Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas from Hs eyes

Although Christmas is quickly approaching and I still have about half the presents to buy, wrap, & then wrap again after H unwraps them (as she already has done 3 different presents) I can't help but take a moment and just be excited that it is my baby's second Christmas! Everyone tells me not to stress over this Christmas bc she won't remember it anyway but I can't help but fret over how I want everything to be perfect for her. Childhood Christmases were always such a magical time for me and I want that so badly for H. I want her to be so excited on Christmas Eve that it takes her half the night to fall asleep only to wake up as soon as there is day light to race down the stairs. I want her to get frustrated at our family tradition of each person opening one present at a time and all other family members having to watch- but then when it gets her turn she gets nervous because all eyes are on her. I want her to remember her childhood Christmases exactly how I do: full of food, presents, family, laughter, and fun.

Although she won't remember this Christmas in particular- she will be able to look back on the pictures and know that we tried as hard as we could to give her the best childhood.

Until Next Time-
Mrs. K Scott

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