Thursday, February 23, 2012


In church a while back, Andy Stanley preached about how comparison is the thief of joy. I had never given it any thought before but since that sermon I have been aware of how much I compare myself, my family, & my friends to others. How wrong and selfish is that? I love everything about my life- why should I think less of it just because I think someone else has it better? Sure, my life isn't perfect but it's just what I need and I couldn't be happier in where I am. Since I have been aware of the fact that comparison is the thief of joy I have been trying not to compare myself to others. It's a lot easier said than done, especially when it comes to running. Why do I feel the need to be faster, run farther, & be in better shape than (fill in the blank?). God gave me the ability to run & I should be thankful for that alone. I'm not saying that there is something wrong with wanting to better yourself, to want to run faster or farther. But I want to do that for myself... Not so I can brag to someone else about it. Who cares how fast I can run a mile. You don't feel any better by running a 4 minute mile or running a 14 minute mile. A mile is still a mile. When I'm running the half marathon as long as I finish I will be happy with it. Of course I don't want to come in dead last but what happens if I do? I still finished & that is my ultimate goal. I have had this goal of finishing a half marathon since Hazel was born & now that it is so close I am terrified. Have I trained enough? Am I gonna crap out at mile 7? What if i get sick? I am so ready to accomplish this dream!! With that being said: look how cute my little family is

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Mrs. K Scott

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