Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A little rant....

I have been on Pinterest this morning and I read this article that really got me thinking. Then I was just browsing and I saw about 3820 pictures of "skinny" girls and comments like "I would kill to look like her." "my goal" and crap like that.  Why are we so obsessed with what the scale says, how "skinny" we are, what other people think of us?

I for one am sick of it! Who cares how much I weigh as long as I feel good about myself, am healthy as I can be, and am HAPPY. I have become so obsessed with the scale that I haven't been HAPPY with me because of the stupid number on that stupid machine! For goodness sake, I am running 4-5 times a week (at least 3 miles) and I am giving my body the best foods I can, so that it can be as healthy as it can be. That also means my SOUL. If I want a freaking Popsicle then I should be able to eat the freaking Popsicle without feeling guilty and feel like "I have to run that off tomorrow." How stupid. I am DONE with that kind of mind set. I am going to exercise because it makes me  feel good, not because I have to. I LOVE running, sweating, breathing hard, pushing myself. It makes me happy and feel good! I am done with the scale. Yes, I have been losing weight but more importantly eating better and exercising makes me feel good about myself. No one cares what the scale says. If I am confident and feel good in my clothes and about myself then who cares if the scale says I'm "fat". I am done with that mindset and I am SO done weighing myself. I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and forget about that stupid number. The stress of trying to reach a certain number is really weighing on my mind and my level of happiness. Why base my happiness of what that machine says? Shouldn't I base it off how I feel and how I feel in my clothes?

More importantly, I don't want Hazel to see me constantly weighing myself and counting EVERY single calorie that I put in my mouth. I want her to see her mom HAPPY and HEALTHY. I don't want her to become a teenager and not be happy with her body because I was constantly not happy with mine while she was growing up. I want her to see me eating healthy foods, being active, and being healthy. Not starving myself so I can become what society thinks I should be. I don't ever want her to feel like she has to starve herself to make others happy. I want her to be healthy, active, and HAPPY. Not constantly thinking  "am I skinny enough?"

Here are a couple pics of this weekend where I ate WAY too much food, drank WAY too much beer, and had the best time with lifelong friends.
(& despite eating anything I wanted I still lost 1.6 pounds... STUPID SCALE.)

I don't ever want her to stop being herself. She is the best person I know. 

Until Next Time
-Mrs. K. Scott

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