Monday, October 14, 2013

Baby Bumpdate. Week 32

I was supposed to have a doctor appointment this morning to hear my sweet Elouise's heart beat and have a check-up but I got in the car and realized that I had left my purse in Jonathan's car and I had 20 miles to empty in my gas tank. My doctor is 20 miles away. So, long story short I rescheduled to Wednesday. 

So this past week and weekend, I got a lot of things accomplished and I am feeling like everything is becoming more real. 

-I ordered Hazel and Ellie Mae's Christmas outfits.
-I ordered Ellie's swing and her car seat. 
-I got Jonathan to get all Hazel's baby clothes from the basement to wash and organize so I've been doing that. I am so excited to see my sweet girl in my other sweet girl's old clothes. Plus I realized that girlfriend is LOADED down with 18-24 months stuff but she needs more socks, hats, and jackets.
-I cleaned out Hazel's dresser and closet (which they will be sharing) and started to get some of Ellie's things in there. 
-I got my nursing cover ordered and a car seat canopy to cover her up in the cold. 
- We got the glider from my sisters and just need to get it recovered or order new cushions. Anyone know where I can order new cushions? 
- Instead of a big shower, we're just going to have a dinner honoring and celebrating Ellie with really close friends and family, so I got all the e-vites out for that and reserved the room.
- I found the diaper bag I want to order and just need to find a coupon to babies-r-us to order it. 

It sounds a lot more impressive when I type it all out! :) Basically, I just did a lot of online shopping. Which made me realize I will be doing all of my Christmas shopping online. Much easier. 

How far along?: 32 weeks and 2 days.

Size of the baby?: 19 inches and 4.5 pounds. No wonder my belly is so heavy!! :)

Sleep?: Still sleeping great. Just have to get up to pee every couple of hours but I fall right back to sleep.

Best moment this week?: Going through her clothes and getting them washed and organized. Makes me so excited to see her.

Miss anything?: Being able to exercise really hard. That is my biggest struggle with this whole thing. I WANT to run and workout hard and sweat but either my heart rate gets too high or my round ligament pain starts and I can't keep going. It's hard to not be able to do the things I used to. 

Gender?: Girl. But I keep having dreams that she changed to a boy. I always wake up really sad. Let's hope that doesn't happen. I would be so sad. 

Bed Rest?: None.

Limitations?: Just a lot slower than I used to be. 

Pregnancy Symptoms?: Hungry all the time and my hips and back are always sore and I'm tired all the time.

Wedding Rings?: Still on.

Looking Forward To?: Going to Augusta in a couple of weeks to visit family and to get my engagement ring fixed/ possible upgrade! 

Weight Gain?: Stay tuned till next week since I didn't go to the doctor today. 


  1. You look fabulous!! And way to go getting so much done this past week. Its getting soooo close for both of us, especially you!! :)

  2. Look at all the progress you've made... lots to check off on your to-do list! It's getting SO close... so exciting!!

  3. Yay for checking things off the list!

  4. Hey KA! There is are a few awesome upholstery shops that we have used for recovering furniture/upholstering cushions. It's right next to "Fabric and Fringe" in Marietta (they have tons of adorable/affordable fabrics, too!) Happy nesting!