Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pregnancy Rant

Why is it that when someone gets pregnant people think they can say whatever they want to you?

Here is a couple of examples:

1. Are you sure there isn't 2 in there? You're huge! 
-Uhh. What? What if I walked up to you and said "are you sure you're NOT pregnant? Because your huge and have NO human growing inside you. "

2. You are just being overly sensitive and irrational. I can't even talk to you about this. 
-Um. Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean that I don't have feelings and thoughts that are my own. This happens pretty much ANY time I express a little bit of emotion that is disagreeing with the person I am talking to. I can still have opinions and thoughts. Just because I am pregnant doesn't mean that my feelings don't count anymore. I am VERY sick and tired of this one. 

3. Oh! Your Facebook picture made you look like you were all belly. 
-Isn't it a known thing that EVERYONE puts the most flattering picture of themselves as their profile picture? What if I went up to someone and was like "oh you looked MUCH skinnier in your Facebook picture than you do right now." Give me a freaking break. And go back to number 2... Just because I am pregnant doesn't mean I don't have feelings.

I am very, very tired of my feelings not counting anymore just because I'm growing a human. 

So the next time you see a pregnant lady, tell her she looks radiant and beautiful. I'm sure she has enough insecurities without people saying EXACTLY what's on their mind. For goodness sake, filter yourselves people and stop judging the pregnant ladies. They are assisting God in a miracle... 

I am so, so thankful that I have my husband to listen to me vent about all this and doesn't call me crazy or that I'm just being irrational because I'm pregnant. Without him, I would be as irrational as some people claim I am. 


  1. Hang in there Momma!! You look amazing and screw those people that make you feel like your feelings don't count! You're growing a human inside you what have they done that awesome lately!!!

    Sami @

  2. My mom likes to tell me how my butt is getting big and that I need to start walking more so I can push/my butt will get smaller.

    My favorite thing someone has said to me was, "say goodbye to those nice boobs you had" well gee, thanks! I already figured that one out on my own!

  3. AMEN SISTER!!!! The people I work with are the worst. Someone actually told me the other day that I was "just big boned"....really?! PS you are gorgeous so ignore them!

  4. Amen girl! I agree about number two! When I was pregnant , that pissed me off the most!

  5. I can't imagine someone saying anything negative about your pregnant body. I envy your bump pics on Instagram lol.
    The other day my Grammy told me my "gut was getting big" Well, she's a very overweight(actually she's obese) woman so I just looked at her and said well yours already is. Luckily we have that kind of relationship where those comments aren't too offensive but still, she shouldn't have said it.

  6. "They are assisting God in a miracle." I love that!
    They way I see it is you should wait for the pregnant lady to blame it on hormones instead of just assuming that's what it is.
    Anyway, you look fabulous & people can just stick a cork in it.