Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday Week 13


I wasn't going to post today. I was going to skip it and curl into a ball and cry.

On Monday I weighed myself and it was 214.2.... I was bummed, but I knew I probably earned that from my eating crappy all weekend. So on Monday I started getting back on track and I've been eating well. I've done this before. I'll weigh on Monday and it's bad so I kick butt and usually lose at least a pound before Wednesday. Well NOT today.

Starting Weight: 230.4
Last Week: 213.0
Today: 216.4


Let me start by saying that while I was hurt and couldn't exercise, I was still losing weight but I felt flabby and gross. Since being back at the gym for a week and a half I feel more firm, more toned. My hypothesis is while I was injured and "losing" what I was really losing was all the muscle I had gained through Body Pump and RPM. I was gaining fat and losing muscle. Now it's the opposite but I still have the fat that I had gained while I was injured. That's seriously the only explanation. I've eating like crap on the weekend but NOT 3.4 pounds worth. Especially when I weighed 214.2 on Monday. I know I haven't gained FAT since then, but I have probably gained muscle.

I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and hopefully it will even out next week. I'm mad and disappointed but I'm NOT giving up. Also, it's about to be shark week so my hormones might be being crazy. I don't know. But I FEEL firmer and less flabby than I did a week and a half ago, but I weigh like 4 pounds more.

Anyway, hope ya'll had a good week


  1. The scale is often my enemy and I've found that I can't trust it. I have to keep my weigh ins to once a week or every other week. If not, I lose mental sanity to over analyzing every moment, calorie, bite, and exercise. I get pretty ridiculous. Esther Norine Designs sorry I'm no reply. Blogger eats my email regularly.

  2. First of all, you're amazing, and doing great! My first week of crossfit I GAINED 6 pounds...GAINED! GAGG! Your muscles natural reaction to any fatique is to retain water. Don''t get discouraged, and certainly don't cry! You're a rockstar!

  3. A) I'm proud of you for still weighing in. you are better than me! and B) as long as you feel less flabby, that's all that matters! and I got back on MFP today just for you. well, and me of course. lol

  4. When you don't work out, you have less need for you muscles to retain water, so you can lose some water-weight. Then when you do start working out again, your muscles need extra help to repair themselves, and they hold on to water to do so! This happened to me a month or so ago, when I was sick, then started running and everything again after a week and a half off. I gained. But don't worry - it will come back off!! You got this girl!

  5. I'm with you, I think you just lost some muscle and now that your exercising again you are gaining muscle. Don't let that stupid scale bring you down!!!

  6. No worries! You are still doing great and the fact that you even weighed in and posted is awesome! We all have up weeks. My guess is it's your muscles retaining water for recovery. I'd bet if you drink some extra water this week you'll have an awesome loss next week!

    Keep up the good work!

  7. It's crazy how fast your body loses muscle. I am feeling flabby and it is GROSS! I am so happy that are back to kicking butt at the gym!

  8. Some days you just have to go with how your clothes feel, and NOT what the scale says. I've also found that sometimes the scale needs a little "help." I'll weight myself a couple of times, and you'd be surprised how often the number changes within just a few seconds of stepping on and off.
    You've got this lady. Keep kicking butt!

  9. You're doing great, girl!!
    Go with how you feel!!!
    We all know you're back to kicking butt and believe in your abilities!!!

  10. I'm so glad you posted... I think it's even more important to post on the bad days than it is on the good days. It's easy to post on the good days, but having the strength to do it on the bad days? That's a big deal in my book! I'm sorry you're struggling with the scale but I also know that it's going to catch up to your good choices and you'll be back on a losing track in no time. I completely believe in you Kelly... I follow your blog so I read every day but on Wednesdays I always come here KNOWING that you're going to have success. I know it's not as fast as you'd like but you're going to succeed... there's no doubt in my mind!

  11. I thought about not posting today either - I was feeling down and didn't even want to weigh in after all the crap I ate on Easter. I did post however, and I"m glad I did! I hope you are glad that you did too :) Keep moving forward, that scale will balance out!!

    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

  12. It's got to be all water weight. Chug a bunch of water and keep eating healthy and it'll be gone on Monday!

  13. It could definitely be water weight...and the face that you're firmer is so much better than 4lbs of water weight that will go away. Keep doing your thing!

  14. if you feel good than that should be all that counts!!! dont always get so discouraged by what the scale says

  15. High five to you for posting, first of all!! Secondly, keep on keeping on - the scale will show the hard work soon!