Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What's happenin' lately

Let's rewind! 2 weekends ago, my mom kept H so that we could go to Alumni weekend for my husbands fraternity (Woo hoo, Delta Tau Delta ). So we dropped H off at my mom's on Friday and headed down to go ole Statesboro! It was so strange being back at the place where we fell in love, had H, and got married! So much has changed in our lives since we left in December 2010. It really made me appreciate how much we've grown up. But, it was really fun to go back and see all our old friends! 

It was so fun!

Then on Friday, J and I did our annual pumpkin carving. We have carved pumpkins together ever since we started dating in 2008, its something we both look forward to and I can't wait for H to join us next year! 
Before carving pumpkins we went to Taco Mac.... look at my cute little angels. 

Mine is 3 pumpkins stacked on top of each other (Duh, I'm such a great carver that it doesn't need a description)  and J's is a Falcon football player. I want to say its Julio Jones. 
He entered his in a Falcon's contest. Isn't he just the cutest?

Then this past weekend my brother and his adorable wife wanted to take H and her cousins to The Atlanta Zoo. The zoo was having their Boo at the Zoo so all the kids got candy and had so much fun! Well, we weren't going to pass up doing something fun while we were baby free, and it was my best friend's birthday, so we all headed up to the winery's in Dahlonega! I am obsessed with the winery's, even if you hate wine the views alone are breathtaking. 

Hope ya'll have had a good week!

Until Next Time
Mrs. K. Scott


  1. Blue is your color, lady!! And you know I LOVE the pumpkins since I have been stalking your instagram. :)

    1. haha! I love that you stalk my instagram... bc I stalk yours too! And I love how you comment on my blog (you're literally the only one who does!) :(