Saturday, January 21, 2012

Skinny (ish) chicken parm

Hey guys! Ok so this recipe isn't exactly the healthiest thing ever but J & I both LOVE chicken parm & this is a easy & delicious way to cut some calories but still have a ton of flavor!

What you'll need
-Chicken- 2 breast but "cut them in half (making them thinner but still the shape of chicken (not like tenders)) 2 chicken breast makes 4 servings
-Basil pesto (again the jar stuff is great but if you want to make your own go right ahead!)
- bread crumbs(enough to coat the chicken- a cup or 2)
- italian seasoning
-salt & pepper
-marinara sauce (I buy the cheapest & jazz it up with fresh garlic & Italian seasoning & salt & pepper- also a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar really intensifies the flavor)
-Mozzerella & parm cheese

Ok cut the chicken breast like you are butterflying it but cut it all the way through.

Get a bowl for the bread crumbs & add about 1 tbsp of italian seasonings to the breadcrumbs & a dash of salt & pepper.

Then instead of dipping the chicken into like egg or butter which is added calories-- spoon some pesto on one side & lay that side into the breadcrumbs then coat the other side with pesto & flip the chicken & make sure it's evenly breaded.
- then just put the chicken on a baking sheet & bake at 425 degrees for 15-20 minutes!

Take it out flip the chicken over & make sure the chicken is cooked thoroughly then top with a spoonful of sauce & then sprinkle Mozzerella & parm on top & put it back in the oven for 5 minutes just to melt the cheese.

Serve with pasta & sauce & enjoy! It's SO yummy with the pesto- it really adds a ton of flavor!!

(also my brilliant husband came up with the idea of using the pesto- I love being married to a man who can cook!)

Until next time!
Mrs. K Scott

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