Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little fingers

Anyone who knows H knows she is not the most touchy feely child. She is loving & will give kisses but as far as hugs & snuggling goes she's not the biggest fan! So when I get a snuggle it's a rare treat. Something I love & cherish every moment of the 2 times it happens every 6 months.
Well today was one of those rare days & she woke up from her nap needing a cuddle! So as we were watching a movie & snuggling I noticed her sweet baby fingers. So little & tiny. Sometimes I forget that she's still just a baby. I need to cherish this time (as hard as it may be with her temper tantrums & fall out crying episodes) because she will only be this little once. Soon her tiny angel fingers will be big & dirty. I will love them no matter what but what is sweeter than angel fingers? As I was laying there admiring her sweet fingers the unthinkable happened! She actually fell asleep on me! She looked up & said mama? & I said yes baby & she laid her sweet head down & closed her eyes. This hasn't happen since she was an infant. Oh my heart. I love her so.

Until next time
Mrs. K Scott


  1. She looks like you in this picture to me....loved reading this and thankful you TREASURE it like you do. So many people miss.

  2. Thanks Mrs Sarah. There are times when I'm ready for her to grow up but it's always nice to take a step back & just enjoy right now! She is so amazing though- it's easy to love her! I can't wait for you to meet her!