Thursday, December 13, 2012

Well I have nothing to blog about...

But I've been reading a lot of blogs today so I felt like I needed to say something instead of just being a total creeper. I love all the blogs I follow! Just so you know (if I follow you)! Also, if you are reading this and I don't follow you its probably because I'm completely blog-and computer-illiterate and don't know how to find your blog unless you leave me a comment... so leave me a comment and I'll follow you :). I get so caught up in reading other people's blogs and I really feel like I know ya'll and that we are BFF. Although usually the person I'm reading about has no idea I exist .. But that doesn't stop me. I am BFF with Ellen DeGeneres and she has no idea... It doesn't effect me.

On a COMPLETE different note. I have got to stop eating everything in sight on the weekends AND not going to the gym. I'm totally about having a cheat meal.. but a cheat weekend with no moving of my fat butt is NOT helping me.
 These last 25 pounds aren't going to lose themselves!
 I just get either so lazy or busy on the weekends that when I'm not running around doing everything then I just want to lay on the sofa and veg out! Weekends suck for healthy living. Especially because I cook all during the week and the last thing I want to do on my weekend is get in the kitchen and cook... So we usually end up going out to eat! Which is terrible for my calorie intake. 

Anyway. This weekend I am going to be different! 
Tonight we are going hot yoga.
And since I haven't even started on my Christmas shopping I'm either doing that tomorrow or Saturday morning. Regardless I want to go to the gym Friday night & Saturday but I don't know if that's going to happen. 

Also, you might want to check my keek's on Saturday night... We have a bunch of friends coming over for my (real) BFF's birthday on Saturday and we're going to the winerys and to a bar afterward... So it should be a good time ;)

Have a good weekend!!


  1. I just joined your site the other day!
    You can find me at

    I feel the same way about Ellen Degeneres...she doesn't know how much we adore each other! Haha!

    Lets kick this last 25 pounds we both have to go!!

  2. Oh yeah... Drunk Keeks - can't wait. Mine will be flowing on Friday. I love your blog.. Love it.

  3. Thanks to amazing staking skills, I find you on Keek. You should that hot yoga. I have never been. I have another 20-25 pounds to lose and I need to kick in gear. The weekends seem to undo all my hard work during the week.

  4. Girl I got that last 25 too. Killing me.... good luck. I may have to re-sign-up for Keek just to see your fun times. I have barely started my Christmas shopping. I have some of Logan's from black Friday. Me and the hubs plan on doing it ALL this weekend, since we have a sitter.

  5. I love your blog, even if you have "nothing to say" (says the person who wrote about 300 words)! ;)

    1. haha I know right?? I just word vomit until I'm done...

  6. Winery sounds fun! Looking forward to the drunk keeks! I'm (katsweb09 from IG and Keek) over at! I'm pretty illiterate in the technology world as well, so I can't get the right picture up and I have no idea if when I leave comments you can click on my name and get to my blog...I'll figure it out...eventually.

  7. I love this blog post! I pretty much feel the same way about everything you wrote. Weekends are the death of my eating right.