Monday, November 18, 2013

Second Time Mom's

I am gearing up to welcome my second little one into this wonderful world and the question I keep asking myself is 

what is the biggest change I'm about to go through?

With Hazel, I had no idea what to expect. I think it was better that way. I wasn't nervous about labor because I didn't know how awful it is. I wasn't worried about the sleepless nights because I had never experienced them before. 

Now that I have experienced those things, I know how hard it is. But I've never had two children before so I want to know what the hardest thing to overcome is? What was your "I wish someone would have warned me" moment? 

She will be here in 12 shorts days (OR LESS.) 

I realize that I will not be prepared and I just have to live it in order to endure it.... but I just want to know what is about to happen. 

I've been having mild contractions. Nothing serious or super regular. But they are definitely happening.



  1. I had my second child in July. The girls are a little over 2 years apart. The hardest thing I've had to deal with is helping the older one not feel left out. She has been a great little helper and loves her little sister, but I make sure that there is just me and her time also. Sometimes I take just her with me to do things or have her do special jobs to let her know that she's just as important as the little one. Granted my patience are a little short with her sometimes because I know she knows better and the baby doesn't. So I have to remind myself that this is a whole new experience for her too!!

    Good Luck Momma!!

    -Sami @

  2. Honestly I struggled with dividing my attention at first - I was tending to my baby Wes and feeling like I was not giving as much to Elle - but E took care of her and showered her with attention - so it all worked out. ALSO... exhaustion. I was tired. I had to MAKE myself sleep when there was time because if not I found 8000 things to do. All in all it is wonderful having 2. You are going to do great.

  3. Wanna know a secret? Hazel is such a caring and nurturing big sister already that I doubt she has a hard time adjusting. I was so worried about Elizabeth taking to Caroline that I didn't factor in Caroline needing to get used to Elizabeth. As long as you make hazel feel important, she will love it all. Just be sure that you set boundaries for helping early so that Hazel doesn't become overbearing. Pretty sure that is all Elizabeth got I to trouble for the first few months. Other than that you will be all "what was I is worried about again?" Ha you got this!

  4. I agree with Melanie. I really struggled the first week or so with feeling sad about Savannah having to play by herself. She always did it well before, but now it was like she HAD to, not bc she wanted to. Even though I was still able to give her attention, I just felt sad bc she didn't have all of it. I'm certain she didn't care though, and it was just my hormones raging. :)