Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday night I had the best date of my life! 

Let me back up. I clean my mom's house each week and she pays me. Basically I'm her housekeeper. Well I was super sad on Wednesday and I think she wanted to cheer me up so she said instead of paying me that week she would get Jonathan and I a hotel in Buckhead (which cost more than what she pays me) and said she would keep Hazel that night.  So of course we were ecstatic and really looking forward to it. Usually when we get a babysitter or when my mom keeps Hazel overnight we go out with a group of friends because we rarely get to see our friends unless they come have dinner over here because none of them have kids yet. ANYWAY, we were really excited about having an alone date! 

When we checked into the hotel we originally wanted a bathtub because I LOVE soaking in a tub but rarely can do it without Hazel climbing in. So we opted for the 2 queen beds with a bathtub but as soon as we walked in the room seemed really small and the bathtub was even smaller. I am 6'1 so unless the bathtub is over sized... its too little. So we called down to the front desk and they were SO nice and understanding. So we changed rooms to a king bed with a shower. As soon as we got to the hotel we both just laid down and RELAXED. Hotel's are so relaxing. Something about knowing I don't have to make the bed or have to clean up just makes me just at ease. 

So after we laid down for a second we decided we were both really hungry and wanted a lot of food so we went to Maggianos which happened to be right across the street! We walked over there and sat at the bar until we got our table and all we took the whole night was this one dark, bad picture. 

I just love going to a nice restaurant without a baby. Just us two. It was so relaxing and we just laughed and laughed. I really fell in love all over again with my sweet husband. So we ate way too much food... Jonathan got 4 cheese ravioli and I got "mom's lasagna". Let me just tell you that this lasagna was the best lasagna I've ever eaten! (Jonathan agreed). And at Maggianos if you order a "classic pasta dish" then you get another portion to take home! (great idea if you ask me) So along with our take-home food we each got a piece of cheesecake to go.  
Oh, we also got free champagne because we were "celebrating our anniversary" (that was back in September but technically we never went out to eat to celebrate so... it wasn't a lie.)
Well after we ate we wobbled back to our hotel and went to the roof-top bar and I got an expresso-chocolate martini (all I wanted was a drink with Baileys in it and that's what I told the bartender) and Jonathan got a boring crown and coke... but later realized that he should have ordered an "Old- Fashion" (ever since we started watching Mad Men he has wanted to order one) 
After our drinks and laughing at all the cougars there we went back to our room where our cheesecake waited and we rented a movie on the TV and ate our cheesecake and watched the movie. 

The next morning we woke up around 10 and went to breakfast at the Highland Bakery and it was so yummy! I got the "highland breakfast" and Jonathan got a mound of peanut butter french toast.

The whole night was incredibly relaxing and I wouldn't have changed a single thing. Like I said it was the best date of my life. I love laughing and just talking to my husband. It really reminded me of why I married him in the first place (not that I forgot... just a reminder) Sometimes we get so wrapped up in all we have going on and forget to just enjoy each other and our amazing relationship. 

After breakfast we went and  got Hazel from my mom's then came back to our house and relaxed even more! We haven't had a weekend like that in a long time and it was just what I needed before all the travels of the holidays. Saturday night my friend Katherine and her boyfriend Seth came over and we played Apple's to Apple's and ate cookies till we were all stuffed. It was so nice to see Hazel's "Mima". 

 Sunday was a normal Sunday of church and we went and got things for "Operation Christmas Child" it was fun to watch Hazel picking out toys for the little boy we were buying for. I don't think she totally got the concept but we explained it to her and it is a tradition we will definitely do every year. She wanted to actually give it to the little boy we were buying for and when we dropped it off at the church she kept asking to "see yittle boy". I think its very important to get her involved in the giving part of Christmas. We are incredibly blessed and she needs to know that we share and give as much as we can and I want her to WANT to give. 

That was our weekend. It was so wonderful and I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. What are your families plans? 

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  1. I loved reading this! It sounds like you had a SUPER weekend!!! :)