Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So What Wednesday...

What is this? KellyAnne is blogging 3 days in a row? Is this some kind of miracle? 

It's called the second trimester and I don't feel like a zombie anymore. Can I get a hallelulah?? (that's how Hazel pronounces it.)

So What?

-If when Hazel was playing with shells at the beach, she said "this one is daddy, this one is mommy, this one is me..." I said "what about the baby? Can this one be the baby?" and she took the shell I had in my hand and went and threw it in the ocean. Let's hope that doesn't happen in real life. 

-If Hazel and I stay in our pajamas / Hazel is naked until we head to the gym at 6 PM.

-If Hazel is obsessed with The Great Mouse Detective... It used to scare the crap out of me but doesn't seem to bother her at all. That scary little bat still gives me nightmares ;)

-If I lost my one and only car key and have to take it to the dealership to get a new key made and its going to be over $100. I'm made of money... right? I don't need maternity clothes. 

-I CAN'T WAIT until Christmas time. It's always my favorite time anyway and this year we will be getting an extra special gift. Every time I think about it I get super, super excited and wish I could speed up time. I know the baby will probably hate having it's birthday so close to Christmas but I honestly think it's going to be amazing. Until then... I'll be sleeping as much as possible ;)

- I also want to fast forward 4 weeks to find out what the baby is!! Hazel has said since day one that it is a boy. I asked her the other day "what if the baby is a girl?" and she said "he's not!! he's a boy!" And I said "how do you know? Did Jesus tell you?" she said "YES!" (Acting super frustrated, like how did I not know what my own baby is?)

-If I am obsessed with water with lemon. Regular water makes me want to puke but I can't stop chugging lemon water!

-If I really want to do a big puzzle. I know Hazel will just destroy it but I just have an itch to do one and I want to be eating hot boiled peanuts while I do it. I'm not specific at all.

I hope ya'll have a fantastic Wednesday! 


  1. My husband sounds just like your daughter in that he is CERTAIN this baby is a boy!

    Glad you found my blog since we're in very similar stages of our pregnancies! :)

  2. my kitchen table was taken over by a huge's fun, but i want my table back!!

  3. When I was pg with both girls, water was not good to me at all! I had to drink kool aid a lot!

  4. Visiting from So What Wednesday!

    I just spewed coke when I read your comment about Hazel and the sea shells....ohhhh lawd! it's funny and cute and scary all rolled into one! :)

  5. Hazel sounds like so much fun! It just cracks me up the way their little minds work. She may be right about the baby being a boy... isn't there an old wives' tale about craving sweets means a girl and other cravings means a boy? So lemon water might mean it's a boy!