Sunday, January 8, 2012


I am convinced that running is by far the best exercise. I can be having a stressful/hard day & I go for a run & everything is better. It also works your entire body! & does amazing things in your mind as well as for your body.

Every haggard breath, every fast heart beat, every swing of the arms & every single step is a making me a better mom, wife, sister, daughter, & friend. I am so thankful that I have the ability to run. Without running I would not be me. Today I ran for the first time in the rain. Usually I make that excuse of "oh it's raining I can't get my run in... Guess I'll just take a nap instead." I am proud that today I took that (very hard) first step out the door & ran 6.25 miles even when I wanted to stop at mile 2. It's funny how my mind plays tricks on me & tries to get me to stop. I am thankful that my body keeps going even when I come up with 100 excuses to stop while running.

It's still weird for me to call myself a runner. I started running about a year ago. But I am not "a runner". I still have a lot of extra weight. I don't have the best form. I don't have cool running outfits or a good iPod & headphones. I don't have all the bells & whistles you think of when you think of a runner. I go out with my iPhone in hand, my $3 headphones, an old pair of yoga pants & a big t-shirt & lace up my shoes. I am not running to impress all the cars that pass me. I don't want to be hollered or honked at. I run for me. & I am thankful for that.

Here's a picture of my Friday night run. The sunset was simply breath taking & this picture does no justice. God can paint a beautiful picture.

Until next time-
Mrs. K Scott

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