Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hello out there!

Can anyone hear me?
Or did everyone leave?

I have been officially the worst blogger ever. Sorry for my absence. I have still been reading all of your blogs... I just haven't been writing much. 

I'm tired. I can hardly keep my eyes open.
All. Day. Long.

So usually it takes all my energy just to be a mom and be awake. So blogging hasn't really been on my brain a lot. 

But I felt like I needed to update before I lost all my followers! 

Life in the Scott household has been wonderfully exciting and boring. My days consist of just keeping my eyes open and then when Jonathan gets home I have to muster up the energy to go to the gym. I always feel better after I go but I have zero energy. So group fitness classes where someone is yelling at me are better. I've mostly been doing RPM but I plan to go to Body Pump tomorrow morning. I have missed that class so I'm really excited. 

And tomorrow we have a date night where we drop Hazel off at the gym and then get to go eat or whatever we want to do. I'm excited about it but I really just want to sleep. So, as you can tell from this post I have been A LOT of fun lately. THIS is why I haven't been blogging. (Because I would bore you all to tears.)

I promise my post will be more exciting very soon.


  1. HAHAHAHA Sounds exciting to ME!!!!!

    YAY Bodypump!! It tols me that it misses you. True story!

  2. at least you are still going to the gym. i swear i just want to fall into bed as soon as i walk in the door from work. i almost fell asleep at my desk yesterday!!! i can't wait until your posts get "more interesting"! :)

  3. Hmmmmm....I am sensing some kind of something going on here....and you up there Lora!- know what I mean??

  4. Totally didn't even see this before I emailed you! Haha.
    I cannnottt wait for the more exciting posts! :)
    Even though all of your posts are great already! :D

  5. I've been slacking on blogging too! I can't wait to hear this exciting post! :)

  6. I have to agree with Meredith! I know what's up with you Kelly! But Lora too!

  7. I hear you! Can't wait to read the more exciting post (even though I love reading all of your posts!)

  8. Still here. Yay for going to the gym when you haze zero energy!

  9. So glad to hear from you! Take it easy girl! ;)