Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tummy Tuesday! 18 weeks

How far along?: 18 weeks 2 days.

Size of the baby?: 6 inches and a half of pound! About a mango!
Sleep?: I have been so exhausted since Friday. I am starting to feel better and today I don't want to fall asleep all the time so let's hope it means I'm getting energy again. I read that the baby is having a big growth spurt so that is probably why. I made sure to eat a good big breakfast of eggs, toast, and a piece of sausage so hopefully that will keep me energized. 

Best moment this week?: This baby is moving like crazy! Becoming more and more frequent! I am loving it so much. Every night when I lay down it starts a squirming and I'm starting to feel it more during the day, especially after I eat. 

Miss anything?: I don't miss anything this week. I am loving being pregnant and just enjoying it. It is going by way too quickly. 

Movement?: Yes! Lots of movement! Loving every minute of it.

Food Cravings?: All the spicy the things. Yesterday I slow cooked a soup all day and so I was smelling it all day and when dinner time came around the thought of it made me want to throw up so I couldn't eat it. I made cheese toast instead. Hopefully I'll be able to eat it for lunch because we have a lot left over!

Morning sickness?: I had a spell of the dry heaves. That was AWFUL. But thankfully I have thrown up in a long time. I still feel sick if I wait too long to eat but I have a feeling it will be like that till the end.

Gender?: We have 5 more days!! I can't wait! Go to my Instagram (kscott24) to cast your vote!

Bed Rest?: None.

Limitations?: Not really any. We are going to White Water on Sunday for my nieces birthday so I won't be able to do much there but it will still be fun! I love the wave pool so I'm looking forward to beaching my whale butt and relaxing.

Pregnancy Symptoms?: Tired, still LOTS of hair growing at unbelievable rates, my back is starting to hurt when I stand too long, I can't stand too quickly without getting dizzy & I still have my really dry hands.

Wedding rings?: On!

Looking forward to?: Finding out the gender on Monday and any kicks and flutters. 

Weight gain?: I'm only going to weigh myself at my appointments so that I don't get too obsessive over it but at my last appt (14 weeks) I had gained 4 pounds. I know I've gained more but I don't think it's TOO much.. yet! :)

I can't believe how quickly this is going by! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was blogging about finding out I was pregnant! Now the next Tummy Tuesday I will know whether or not the baby squirming around in there is a boy or a girl! :)


  1. So exciting!! Can't wait to find out what you're having!

  2. How fun!!! I can't wait to hear if it is pink or blue!

  3. 4 lbs?! please shoot me!!! lol I can't wait until you find out!

  4. I haven't voted yet, I'm still on the fence.
    But I can't wait til you find out!!
    & You look fabulous!

  5. You look adorable, I've got about 7 more weeks till we can find out the gender and I'm really hoping for a boy! This might be our only baby so it has to carry on the family name :)