Friday, August 2, 2013

In a glass case of emotion.

Well, we had officially reached the point in my pregnancy where Sane KellyAnne leaves and she is replaced with Crazy, Crying KellyAnne. 

Also, fun fact about me. I am the world's worst crier.
Let's talk about this so you can know what my husband has to deal with from 20+ weeks. 

Yesterday morning I was looking at the Humane Society website to look at puppies. I know that we can't get on right now but we're going to in a couple weeks. But I like to torture myself and look and fall in love and then get disappointed when the puppy gets adopted. 

Cue cutest puppy I've ever seen (besides my Callie)

Well, I guilt tripped Jonathan into it and he agreed we could go look on Saturday and possibly get him. A couple hours later I went back to admire him and his picture was gone. I panicked. I called and he had been adopted that day. 

Cue the water works. I cried and cried and cried like you would not believe. I HAVE NEVER EVEN SEEN THIS PUPPY IN PERSON and I was so heart broken. 

Like worse than this.

Well, I recovered, I thought. And for lunch I was eating a cheese and egg quesadilla and I just busted out crying. FOR.NO.REASON. Literally. So then I texted Jonathan and said that I was a crazy person and I needed to be put in a loony bin because I couldn't stop crying. This lasted for about an hour then I calmed down. 

I spent most of yesterday crying. For nothing. Just because the tears were coming and I felt sad. It was the strangest thing. In my head I thought "why in the world am I crying? This is so strange. I need to stop crying." But my body was all "you need to cry until you had no more tears." So that's what I did. 

Then last night we had a wonderful dinner that I cooked. Cooking helps calm me. I love taking my time and making a great dinner. 

After dinner, I turned into a Loony Toon again. Jonathan had put Hazel to bed and came in and I was crying. He is very attentive when I cry and he was very patient. We've been through this before. When this happens there is nothing you can do or say to make me stop so he just held me and let me cry. When I finally stopped, I busted out laughing. He laughed with me and said "well, it's finally getting real!" Meaning that me crying is just part of my pregnancy experience and it'll be this way for another 4 months.

For some reason when I'm pregnant I just need a good, hard cry every once in a while. Even when nothing has changed. Even when my life is wonderful. 

Today, I feel better but I still feel like I could cry at any second. One wrong comment, one wrong tone, one sad commercial and it could all be over.


  1. Farrah crying is so funny to me for some reason. Yesterday I cried on the way home from work over a country song, Small Town USA which is not a crying type of song. I too feel bad for my husband who has to deal with my bizarre meltdowns.....pregnancy is such a weird thing and I've got 5 more months to go!

  2. I love the Farrah cry! Please tell me yours is that good!!! I kid!!! Feel better my love! Does is scare Hazel??

  3. I was like this for two days straight and I'm not even pregnant. Lordy. I could feel it coming on, I could see it and hear it but there was nothing I could do about it. It has passed. Finally. Amen.
    Sounds like your husband is totally awesome and that you two have a fabulous relationship! He's a keeper.

    Hang in there and 'us womens' (like HubbyJack calls us) totally understand.


  4. Omg. Farrah and Kim. lol!
    A good cry is always good. Is it bad that I'm kind of like that without even being pregnant? lol Just in my nature, I suppose.
    I'm glad you feel better today!
    Smile big, miss pretty!

  5. Awww, that puppy was so stinkin cute! I hope another adorable one comes up :)

  6. That was a really cute puppy! I cried all of the time when I was pregnant...and honestly, I still cry WAY more than I used to over things I would never cry over since having my son. Hooray hormones! Ha!