Monday, January 13, 2014

Too much, Too soon.

If you follow me on Instagram (kscott24) then you know that I was participating in the #jmdvdchallenge and have recently stopped posting about it. I was hestitant to even write this because its totally TMI but I didn't want people to think I quit because I was lazy. 

I started that 4 weeks PP. NOT a good idea. Although I felt fine while doing to the exercises, I always bled afterwards. This was the only time I was bleeding. For about 2 hours after the workout. I think it was just too much for my body too soon. I thought well maybe it's just a coincidence so that's why I've stopped and I haven't bled since. So I will miss winning that $150 but honestly but health is worth more than that. I jumped back into it feet first (like always) but this time my body wasn't ready. 

I will be 6 weeks PP on Wednesday so I plan to ease back into it by walking and doing light weights. My gym will take Elouise at 6 weeks so I'm looking forward to the me-time and getting back into it. Slowly. 

We went for a family walk outside yesterday for 2 miles and it felt AMAZING to get outside and sweat a little. I also need to get out of the mindset of pushing myself 100% for a little while. My body went through so major stuff and I need to give myself a break (easier said than done.)

Anyway, I wish you guys all the best and I can't WAIT to see everyone's before and afters and I still plan to post mine, even though it won't be for a prize :). I will still be following along and encouraging you guys but I need to listen to my body and stop for a while.

I am so thankful for this challenge because it has led me to some wonderful women who are truly inspiring! 

I also have been making more of an effort to be present while I'm with my family so I may not be as present in the social media but I promise it's for a good cause :) 


  1. You're being healthy and that's the most important thing... good job girl!

  2. It's hard to force yourself to ease into exercise...especially when you are competitive like we are! I'm glad you listened though....we don't need any bleeding! :) I've thought about quitting too simply because my time is limited...but I'm still trying!

  3. You're still an inspiration to me that you even TRIED and I'm sittin over here putting it off til February probably haha. Way to listen to your body though! That's a tough thing to do when you don't really want too.

  4. You are great, and nothing about you is lazy! Don't be so hard on yourself and keep listening to your body.

  5. I'm not part of the challenge, but I say as long as you are doing what you should for YOU that's all that matters! I'm glad you are listening to you body. Definitely ease back into it slowly. You'll be able to hit 100% before you know it. :-)
    I'm so ready for the weather to get back to being warm so I can walk outside. I just can't get down with cold weather! lol

  6. I think you have an amazing attitude!