Thursday, December 29, 2011


I am in utter disbelief that this year is already over. I seriously can't believe how fast this year has gone! Compared to years past this year has been a much-needed stress/drama free year! Hazel turned 1 in March, we bought a house & celebrated our first anniversary in September & have greatly enjoyed this year. Compared to 2010 it was a lot less stressful & boring! Just what our family needed. I am looking forward to 2012 & the new things it will bring. My baby will be 2. I seriously can't believe it. I still think of her as this little baby who couldn't even roll over. Now she's little miss independent- walking, talking, sleeping 12+ hours a night & eating all by herself.

As for new years resolutions i think I have the perfect one. I Am going to run at least one mile 6 days a week. No excuses. If I'm busy or don't feel good then 1 mile only takes around 10-15 minutes. I can take that time to make me a better me. This is the firsts new years resolution that I think is doable & that im excited bout! :) now for a photo dump. Enjoy

Ps those shows are my new years shoes- Jonathan and I are very excited to be going downtown ATL for NYE- we have never celebrated since we have been together & we can't wait. Plus my shoes rock.

Until next time-
Mrs. K Scott

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