Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Falling Off The Wagon

These past two weekends have been hard for me eating wise. Last weekend, we helped friends move on Saturday so we were not home all day which means eating out, which means bad choices. I can't resist. I'm like a drug addict. It's gross. 

This past weekend (Easter weekend), we had Hazel's birthday party on Saturday which means hot dogs and hamburgers followed by the most amazing Strawberry Cake that I've ever tasted. The next day was Sunday so that means candy.
I have been beating myself up over it. I knew I did bad and I was feeling down for myself, so you know what I did? Yesterday, I ate the rest of the cake AND some candy. There is so explanation. I didn't CRAVE it... I just wanted it and it was there. 

Funny Confession Ecard: I feel fat today. And to make myself feel better, I will eat this cake. Yes. Good plan.
Therefore, I am going to save Hazel a small pile of candy but the rest of it is leaving this house. I clearly can't have the temptation in my house because I'm like a crack addict. 
Last night, something huge happened. I realized that the rest of my life I'm not going to go without birthday cake or candy. Those things are GOING to be in my life. It is MY responsibility to say NO to them. I don't need a huge piece of cake followed by 4 Reese's cups. BUT, I CAN have a small piece of cake and be happy with that. I have been busting my butt and I'm not ready to give up now. Sure, I've had some set-backs but I'm only human. I can't deny my child her Easter candy just because I have no self control. I have to learn how to say no... 

Honestly, I've had so much candy and sweets these past couple of days that the smell of it is gross. That's how you know you've had too much. :)

For a while, we have no more distractions (holidays, birthdays, etc.)... So I'm ready to get back on track. This journey is just as much mental as it is physical. I can do the physical part... I just need to overcome the mental part. 

I am tired of making excuses. I'm going to do this.

Now I'm off to purge my house of all the junk food! 

(Jk I'm throwing it out!)

Have a fantastic Tuesday!


  1. I can relate to the ecard. Why did I buy those Klondike bars?

  2. I totally eat everything before I start eating better... Haha!

  3. I eat all of it before starting over. Let's just say I've had many "last suppers" :)

  4. This is so not funny and I'm sorry that you're dealing with it, but I had to chuckle because I'm going through the exact same thing! Yesterday I bought burgers and hot dogs for a "treat"... ummm, I ate THREE of them before the night was out. THREE friggin' hot dogs! I am so damn week when it comes to food! Time to regroup and get back on track... for both of us!

  5. Great way to look at it - food will be there FOREVER... It's all about how we deal with it.

  6. Self control is a biggie.
    I'm guilty of the same! It takes a while to gain the control, but once you do you're good.
    My self control is usually good, I'm just not fully on the wagon right now.
    If that makes sense. lol
    But there will always be temptation. I always say, don't deny/deprive yourself, just enjoy in moderation.
    I know I'm the last person to be talking about this. lol
    Also, I posted about the Reservoir trail in town...tried to describe it good so you can decide if you, Jonathan, and Hazel want to come walk it. I think you'd like it & you're in better shape than me so it shouldn't be that hard for y'all. :)

  7. Ha ha I always just eat it! Life happens, and you can't be so hard on yourself. The fact that you see it for what it is, and are taking the steps to improve means you are doing well!

  8. It sounds like youre getting your brain back on track - the food will always be there - it's up to us to say no :) I had a hard weekend too - had way too much cheese dip - you know the good white gooey kind? Ugh what is wrong with me! But Im back on track :)

  9. Easter was one big glutton-fest over here. Two HUGE dinners, and copious amounts of candy. UGH.
    The hubs practically pushed me out the door Sunday morning after church so I would get my long run in for the week. Love him, but I really just wanted to polish off the huge chocolate Easter bunny my in-laws sent.
    Way to get your mind right. Food isn't going anywhere (except all this candy I'm about to ship off to the neighbor kid).
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. I'm SURE you've seen this on Pinterest, but whenever I slip up, I take comfort in the "One day of bad eating won't make you fat, just like one day of good eating won't make you skinny" quote.

  11. Girl, I was in the same boat ALL last week until Monday!
    I gained 7 pounds (yep, all 7 I lost n the Advocare cleanse) and felt horrible!!!!
    I'm back on track as of yesterday and feel so much better and down 4 pounds already!!
    Probably post about it tomorrow.
    Sometimes we fall off the wagon...the important part is that we do get back on!!
    You'll get back on and bust it out! I know you will!!

  12. I fell of the wagon with ya!! Let's get back on together. I'll text you pictures of my healthy meals tomorrow. :)