Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So What Wednesday

Two blog post in one day. I know. I'm living life on the edge! But since I just posted Tummy Tuesday, I still wanted to do So What Wednesday! Who doesn't love a good vent session?

So What!

-So what if I am not going anywhere today other than the gym. We've been going non-stop since last Friday and I just want a break and to sit on my sofa. 

-So what if my house is a tornado. When I did have a 15 minute break these past 4 days I sat on my butt and didn't do anything. Don't judge me.
-So what if I don't even want to look at my toilets. I am sort of obsessive over them and usually clean them every other day and I haven't cleaned them in almost a week. That will be my first job once I get my butt off this sofa.

-So what if I can't stop picturing how sweet my little Elouise will be. I can't wait until she is here and we are a family of 4! It makes me so happy to just imagine it. I can't wait for it to "be real."

-So what if I did want a little boy but now that I know she's a girl, I couldn't be happier. I am so happy for Hazel that she gets to have a sister. My sister and I are really close and I pray that Hazel and Elouise will be the same way. 
-So what if I already want to get my Christmas shopping done. I know that I will NOT want to do it when I am 39+ weeks pregnant OR just have a newborn. My goal is to have it all done before Thanksgiving.

-So what if I am so sick of cooking dinner every night. Can't I just do it once a week and then be done?
-So what if I miss my husband. He is going to be working overtime until the end of September which means he goes in at 5 AM and doesn't get home until 6 PM. I love my hard working man but I miss him being home by 5:15 every day. It'll be a long 2 months but worth it. 


  1. Congrats! I agree about getting the shopping done before Thanksgiving. Also you do get a free pass from family and friends if you don't get all the shopping done. It's so beautiful having a newborn around for Christmas.

    Visiting from So What Wednesday

  2. Ugh! I wish I wanted to shop for Christmas, I'm a last minute shopper. I don't cook dinner EVER! My kids are still alive, give yourself a little break! Order pizza!