Thursday, December 15, 2011


Holy cow is Christmas really only 10 days away?? Wow. I have got to get my hiney in gear! I have about 5 more people to shop for, including my awesome husband (I never know what to get him... He's so hard to shop for... What do you get your husband/boyfriend?? ). But on to our traditions! J & I have always had Christmas traditions that we grew up with that we want to pass along to H! One that his mom always did for him before she passed away was get him new pajamas every Christmas & he got to open them on Christmas Eve & wear them that night. We did this last year for H's first Christmas & I plan on doing it again this year. Another tradition that I've always loved is making cookies & reindeer food on Christmas Eve & setting out a plate or Santa & his furry little friends! Then Christmas morning my mom always makes this DELICIOUS breakfast casserole that she only makes on Christmas bc it's expensive & takes about a day & a half to make!
What are some of your family traditions?
Our Christmas Eve & Christmas Day schedule is always hectic! On Christmas Eve we go to my dad's side of the family for a lunch & we open presents & just spend time as a family bc that's usually the only time we see them! Then Christmas Day we do our morning with just J, H, & my mom- H will open her big presents & play for a bit & then we head to my sister's for the big family get together! Around H's nap time is when we head to Augusta & spend the rest of the day/night with J's family then head back home! (blahh work!) needless to say we spend a lot of quality time in the car but it's all worth it because our families are awesome & so worth it! :) Christmas is my favorite holiday & I hope to make this one super special for H!

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