Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Randoms

**I am going to start counting how many times a day I sing "Jesus Loves The Little Children." I'm going to say it's over 100. I mean I know I have an excellent singing voice... But come on kid... Let's pick a different song. I sometimes sing it in Opera... just to change it up. 

** I am so, so happy that coffee doesn't make me want to vomit anymore. Woo hoo, second trimester ROCKS. 

**All I want to do is eat Japanese food. All day, err day. Why is it so expensive? #helpmeimpoor

**I am totally, totally obsessed with my new workout shirt. I don't know why but when I'm shopping I always gravitate towards black or white shirts. Well, the past 2 times I've been shopping, Jonathan has been with me and he has been making me branch out and buy colorful/ patterny that's not a word things. The 2 shirts I have recently bought are my favorites. Weird huh?

** I am obsessed with watching North America. Have ya'll watched it? It's so great and Hazel loves it and it's very educational. Win, win! 

** We have zero plans this weekend but I want to do something fun. Any ideas? I'm thinking either the lake or a hike.

**Mentos are freaking delicious.

**I am pretty proud of myself. I have worked out every day this week and plan to go tonight... My goal is to go Saturday too, to make it 6 days out of the week! If I can keep this up I'll be a happy camper. My goal for the pregnancy is 4 times a week... At least. 

**I am not sure how I feel about Instagram having video. I don't have a keek for a reason and I just think they're silly... Most people just take a video of themselves giggling... Weird.

**My new goal in life is to swim with manatees. Anyone live near any?

Now I'm off to think about my next meal...
Oh PS I am back on My Fitness Pal. Now that I am not throwing up, I can accurately count my calories so be my friend! Kscott24

Happy Friday!! 


  1. I love those new tanks too! Such fun colors and patterns. And all I want to do right now is eat sushi like there's no tomorrow... not healthy or budget friendly, but I could totally do it.

  2. You are going awesome on the workouts! I also don't love the ig videos. I don't keek either and think its just a time sucker!

  3. I totally agree with you about IG and videos - there is a reason I never went to keek..or vine..meh it's kind of annoying and my daughter tells me its too loud :)

  4. Uhm hiiiiii you're the cutest prego ever! and I'm going to mention how fantastic your look - you go girl!