Thursday, November 14, 2013

Update on Miss Elouise

We went to the doctor yesterday for another ultrasound to see if she has flipped and 

SHE HAS! Praise Jesus. I was so happy to see her little face. She is such a doll baby already (I may be a bit biased.) I can NOT wait to squeeze her chunky cheeks!

The ultrasound tech wouldn't tell me how much she weighed because "the doctor didn't order a weight scan." <insert eye roll>. But my belly is measuring 39 weeks so that is definitely bigger than 2 weeks ago when she was measuring a little over 36 weeks. 

Elouise looks perfect. She was practice breathing and it was the coolest sight to see! The ultrasound tech said that was great news and means she is happy and healthy because one of the first things they do when they are feeling distressed is stop practicing to breathe. So I was really happy to hear that. I am so thankful for a happy and healthy baby kicking in my tummy :). I can't get over how amazing of a miracle it is. 

My doctor also checked me and said that my cervix was soft and 1 cm dilated. She also said that if I make it to 39 weeks (December 1) that we will induce then. 

Thank you all for following this journey with me and praying for my angel. I can't wait to post pictures of her!! :) 


  1. YAY!!!!! So happy to hear that she has flipped. I hope the rest of your pregnancy continues to go smoothly :)

  2. That is fantastic news! Yay!! Can't believe she will be here so soon.

  3. You're email earlier made me smile SO big! I'm so glad!
    I Love all of this! And I kind of want to tear up! Having been talking to you about wanting to get pregnant with my first & your second, and now here you are about to bring your 2nd into the world. :') I love it & I'm so happy for you and so glad to follow along!
    I can't wait to see her precious face! xoxo ♥