Monday, August 19, 2013

I have no idea when I'm due to have this baby.

I know that due dates are really just estimates. They aren't exact, the baby could come at any time.

I am a planner. I like to have everything planned out weeks and months before hand so that when the day comes I'm not stressing. 

I am stressing.

Today I went to my doctor appointment and she was saying that I am 24 weeks and a couple days. According to my due date that we had set at my first appointment I should only be 23 weeks and 1 day. Did it change when we had my ultrasound and they just forgot to tell me? At my very first appointment, I had an ultrasound and they moved my due date from December 7th to December 15th because Elouise was measuring small. I knew this wouldn't last because I am destined to have big babies. Jonathan was 9 pounds 6 oz, I was 10 pounds 6 oz, Hazel (my first baby) was 9 pounds 4 oz. So I knew Elouise measuring "small" wasn't right. So I guess my due date is now December 7th (again) and that I am 24 weeks and 2 days. 

Then she measured my belly and my belly is measuring 25 weeks. Who knows when I'm going to have this baby? I will be ready December 1st. 

Let's move on to the Bump Date since I didn't update last week. Hazel started preschool and I started "work" so it was a crazy week! I'll post about preschool later this week. She's doing great!

How far along?: Who knows? 23-25 weeks! haha! I'm going to stay 24 weeks and 2 days (if my due date is December 7th).

Size of baby?: Egg-plant. 9 inches and 1.7 pounds! Wow little baby!! Almost 2 pounds!! :) Seems so big!

Sleep?: Sleep is amazing. I can't get enough. I am tired a lot. I usually get up to pee once a night but other than that I sleep great.

Best moment of this week?: Feeling her kick is something I will never get used to. It's so amazing. I love it! Jonathan feels her a lot and I can actually SEE when she kicks my stomach. 

Miss anything?: Nope.

Movement?: Yes! She is very active!

Food cravings?: Nothing really. Not as strong as in the beginning. I guess I would say red meat. I can't get enough!

Morning sickness?: Nope.

Gender?: Little precious girl :)

Bed Rest?: No

Limitations?: Nothing really. Bending over is hard.

Pregnancy Symptoms?: My right hip is really hurting by the end of the day. My doctor said it was the ligaments stretching to get ready for delivery and just to be care if I'm lifting Hazel or anything heavy and I don't need to lift anything too heavy because it might pop my hip out of place but she said it was normal and to just put a pillow between my legs when I sleep (which I already do) to alleviate the pressure. Still so hairy and I have a little bit of acne but nothing unbearable. 

Wedding rings?: Still on and loose. 

Looking forward to?: The fall! All the cold weather, pumpkin flavored everything, windows open, lower electricity bill, and all the holidays! I can't wait!

Weight Gain?: 13.4 pounds. Up 3 pounds since last appt (4 weeks ago). It is normal to gain 1 pound per week till the end so  I am feeling good about that number! I have around 16 more weeks so if I average 1 pound per week till I'm done my total weight gain will be 29.4 pounds and that would be amazing!

This is a comparison of 14 weeks and 23 weeks 


  1. I am wondering if my due date will stay the same, though I'm about 98% sure of when I conceived but who knows about the rate of growth. I guess I will find out September 4th. Love your top in that last picture, its amazing to see the growth like that in the same outfit!

  2. Love! Make a lot of plans on the 1st and she is sure to come then! Thats what kids do!

  3. My due date seemed to change with every appointment it seemed... either way, just a few months until you meet your baby girl!!

  4. My due date always changed according to the ultrasounds and when the doc would measure me.
    I was always bigger/farther along by those measurements. but I always just stuck with when my LMP was cause they said that was the most accurate. I remember going in on my due date and I was measuring 42 weeks by the tape measure and 41 weeks and 1 day by ultrasound....yet, I still went a week over! talk about frustrating! ;)