Thursday, April 18, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday Week 15


Sorry I'm a day late! 

I had a sick husband home yesterday with what I had on Sunday. Knowing how awful it was I felt terrible for him. 
THANK GOODNESS it was a stomach bug and only lasted about 12 hours. 

Since I couldn't keep anything down on Sunday and barely ate because I was being so cautious on Monday, I knew I had lost weight. 

Starting Weight: 230.4
Last Week: 213.2
Today: 211.4

I know it'll come back and I only lost it because of the bug, but that's what the scale read Wednesday morning so that's what I'm documenting. 

I have been doing well on my workouts and eating! Saturday I did a full-body workout that I basically made up and I was SORE on Sunday (great combo with being sick.) And then I took Sunday and Monday off and did RPM on Tuesday. I took yesterday off and tonight I will go to RPM again. I'm going to try to keep up  something that I saw on Biggest Loser. Bob was wearing a T-shirt that said "3 days on, 1 Day off, 365 Days". I thought that was a great, do-able concept and I'm going to start. That way my body won't get too burnt out and I'll have a schedule. 

I hope you all lost weight this week! 

Oh and sorry for being the worst blogger in the world. I actually have been blogging, just can't publish them yet. So hang in there and I will be back full force on Monday! :) 

Have a GREAT weekend. 


  1. A bug? That's what youre going with? ;) I hope you start feeling better soon!

  2. Yay!!!! i can't wait to read your blog on monday!!!! :)

  3. Haha - I agree with Megan - a "bug" :) And great job on working out and food that's great!