Monday, October 21, 2013

33 week Bumpdate!

I love being pregnant. 

There I said it. 
I don't ever want this pregnancy to end. 

Even with the broken out face, back aches, hips hurting, constant heart burn, and waddling. 

I love it. 

Every punch that wakes me up at 4 am. Every roll that makes me jump because it hurts so much. 

I am growing a human in my tummy. How amazing is that? It is truly a miracle. That an entire human, who could live outside of my body now with little problems, is just squirming away in there. I want to keep her in there forever. That may sound weird but hear me out. In my tummy, we have a special bond that NO ONE  could take away. I have her all to myself. No sharing. Also no crying. I love knowing that she is always with me and always safe. Once she is born I will no longer be in TOTAL control of her. She will be exposed to the outside world, which is an amazing thing... but it's scary. She's just my little angel and I want to keep her safe. In her bubble.

How far along?: 33 weeks 2 days. 

Size of the baby?: 19-22 inches and 5 pounds. 

Sleep?: I sleep great. Last night was the exception, I woke up around 4 am and couldn't get back to sleep. I was tossing and turning and had 100 things running through my head. 

Best moment this week?: She is getting so big that when she hits me on one side I can also feel it on the other side. It's like she's punching and kicking at the same time and my whole belly is affected. It is so cool. She's getting big! 

Miss anything?: Still miss being able to really push myself at the gym. Maybe I'm too competitive but if I'm not totally drenched in sweat after my workout, I don't feel like I really accomplished anything. I am ready to not be pregnant and be able to really push myself at the gym.

Gender?: Girl.

Bed Rest?: None.

Limitations?: It is officially REALLY hard to bend over. This morning I was changing over the laundry and I was picking up a bunch of clothes off the floor in the laundry room and I kept getting out of breath and had to stand up. 

Pregnancy Symptoms?: I officially did the weirdest thing I've ever done. I ordered a meatball sub from Subway, then walked across the street and got an order of hot and sour soup. It was the weirdest, most perfect combination. Back aches are all the time along with my hips hurting. And leaky boobs already. TMI? Definitely. 

Wedding Rings?: On.

Looking forward to?: My ultrasound on October 30!!! I can't wait to see her sweet little face!!! :) And see how big she is. 

Weight Gain?: At my last appointment (last Wednesday) I was up 25 pounds. If I hadn't of had that one week where I jumped up 8 pounds in 4 weeks then I would be on track. Since then I've been gaining a pound/week (like my doctor wants). She said not to worry and to just try to keep it under 35 pounds all together. So since I have about 7 weeks (or less) left that would put me at 32 pounds total. I'm okay with that. I know it's not perfect but I've done my best. Now to just keep it at 1 pound/week from here on out. 


  1. You look absolutely stunning girl. Beautiful in every way.

  2. This was the most perfect thing to read today. I recently had a miscarriage and am heartbroken about losing our sweet baby...all I've been seeing is people complain about their pregnancy when all I want is my pregnancy back. To read that you love being pregnant and just want to keep her in there warmed my heart.

  3. I loved being pregnant also. I would totally be pregnant again already if the baby part didn't come so soon afterwards! lol Don't get my wrong, I love Sadie and we want another baby at some point down the road, but I could totally do the pregnancy thing again and again:-) lol

  4. You're doing so great with staying healthy, seriously. I love it.

  5. You look amazing as always!! I can't say I have loved being pregnant all day everyday but it's been easier than I thought. Now that I feel her move all the time it's pretty cool, I love watching my belly move around at night.

  6. You look fabulous! I am always so jealous of how great you look! I've been feeling the kicks and punches at the same time too. That has to be my favorite part!