Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hey lova's.
Do people still say that?

I'm headed to the beach (for the last time this summer :( ) TONIGHT. I have been so blessed to have 3 vacations this summer! My grandparents live in Gulf Shores, so I'm taking advantage of that this summer and we've been once and we are going again tonight. I love spending time with them and I love seeing them with Hazel. Since they live 6 hours away, we don't get to see them often but its amazing the bond they have with Hazel despite that. They are wonderful great-grandparents. 

Since it'll be July 4th we will be going on a boat parade on my grandfathers boat. Super, super excited. 


- If we leave in a few short hours and I've only packed Hazel. I still have to clean and pack for myself. Why am I blogging?

-Jonathan has worked two 12 hour day's this week. He got there at 6 and wasn't home till 7... that equals two very tired parents. BUT I am so appreciative of my hard working husband and makes me appreciate all the things he does when he gets home at 5 (on most days)

-If Hazel never wears clothes unless we are going somewhere or are having company. It's too hard when she can't pull up her pants by herself and I'm too lazy to do it after she uses the potty.

-If I love my baby bump. I didn't show with Hazel until I was 25 weeks so I love that people know that I'm pregnant. 

-If I am out of my mind excited about finding out what the gender is. Jonathan really wants a boy. I want a boy too because it would be new, exciting, and different but I love the idea of having 2 girls and being able to dress them like twins. I am really happy either way. 

-If it's probably going to rain all weekend... at least I'll be at the beach... right?

Happy Independence Day everyone! And be safe!


  1. I can remember with both pregnancies feeling like it was the LONGEST waiting game to find out the gender!!

    Have a great holiday!

  2. I showed a lot earlier with my 2nd pregnancy too! I loved it!! :)

  3. Have so much fun. Love your bump...

  4. I was showing at like 12 weeks with Norah! Ugh! The wait is the worst part...we need to know what that baby is going to be! Pink or Blue, whatever will do but we need to know! Enjoy the beach!