Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bloggy Questions

You all know that I am computer and blogger illiterate. 

Unless you step by step spell it out for me I'm not going to get it. 
Once you do that I'm pretty good about following directions.
That's what he said.

The only reason I made a button is because Chris at Hubby Jack's Blog ATTACK gave me very detailed step-by-step instructions...

1. When someone leaves me a comment... how do I comment back so that they get an email with my response? If I leave someone a comment the only way I know they replied is when I get an email. I don't go back and check unless I asked a specific question. So I want people to know that I reply to all my comments and want them to get an email. 
2. How do I put other people's button's on my profile? 

 I thought I had more questions but apparently I don't. Not that I can think of anyway :)

Completely unrelated:
I am so happy that I get to spend the next 5 days with my hubby!!! I wish it was longer but I'll take 5 days. Compared to other husband's my husband is home a good bit during the week. He goes to work before Hazel and I wake up (he leaves around 6:45 am) and he is home by 5 pm. So our days go by quickly (most of the time). I am very thankful that he works normal hours and is home by a decent time. Hazel is in bed by 9 so he gets to actually spend time with her during the week! But 5 whole days with no work will be awesome! He does have to go back to work the day after Christmas but he got New Year's off so I guess its a good trade off.  
I'm hoping that while we're visiting his family that we can sneak away and go see The Hobbit! Has anyone seen it? I'm a complete nerd and have read most of the book and I am SO excited for the movie. I would have gone to the premiere but I have a little 2 year old who requires me to be awake during the day ;)

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Don't know if I'll blog again till after.


  1. I want to know how to put buttons on mine too. Also how to add the Facebook and pinterest 'follow me' buttons. I wonder how much that darn hubby jack charges for a blog revamp? I do not want to do this myself....

  2. Merry Christmas girl - time for a much needed break...

  3. I think if you chose the "comments must be approved before being visible" (or however they word it, lol), you will be able to respond that way. The comments will get sent to your email and you just have to hit reply!

  4. I think this is how you get your comments to go to your email and then you can reply to the comment from your email.
    Go to setting- mobile and email- Comment Notification Email - add your email.

  5. GO ME- I figured out the button thang. Copy that mumbo jumbo language under the button. Go to your blog, then layout, click on add a gadget, then choose HTML/JavaScript click on the blue plus. Paste the mumbo jumbo into the content and then you can title it if you want. Save.