Friday, July 12, 2013

Five Things Friday

Can we all just say THANK YOU to sweet 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus that it is FRIDAY. 
Seriously. Take this week and give me the weekend! I'm probably most excited because this is the first weekend in over a month that we don't have to travel somewhere! Hallelujah. This pregnant mama is tired of having back aches from sitting in the car for so long.  I know it'll only get worse. I've done this before.

1. Does it drive anyone else completely batshitcrazy when their child sits on their lap every.single.time they sit down and then proceeds to slide slowly off of you? This drives me BANANAS and Hazel has been doing it all week. Super.

2. I want to eat Popsicles all day err day. 
Only the ones in plastic. Thanks.

3. I really, really want to go on a Baby-Moon sans Hazel. Just Jonathan and I. We have never vacationed with just us two and I think this fall we are going to make it happen.

This place will do.

4. I am out of conditioner and too lazy to pack Hazel up in the car and go into the store so my hair is just dry. #firstworldproblems. I'm hoping my BirchBox will have some! ;)

5. Yesterday on facebook I saw that someone put a vanilla extract soaked cotton ball in their vacuum before they vacuum and it made their whole house smell like cookies. I tried it and it didn't work so then I just poured a couple of drops of vanilla on the filter in the vacuum and it worked like a charm. I might vacuum daily now just to get that smell back! 
I hope ya'll have a great weekend! We will be relaxing by a pool somewhere! 


  1. OMG that vacuum idea is on my list tonight. YAY! cookies.

  2. I am totally stealing the vacuum idea!! Woohoo! And I was just about to bust it out!

  3. Thanks KellyAnne, now I want a popsicle, which means I have to get up and walk my ass 5 feet to the freezer. UGH First World Problems to the max. ;)
    I think a Baby-Moon is a great idea and where ever the heck that picture is looks beyond relaxing. DO IT!

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