Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finish the Sentence.


Holy Cow. I have 99 followers. That is amazing and I am so happy to get to know each of you! I remember when this little blog had 25 followers and I told Jonathan how excited I was. I might be doing a small giveaway when I reach 100. Who knows? Any ideas? What did you do to celebrate?

Anyway. Link Up Time with my main lova Holly and her second main squeeze Jake.

If I had one extra hour in the day... I would sleep. Boring but true. I love my sleep and lately because this baby is sucking the life out of me, I need all the sleep I can get.

I wish my name... was not so difficult for people to understand. It's KellyANNE. Not Kelly. No Anne is not my middle name. My name is just KellyAnne. The end. Or Kelly Kapowski.

I think anything chevron is... overrated. THERE I said it. Feels good to get that off my chest. Sorry I'm not sorry that I just do not understand the fascination. 

My last nightmare... was that my tiny little infant baby came out with a set of full grown man teeth. I asked the doctor if we could have them pulled ya know, for vanity sake and he said no because those were her permanent teeth and if we pulled them then none would grow back so I had this tiny little baby who had a full set of teeth. It was awful. No, I don't want to talk about my issues. 

Sometimes... I want to go on a vacation by myself. ALL by myself. So I can sleep, and eat, and lounge with no one trying to talk to me. Wouldn't that be grand?
Been there!

My last meal on Earth would be... Oh man. Here comes the fatty pregnant lady answer. 
Steak- medium rare, a potato casserole with real bacon in it, a salad with thousand island and croutons and cheese, a cheesecake with chocolate syrup, and a warm brownie with cold vanilla bean ice cream. Oh, and a cold beer.

I would much rather... be on a beach somewhere. Can't I just hit the lottery and build my dream mansion on a secluded beach somewhere?

Mayonnaise...  makes everything better. It is the condiment of the gods. 

10 years ago... I didn't think I'd be a married, stay-at-home-mom to almost 2 kids, and loving it. 

Selfishly... I want to never have to cook dinner again. Sometimes the planning and cooking is too much for me and I wish I had a chef.

My favorite show on TV right now... is Arrested Development. I just started watching it on Netflix and I'm addicted. Why have ya'll been keeping this show a secret?
arrested development quotes - Google Search
And, George Zimmerman... is someone who I don't know. I have no idea who that is. (other than what I read on Facebook) How you ask? All I watch is my DVR and kids shows. I don't want to watch the news and you can't make me. All it is is heartbreak after heartbreak and I don't need to be informed about someone who has no impact on my life whatsoever. This mom has no time to worry about someone  who has nothing to do with me. I have enough to worry about.

The Real Killer! haha!


  1. Your last meal sounds like my pregnant dream too but more cheese would need to be involved. And ice cream, I swear those two things are all I eat! This week all I've wanted is soup and it's 101 in Ohio weird!

    Congrats on getting to 99 followers, I'm stuck at 62 but I would totally do a give-away of your favorite things. I like those a lot!

  2. The baby nightmare is funny. (Sorry, I know it must not have been at the time!) The other night, I had a dream that the doctor took my babies out of me and put them in my sister's stomach, I am 13 weeks along! The books warned of whacky dreams, but this one was one of the craziest I think I ever had! Lol.

  3. You just referred to the baby as a "she"... hmmm, mother's intuition?! :)

  4. My dream would be to go on vacation by myself. OMG. I can't even imagine what I would do (or not do)...

  5. Amen sister, too much to worry about already :)

  6. I had really weird pregnancy dreams!

    Totally with you on not watching the news! I know I should be informed of what's going on, but it makes me depressed and I'd rather pretend all is well. Unfortunately since most of the crazy shit happens in Orlando, I hear about it anyway ;)

  7. Arrested development is the best! Caroline's first phrase was Bob LawBlah. Bahahahahaha amazing! I second the vacation alone. I think I would enjoy it for a day, and then I would get bored though. Ha

  8. I hope you aren't breastfeeding that baby with the man-sized teeth! lol