Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tummy Tuesday. 21 Weeks

My sweet little Elouise. It is amazing the love that I feel for her already. Every little flip and every little kick or punch. My heart melts. 

How far long?: 21 weeks 2 days.

Size of the baby?: The app says she is 8 inches and 1 pound. I'm sure Ellie weighs more than that because she was weighing 11 ounces at 19 weeks so I'm sure she's over a pound now. 

Sleep?: Still sleeping great. I wake up usually once a night to pee but I go back to sleep. I've learned to drink all my water early in the day instead of just chugging after dinner. I try to drink at least a gallon a day (if not more.)

Best moment of the week?: Ellie has started to really kick me this week and Jonathan got to feel her on Friday! She kicked him about 5 times, it was the most amazing feeling and seeing his eyes light up was just amazing. Yesterday she was so active and she went on kicking sprees for about 5 minutes at a time. It was the most incredible thing. It also looks like she will be just as active as her sister!

Miss anything?: No.

Movement?: Yes, she is a very active girl! We have moved from flutters to real kicks and punches! 

Food cravings?: I finally got my Hibachi!! It was amazing. I want it again. 

Morning Sickness?: When I don't eat a good dinner or if I eat too early then I feel sick in the morning but once I eat it goes away.

Gender?: I get another little princess! :)
Bed Rest?: No.

Limitations?: Still can't really bend over very well. But other than that I am completely fine.

Pregnancy Symptoms?: I am chewbacca.

My lower back hurts when I sit or stand too long. And the heart burn is starting to set in.

Wedding Rings?: Still on and roomy.

Looking forward to?: The fall! I am over this heat and sweating all the time. 


  1. I am SOOOO Ready for the Fall too. also, you are tiny! I mean, of course the bump is there, but other than that you are tiny!

  2. You look beautiful! Glad you're feeling good, even in the heat.


  3. Aww You're looking absolutely fantastic! I love seeing your baby bump updates! :)

  4. Your bump is too cute! I think we're all waiting for fall...pregnant or otherwise :)

  5. You look great! I love her name, and love that it goes so well with Hazel. I am a symmetrical type of chick, so don't mind me. Ha

  6. You look great! Cute little bump!