Monday, June 24, 2013

My Bump. My Bump. My lovely baby bump. Check it out.

How far along?: 15 weeks

Sleep?: I am sleeping great. I haven't been taking naps anymore so I really think that helps me be able to go to sleep and stay asleep. That, and my exercise. I swear my body would go nuts if I couldn't exercise. I sleep better, eat healthier, and have more energy when I'm regularly exercising. Why wouldn't you want to exercise? 

Anyone who buys me this will instantly be my BFF. It's from Ruffles with Love. I'm an XL. :D

Maternity Clothes?: This week I am officially in maternity shorts. I am so thankful for my mom who took me on a shopping trip and got me 3 maternity shorts and 2 shirts. I haven't bought new clothes in over a year... this is a big deal! :) Plus maternity clothes rock... elastic waste... why can't we all wear that year round? 

Best moment this week?: Still randomly feeling baby flutters which is an amazing feeling but they are very spaced out and I am selfish and want more!! I would say shopping was my best moment this week and making homemade pickles with my mom! Oh and Jonathan saying "Look at that little baby!" (talking about my belly... I love how excited he is)

Miss anything?: Not having to tuck a pillow under my belly every time I turn over & sleeping on my back.

Movement?: Random flutters, usually when I first lay down at night. Usually only happens once and doesn't happen every night but I can't wait to feel real kicks through my belly! 

Size of the baby?: Avocado (yuck). Around 5 inches and 5 oz.

Food Cravings?: I am craving fruit. Any and all kinds and I can't WAIT to eat my homemade pickles but I have to wait till next Saturday. I have been craving spicy things lately. Can't get enough. Food aversions is PIZZA. Which I normally love. So it's freaking Jonathan out that when he asked me if I wanted to order a pizza on Friday and I said "NO WAY." 

Morning Sickness?: None unless I go a long time without eating. 

Gender?: Well, last week I lost my keys so I had to cancel my appointment because Jonathan couldn't get off work to take me so I had to push my appt to tomorrow so it will be 4 weeks from then. So I'll find out around 19 weeks. I am so anxious and excited. 

Bed Rest?: None

Limitations?: None

Labor Signs?: None

Pregnancy Symptoms?: Light acne & oily face (yuck).

Wedding Rings?: Still on. I don't think I'll have to take them off. They were really lose when I first got pregnant so I have plenty of room to "grow."

Looking forward to?: Hearing the baby's heartbeat tomorrow and finding out the gender in 4 weeks!