Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!
We had a great weekend. We went to a family reunion with all of my dad's side of the family and it's the first one I've been to in about 10 years. We watched the Kentucky Derby and afterwards played cards. And I won $19 big ones because I had the winning horse. Hazel had her 2 cousins there so she was in Heaven and having fun without my entertaining her. 

= mama got to relax. 
I love being with my siblings and their families so it was a good weekend but I was exhausted. So this morning when Hazel woke up I got her some cheerio's and put on a movie and I went back to sleep. Mother of the year.  

In other news, I am 8 weeks pregnant now. It's still really early but it's starting to feel "more real." Annnndd my belly is already poking out. You can't tell unless I'm naked. It's true that you start showing much earlier with the second, I guess. And I weighed myself and I have actually lost 1.6 pounds! I have no idea how. I have been feeling sick so I have to eat every 2 hours so that I don't get nauseous. I've been trying to eat small, healthy meals but really I eat whatever sounds good and that is quick. Not the best way but with the exhaustion and nausea it's all I can do right now.

I'm feeling better than I did with Hazel though. With her I was sick 24/7 no matter what I did. So I'm thankful this pregnancy is easier on me. 

And I've been keeping up with my exercise. I started back Body Pump last week and it was amazing. I have really missed that class. So on Monday, Wednesday, (and hopefully Friday) I do Body Pump and on Tuesday and Thursday I do RPM. It's a good mix of cardio and weights. My doctor said as long as I keep my heart rate under 160 then I'll be good. So that's been a struggle but I am still getting a good workout. And it helps with my nausea so that's good too. If only I could get my butt up and go in the morning... but lately that's been a struggle. 

Thank you so much for all the congratulations!


  1. You are a rockstar! Glad the snacking is helping. I kept meaning to ask if it had. Yay for family. I love going to my MILs house and just chilling on the couch while everyone else watches my kids. Ha ha

  2. HOORAY!!! I must've missed the pregnancy post ? So freaking happy for you!