Friday, July 13, 2012

Changes are happenin'

Is happenin' a word? My computer doesn't think so. But what does it know?

ANYWAY! I am please to report that is has been 4 days since my last diet coke and I have not had a serious cravings! & I still have some in my fridge. That's what we call self-control, people! 

I am also pleased to announce that since last Friday (one whole week), I have lost 7 pounds... That's right! Count them! WOOOOOO! This isn't just "luck". This is HARD WORK. I have earned each of those 7 pounds and I don't ever want them back. The past 2 weeks I have been running 5 times a week (at least 3.1 miles and at most 5 miles) and I have been eating smaller portions and drinking AT LEAST 1 gallon of water each day. Some days I drink  more because when I go run its SO hot. I am still loving my lemon-lime water and it really helps me feel like I'm drinking something other than just water. Anyway, I was thinking of posting a before and after picture every time I lose 10 pounds... what do ya'll think of that? I never took a before picture but I'm sure I can find a full body picture from before I started dieting again. 

( no, this isn't my foot... or my scale)

I don't think I could be anymore excited about not "having" to drink diet coke anymore! It feels like a weight has been lifted off me! I can't really explain it. I used to freak out when we only had 2 or 3 cokes left in the fridge and it was an emergency to go get more because "I couldn't go a day without one".... Now I've gone 4 days and I feel fantastic. Plus I'll be saving that $6 every week... So that adds up! Maybe I'll treat my self to something, like these new running shorts I've had my eye on... 

They have compression shorts under the regular shorts... which means I can run with shorts on! I've never been able to because the seams of regular shorts rub my legs and make me bleed.... TMI? Probably. Oh well, if you don't want honesty then you don't need to be reading this.

Anyway, just came on here to brag about myself. Its a good feeling to be on track again. Its also INCREDIBLE how much more energy I have! Not only am I getting my workouts done, I also have had a super clean house all week and dinner ready each night. That's what we call on top of things  (yes, I am still bragging). Exercise is an incredible thing. Yeah it sucks as you are doing it but the benefits and effects it as on your body are incredible. Its also easier to eat clean when you know you're working hard. Ok, I'm done rambling.

Until Next Time
Mrs. K. Scott

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  1. GOOD JOB!!! I I am SO proud of you!!!!!! You earned it!