Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tummy Tuesday... On Wednesday

Yesterday was a crazy busy day. Lesbehonest I've been going non-stop since last Wednesday... So blogging has been on the back burner. Sorry bout it.

Well we went on our last planned vacation for the summer last week. It was so fun. We went to my grandparents condo in Gulf Shores. It's always a fun and relaxing time. It rained every day except for July 4... So we mainly stayed inside and visited my grandparents. It was nice! 

On the way home we picked up my niece and she stayed 2 nights with us. It was so fun having another little girl around and she and Hazel had a great time playing. Of course when my sister comes to pick her up they both turned into monsters. But they were both very well behaved... I was surprised. 

Now onto Tummy Tuesday Wednesday

How far along?: 17 weeks and 3 days.

Sleep?: Still sleeping great! Especially when I'm exercising consistently.

Maternity Clothes?: Yes. I will not be answering this question anymore... It's seems redundant. It's not like it's going to change till after the baby is born!

Best moment this week?: I am loving feeling movement more frequently, still just flutters but I love them. 

Miss anything?: Not being a hairy beast. I swear the hair on my whole body has doubled and grows twice as fast. I have to shave my legs almost every day. 

Movement: Yes! Flutters.

Size of the baby?: A precious sweet potato! (5.5 inches, 5 oz)

Food Cravings?: I made this amazing vegetable soup on Monday and I can't stop eating it! Good thing I made a big pot!

Morning Sickness?: None! Woo!!!

Gender?: 11 more days! AHHHHH!

Bed Rest?: None

Limitations?: None

Pregnancy Symptoms?: Still have my sore tata's. Hair... everywhere. Attractive right? And I have really dry hands.

Wedding Rings?: On!

Looking forward to? Finding out the gender, real kicks so Jonathan and Hazel can feel, and seeing the sweet face on the ultrasound!

Also... my belly pretty much doubled this week. 
Side my side of last week to this week.


  1. You are just tooooooooo cute!! It sounds like you had a great relaxing vacation!! Have a great day.

  2. You are so cute!! Are you sharing the gender when you find out?

  3. I can't wait 11 more days, KK!!!

  4. unfortunately, I had to wear maternity clothes for probably 4 months or so after Samuel was your maternity clothing might be still on ya even AFTER the baby is born! :(

  5. Can't wait to know what it issss!!