BFF with Ellen DeGeneres and she has no idea... It doesn't effect me.

On a COMPLETE different note. I have got to stop eating everything in sight on the weekends AND not going to the gym. I'm totally about having a cheat meal.. but a cheat weekend with no moving of my fat butt is NOT helping me.
 These last 25 pounds aren't going to lose themselves!
 I just get either so lazy or busy on the weekends that when I'm not running around doing everything then I just want to lay on the sofa and veg out! Weekends suck for healthy living. Especially because I cook all during the week and the last thing I want to do on my weekend is get in the kitchen and cook... So we usually end up going out to eat! Which is terrible for my calorie intake. 

Anyway. This weekend I am going to be different! 
Tonight we are going hot yoga.
And since I haven't even started on my Christmas shopping I'm either doing that tomorrow or Saturday morning. Regardless I want to go to the gym Friday night & Saturday but I don't know if that's going to happen. 

Also, you might want to check my keek's on Saturday night... We have a bunch of friends coming over for my (real) BFF's birthday on Saturday and we're going to the winerys and to a bar afterward... So it should be a good time ;)

Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa Picture "Fail"- Link-Up

Well... sadly you won't be able to get any giggles from my child screaming on Santa's lap. But I still wanted to do this link-up because I don't like being left out.

This is Hazel's third Christmas and EVERY year I say "this is the year she's going to have a total meltdown and its going to be awful and I'm going to have a panic attack."
I have been a stay-at-home-mom since Hazel was born. Therefore she has never been around a bunch of new people without me being right there for her to hide behind. Usually  when she meets new people she hides behind me until she gets comfortable enough with the new people. It has been this way since she could walk. 

One funny story:
Our friends, Aimee and Bryan (Meme and B-Ry), came over to hang out at our house. We met them through church "group-link" (where you figure out who you're going to be in a small group with.) It is like a middle school dance.
 Do you like me? 
You would literally walk up to a group and if you liked them then you stayed but if you didn't you walked away. AWKWARD. 
I am a super awkward turtle and my comfort zone is in the corner. So that's where I went. Jonathan at some point literally had to drag me to talk to all these strangers. 

Anyway, so at group-link Aimee and I immediately hit it off. She is my soul sister. 
She even let me be in her wedding! 
And she's trying to get me to drink red wine.

We emailed for a couple of days before I finally (or she... I can't remember) got the nerve up to get those digits. So then we texted Finally we decided to have a double date out a restaurant/bar, so my mom watched Hazel and we had the best time!! It felt like we had been friends forever. 
Well, then they came over to our house to watch a movie or something and got to meet Hazel. At first she wanted nothing to do with them and would just laugh and run away whenever they wanted to talk to her. Then, after about 20 minutes, she was butt naked and sitting in Aimee's lap. I told ya'll she was my soul sista ya'll. This was only our second time hanging out so we didn't really KNOW them and this was their first time meeting Hazel... And she was butt naked in her lap. 
And it totally wasn't weird. 

Anyway, so usually that's how Hazel is. After about 20 minutes of scoping you out... THEN she'll be butt naked in your lap. I seriously hope she outgrows this :)

But Santa... Santa is a magically creature who brings you chocolate, presents, and lets you watch Christmas movies all day oh wait that's me.

So I guess she just loves him. Or maybe she has a thing for beards? 

So anyway.. here is her first Christmas picture. 
Yes, we went to a chic-fil-a Santa. It was free AND we got a free meal. So boo-ya. Plus we were super poor. 
Diapers ain't cheap ya'll!

Unfortunately, I can't find her second Christmas picture. This was the one she went with her cousin's and was in the picture with them. She smiled like a model and didn't cry at all. I think their excitement helped her that year. If I find it I'll post it...

This this year. 

Is this seriously my baby's THIRD Christmas?? Goodness that is crazy. 

Link-up with Darci to post your hopefully funnier than my  Santa pictures. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hazel loves Santa!

Okay usually when Hazel sees someone new she hides behind me or Jonathan and peaks her head around my bum. She thinks that my bum can save her from these strangers. She is all into the "stranger danger" and usually has to be around someone for a while to be convinced that they are okay.
So when we were heading to see Santa, I was a bit apprehensive. I was thinking that Jonathan or I would have to sit with her with Santa in order to get a decent picture. 

As soon as we saw him before getting in line her jaw dropped open and you could just see the magic in her eyes. It was the best moment. That look in her eyes was worth ALL the stress from the holidays. She clearly believed that this was THE Santa and SHE was going to be able to talk to him. She was so excited. So Jonathan got in line (he was a  grown man going to see Santa by himself... real winner ;)) and my mom, Hazel, and I went into Macy's to get a couple things and Jonathan called when he was getting close so we came back. Hazel had to wait for about 5 minutes. 

Then it was her turn. 

I was nervous. She was excited. 
Let me back track to when we were in Macy's.
Cashier: (Talking to Hazel) "Oh, you're so pretty! Are you going to see Santa?"
Hazel: (shyly while hiding my behind my legs) "yes!"
Cashier: "what are you going to ask Santa for?"
Needless to say, I raised my girl right.

Well it was her turn and she jumped right up in his chair like he was her oldest friend.
It totally melted my heart.

She was the perfect little girl. She just sat there and smiled at whoever said "Hazel look over here." The "photographer" even commented on how well she did. She also thought Hazel was 4... she's only 2. She'll be 3 on March 24. 

Then it was time to tell Santa what she wanted 

Money and chocolate. At least she didn't say 5 puppies like she originally wanted. 
I can deal with chocolate and money :)
Then we took a family pic. I wish we would have gotten a better background but oh well! 

Then it was cookie time!! :)
That American Cookie Company are so incredibly smart. Putting their stand right beside where Santa is? Whoever had that idea deserves a raise. 
Mini Double Doozy goodness.
Good thing this dress is washable.

Then we were going to ride The Pink Pig (a indoor "roller coaster" that is basically a train) but the line was RIDICULOUS. I wish I would have gotten a picture. It was insane. So we left and went to see Hazel's Pa at the fire station. She loves to go there and see the fire trucks and he even took us on a ride in the fire truck. 

It was a great day :)

Merry Christmas! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

I've been nominated!

FOR AN AWARD!! The Liebster Award! I feel like the Grinch when he gets nominated for to be Holiday Cheermister!
And the child mentioned a check?
Who thinks I've been watching too many Christmas movies?
Me too.

Okay anyway. I had no idea what this meant so naturally I googled it... Basically I'm just awesome and have less than 200 followers. I got nominated by 2 people! 

Lindsey from The Real Nancy Clue and Meredith from Is this thing on?Both of these ladies are amazing and I read their blogs daily. You should too.

 In order to accept the award there are a few rules you must follow

The Rules:
1. You must thank the person who nominated you for the award.
2. You must write eleven facts/things/tidbits about yourself.
3.You must answer eleven questions that were given to you from your nominator.
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So here are the 11 random things about me:

1. I wash my hands about 30 times a day. I am a big freak. It's not even about the germs but more about the smell. I can't stand stinky hands.
2. I have run a half marathon.
3. I have a miniature dachshund who I have a slight obsession with.
4. I am the youngest of 4 children.
5. I want to move to New Zealand. Not even joking. I have frequent dreams about it.
6. I have never been out of the country.
7. I used to drive a stick-shift car and the next car I buy will be a stick. I love it!
8. I am only 23 years old.
9. I hate eating breakfast in the morning (or any other types of food. I have to force myself to eat when I wake up)... but I love breakfast for dinner.
10. I love vacuuming but hate sweeping. 
11. I got a nose ring about 3 months ago and I love it. It makes me feel like a rock-star.

If you just really want to know more things about me you can read my post 100 Things About Me. And yeah I just copied some of these things from there. 

My questions from Lindsey (Nancy). Thanks hooks

1. What was your first concert?      My friend concert was a Backstreet Boys concert. I can't remember how old I was but I went with Tory Holland and her mom and it was SO fun!
2. If you were on Death Row, what would be your last meal before you were executed?      My last meal would be a BIG steak- medium rare, with my Noni's mashed potatoes, my mom's black eyed peas, Red Lobster rolls, salad from Olive Garden, cheesecake with chocolate sauce from Maggianos, chocolate fudge from May-field's in Covington and a teriyaki chicken sandwich from Little Philly's in Covington. (fat girl problems)
3. If you could invite three people (living or dead) to dinner, who would you choose?     Jonathan's mom. She was such a sweet lady and I so enjoyed getting to know her but our time was cut short. I only knew her 2 years before she died and she never got to meet Hazel or see Jonathan and I get married. She would have been a great grandmother and mother-in-law and I'm so sad that she never got to be those things.      
Ellen Degeneres. No explanation needed. I want to be just like her.     
Paula Deen. She needs to cook our dinner. And I want to meet her. I hope she's as nice as she appears.
4. What was your most favorite day ever?     The day Hazel was born. Might be cliche but it was just the perfect day. She is the light of my life and I am so thankful for her!
 5. What is one thing you'd like to do before you die?     Go whale watching! I really, really, really want to do this. 
6. What was your first car? Nissian Maxima. It was black
7. What is your ultimate dream vacation destination? I want to go to New Zealand and scuba dive. I love scuba diving and it's been way too long since I've gone. 
8.What is your most embarrassing moment?  I honestly can't think of an embarrassing moment. I know there has been a ton of them but I'm the type of person who laughs at myself (often) and I usually don't get embarrassed very often. I guess telling my family and Jonathan's family that I was pregnant. Now they knew we did it.. haha
9. Who is your celebrity free pass?     I have a few. So I'll list some. Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Larry Fitzgerald (From The Cardinals), Snoop Dog (stop judging me...), Whoever is going to play Christian Grey. haha
10. What is your biggest pet peeve?  I have a few but I guess it would be running off the road, smacking (my husband does this often), and stinky hands. 
11. How old were you when you lost your virginity? (You didn't think you were getting off that easy, did you?)      Oh my goodness. Let's hope no one reads this. I was 16. Hindsight is 20/20. I wish I had waited till I got married. It would have made my wedding night that much more special... but oh well. I didn't I was young and thought I was in love. Stupid 16 year old me. (Also, I had daddy issues. My parents got divorced when I was 14 so I was classically looking for the male influence in my life.) 

My questions from Meredith: (Thanks girlfriend) 

1. What is your favorite everyday-wear outfit?
I wear either sweats, yoga pants, or running shorts and a t-shirt most days unless I go somewhere. If I am going somewhere its usually just blue jeans and a t-shirt
2. Exercise of choice?
My answer would normally be running but recently I am really into RPM (Spin class)
3. Favorite non-alcoholic beverage?

Water. It used to be Diet Coke up I gave that up and usually drink water
4. Favorite beauty product?

I love Mac. I use Studio Fix for my face. It's like foundation and powder mixed. It is amazing.
5. How many kids do you want?

I want 3. But if the next one is a boy I think I'll be okay with 2. We'll have to see after the next one comes :)
6. Favorite time of the year and why?

Fall/ Winter. I love when the weather cools off and I don't sweat as soon as I walk outside. I also love bonfires, football parties, and Christmas. 
7. Favorite meal to cook?

I love to cook so this is a hard one for me! I love things that take time and steps (I'm the opposite of  most people) but I think food tastes better if it takes time, love, and energy to prepare it.
8. Favorite restaurant and what you get there?

This is a tie. I love Tokyo in Covington. I get teriyaki chicken and rice. And Little Philly's in Covington and I get the terayaki chicken sandwich with no onions or peppers with extra sauce.
9. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

If I am going somewhere then about 45 minutes to an hour. If I don't have to shower/ put on make up then I just put my hair up and go.
10. How do you take your coffee?

I like half and half and sugar!
11. Favorite movie? 

This is a hard one. I love movies. I'd say any Disney Princess movie. I love the old ones. Or Gone With The Wind.

My questions from Erin at Happily Ever After (& then some)

1.  What is your favorite holiday?
I love all the fall holidays! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! I have my favorite childhood memories from these.
2. What is your favorite food?
Man, this is a hard question. I love food. I would have to say a big, BIG steak with herb butter ontop
3. What is your favorite memory that includes alcohol?
My wedding day! It was a blast celebrating with all our friends and enjoying our love
4. Favorite memory without alcohol?
The birth of my daughter, Hazel. She is the light of my life. I don't know what I'd do without her
5.  How long have you been with your significant other?
We started dating in February of 2008. So almost 5 years. We've been married 2 years this past September
6. Where did you meet them?
I met him at a party in college. Totally cliche but we partied our little hineys off (or at least I did... he didn't drink that night) and then the next day I added him on facebook and the rest is history :)
7.  What would be the first thing you bought if you hit the lotto tonight?
A car for myself. We have 1 great car and my car sucks. (Jonathan drives the good car to work because I don't think mine would last in traffic). 
8.  What is your dream car?
This is going to be so dumb but I really, really want a 2012 Honda Odyssey  I just think they are the coolest cars inside and it has a ton of room.
9.  Where would be your dream place to live?
New Zealand. I want to move there like woah.
10.  If you could get plastic surgery today, what would you get?
Boob job. I plan to get one after I am done having kids. Nothing obnoxious. Just a lift and fill :)
11.  Where's your favorite place on earth?
I really love the beach. Jonathan and I have never taken a vacation with just us (and Hazel) so I really, really want to do that this year. I want to go to Bora Bora

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My 11 questions for my nominee's
1. What's your favorite holiday?
2. How many, if any, siblings do you have?
3. What's your favorite place to eat out?
4. What's your favorite website?
5. What's your favorite gift you have ever received?
6. What household chore do you hate the most?
7. What's your favorite book?
8. What's the best thing you have ever purchased for yourself?
9. What's your favorite guilty-pleasure show?
10. How old were you when you got married and had kids?
11. If I gave you $1,000 what would you spend it on?

Have fun ladies :)