Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Elouise Bump Date- Week 30-31

I am now going to the doctor every 2 weeks!! Really makes it sink in that she will be here very, very soon!

So we went on Monday, everything was great but my uterus is measuring 2 weeks ahead. I'm measuring 32 weeks when on Monday I was 30 weeks and 3 days, so when I'm 34 weeks (at the beginning of November) we're going to do another ultrasound and see how big Elouise is. If she's bigger than normal then we will possibly talk about inducing early... around 37-38 weeks. Which means I have 6-9 weeks till she's here. Holy cow. Anyone else freaking out by that? 

I am also starting to really, really feel the need to get everything ready for her. We have a lot to do and less time than we thought to do it. 
Let's make a list shall we?
1. Buy a new car. 
2. Replace the floors in the main living area.
3. Get all her clothes organized.
4. Get car seat and swing.
5. Have a baby shower.
6. Get all of my Christmas shopping done in November.
7. Get glider from my sister and get it re-covered.
8. Get a present from Hazel for Ellie and get a present from Ellie to Hazel. 
9. Rearrange our room to fit her things while she's nursing and going to be in our room.
10. Have a baby.

Now that we're all completely overwhelmed let's get on with the update!

How far along?: 30 weeks and 4 days.

Size of the baby?: Head of lettuce- 18 inches, 3.2 pounds. She's probably closer to 4 pounds though.

Sleep?: Wonderful. I love sleep. When I get up to go to the bathroom I always waddle though because my hips hurt so much. 

Best moment this week?: I love feeling her moving around in there. I feel like she's always moving. And the fact that Hazel tells everyone that she's going to be a big sister. She is the proudest big sister of all time. haha!

Miss anything?: No.

Gender?: Girl.

Bed Rest?: None.

Limitations?: Well I talked to my doctor about the stabbing pain in my lower stomach when I'm exercising and she said that it was probably my round ligament and as long as when I slow down or stop and the pain stops that it is okay. She said to monitor it any make sure it's not contractions but I am confident it's not. She just said to stop or do a different exercise when it starts and not to "push through it." 

Pregnancy Symptoms?: Round ligament pain when exercise, hurting hips, nesting.

Wedding Rings?: Still on.

Looking Forward to?: My baby shower and getting things organize for my little angel!

Weight Gain?: Up 23 pounds. Yikes. Not on Monday but my last appointment I had jumped up 8 pounds (when it should have been 4-5) so that was no good. But I've been better about exercising watching what I'm eating, and picking healthy options, so last appointment. I had gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks which is normal. I was hoping for no weight gain because I had gained so much but when I talked to my doctor she said that it would be ideal if I didn't gain more than 35 pounds (that's the goal) so I'm on track with that and she's not worried. She said to just pick healthy options, eat lots of veggies and it will all be fine. If I make it to my due date and keep gaining 1 pound/ week then I'll gain 9 more pounds which would put me at 32 pounds for the whole pregnancy and honestly I'm okay with that. I'm not going to count calories or stress out about if I really am craving something unhealthy but I'm going to make an effort to not gain MORE than 9 pounds the rest of the time. And if she's bigger than normal then it will be even less because I'll be having her sooner than 9 weeks!


  1. Looking good! I cannot believe that your baby could be here that soon, how exciting and crazy! My goal is to have the nursery done by Thanksgiving, that way I can enjoy Christmas and wait for little one to make her arrival.

  2. How exciting!! You look beautiful!

  3. I really love reading your pregnancy updates.
    So crazy that just in December when we met we were both talking about wanting to be pregnant so bad & as this December approaches you will finally be holding precious Ellie Mae! It's really flying by!
    Hope you guys can get as much of your list checked off as possible!
    And you have done so awesome with staying healthy. I can only hope to do half as good should I actually get to experience it.

  4. Totally overwhelmed by your to-do list... haha!! You look amazing btw... getting so close!!

  5. You are such a beautiful prego! :)

    1. Also I am stealing your pregnancy questions for my blog. :)