Friday, April 5, 2013

April Goal's

My goal's for April

-Do 2 a kind deeds; pay for someone's lunch, coffee, or help them in some way.
- Lose 8 pounds this month.
-Turn phone off at 6 PM
- Go to the gym 5 days a week.
-Clean out my closet and give away clothes I don't wear anymore.
-Clean out basement and give away what we can and throw away the rest.
-Go on 3 dates with Jonathan, alone.

I saw this and decided I'm going to start setting goal's each month and then at the end of the month I'll go back and see what I did and didn't do!

My goal's for this weekend are to have a healthy, active weekend. Tomorrow we are going to go hike and then to check out some new houses. We aren't ready to sell our house yet but we are ready to start looking. We want to build our own house. Scary right?? But also REALLY exciting. So prays are appreciated that we can fix up our house, sell it for a profit, and then build our next house!


  1. I love seeing these & holding them accountable by the end of the month! you go girl (:

  2. Love these goals! I need to work on my 30 before 30 list its only 20 days away oops!

  3. I feel like I should do something like this!
    And print them out too and hang them somewhere I see every day...I'm a visual person!!
    Great goals, lady!! :)

  4. Great goals, love!
    Doug & I would love to build also. That's really the only way to get what you would truly love. But it is such a scary thought! Praying for y'all.
    Have fun this weekend!