Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finish the Sentence


1. I laughed so hard I cried when... I watched Ellen. The last minute-ish is the best. I was crying last night. She is my big time girl crush. 

2. My high school... was a little private school. I thought I was much cooler than I actually was. 
3. It really pisses me off... when people get all up in my businazz and tell me what I should/shouldn't do. And also when I am out of Nutella.
4. In 10 years... I want to be retired. What? People don't retire at 34?
5. If I could erase one thing... It would be my name off this mortgage. We got this house for really cheap, it's a great, quiet neighborhood... So I shouldn't complain. But I just really want a fenced in back yard for Hazel and Callie to play in. 
6. In 1999... I was getting ready for Y2K. What? Your parents didn't make you fill old milk jugs with water and keep them in the basement? Well, at least we were prepared. 
7. Honestly... I am over everyone being so over-opinionated. 
Why is it that when you are going to a life-transition everyone and their grandmother think they can add their unasked 2 cents in?
8. To me, sushi... is a gift from the gods. I could eat it for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Spicy Tuna, please!
9. Someone really needs to invent... a battery powered rocking chair so that when I'm up at 4 AM rocking Hazel we can both sleep. 
10. The first time I drank alcohol... I was in high school. I went to a sleep over with like 4 other girls and we brought 2 6 packs of Smirnoff. I am pretty sure the other girls each had one and I housed the rest. That shiz is FULL of sugar and I ended up with my head in the toilet. It was awful and I haven't touched that nasty stuff since. 
11. The one question I would ask God is... will Callie really be in Heaven? I might be obsessed with my dog. 
12. Lindsey Lohan... needs to get her shit together. 


  1. OMG your doggie is so cute and love the rocking chair idea;) Happy Thursday girlfriend.

  2. please get started on that chair!

  3. wow are answers are pretty dang similar! haha smirnoff equals no good especially the grape kind...NEVER again

  4. totally with you on the sushi...thanks for linking with us!

  5. Love me some sushi! And that chair sounds like a fantastic idea!

  6. Girl my parents did totally have us fill milk jugs with water and keep them in the pantry. HILARIOUS! I had totally forgotten!

  7. That rocking chair idea is genius! lol
    Callie is cuuuute!

  8. I have to admit, that was a top question I had to ask God.
    Also, sushi is the BOMB!
    And I love the ecard!

  9. I really hope you get to retire at 34. Love the pic of Callie!