Friday, May 24, 2013

Thumbs Up... Thumbs Down.

Hey all my beautiful friends!

I have really missed the blogging community and just blogging in general. 

This first trimester has taken it's toll on my energy level. BIG time.

BUT... I will be 11 weeks on Sunday so that means only 1 more week and I will hopefully be in the clear!!
With Hazel it was like a light switch. I am praying for that relief again.

Thumbs Up: I have finished all laundry in the whole house.
Thumbs Down: I had to fold and put all of it away.

Thumbs Up: We are going to Gulf Shores, Al this weekend where my grandparents retired to visit them and have a weekend get away!
Thumbs Down: 6+ hours in the car with Hazel.

Thumbs Up: My house is almost completely clean.
Thumbs Down: I had to clean it all. I have a weirdo who can't leave a dirty house.

Thumbs Up: I am feeling great today and the weather is amazing.
Thumbs Down: I wish I had more of an appetite and didn't have so many food aversions to healthy foods.

Thumbs Up: Hazel is being good and letting me clean with little interruptions.
Thumbs Down: I have to use this time to clean. 

Thumbs Up: I'm going to the beach for a weekend!
Thumbs Down: Jonathan isn't going, he will be a bachelor party. I always miss him so much when we spend time apart. I would not do well with a long distance relationship. I get anxious. He really calms me down and is my partner in parenting so it is always no fun when he is away.

Thumbs Up: I will be doing little to no cooking this weekend:
NO Thumbs Down to that one ;)


  1. Have fun in Gulf Shores! We were actually thinking about taking the kids there this summer for vacation. Do you have any recommendations on where to stay?

    One more week... You can do it!

  2. Have fun, enjoy the time :) My brother is moving down there this summer, looking forward to vacationing :)

  3. Enjoy the beach! Tht sucks that your hubs won't be there, but I bet you'll still have fun. ;)