Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween recap and upcoming events

Holly will think that this post is so too late to even post but I'm posting it anyway :)

Our Halloween was great! We went to our first trunk or treat at a church with our good friends, The Bennett's, and their sweet kids! Hazel had so much fun and everyone thought she made the cutest Spider-Man. (She refused to let people say she was Spider-Girl... she was Spider-MAN and she will argue your head off! :)

This was Spider-Girl the morning of Hallween
I was a boring mom who didn't dress up.

This is my mom, Hazel's Ya Ya whom she loves more than anyone on the Earth. (Probably because she brought Hazel 2 BAGS of reeses and kit kats) 
Cutest little Spider-Man. (check out her precious chompers) 
Not sure why J didn't tell me that her mask was totally in her eyes. 
This makes my heart happy :)
What? This is how Spider-Man smiles!
Spider-Man needs a water break, too.
Her favorite game, Duck Pond.

We had so much fun. This is my favorite time of year. I love watching my little baby becoming such a big girl and making others laugh. She is always being so silly. She loves seeing other smile. Well yesterday we spent all day eating all the candy and this morning she woke up and said "CANDY, MAMA!" I had to break her little heart and tell her that we only get to eat candy all day the day after Halloween. It's only once a year, stop judging me. 

This weekend H is going to be a flower-girl for our good friends, Bailey and Jordan, who are tying the knot on Saturday! I am so excited for them, they have always been great supporters of us and they just love H to pieces. She is going to be so cute! This is her third flower-girl appearance (if you count our wedding when she was 6 months old). But we will be spending all day practicing! I just hope she doesn't walk down the isle doing her pig noise but either way its going be so fun and I'm so honored that they chose her to be apart of such a huge day for them! I'll be posting lots of pictures. If you follow me on Instagram (kscott24) then you'll get the sneak peek (don't you feel special?) 

On a totally different note I have been totally slacking on the exercise department. I haven't worked out since Monday and I just feel so yuck. I have been sick and not feeling good at all so I think it's an accomplishment just to clean up after H. Hopefully next week I'll feel better and I'll get back into it. We are thinking of buying a treadmill, any suggestions on a good brand? We don't want anything fancy, just something to walk and run on that will sit in our living room (can you say redneck?) . With it getting so cold I just feel guilty making H go sit in the stroller and freeze her bum off. I also need to sign up for a race so I feel motivated to run. I'm thinking of doing this one, any run that you get Hot Chocolate and a Hoodie as cool as this one

, I'M IN! Who wants to do it with me?  

Until Next Time (I'll be drinking coffee)
Mrs. K Scott

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  1. Super cute photos !! Looks like she had a great Halloween! I get all Chloe's legging jeggings at Target! They are cheap too!