Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Decorations and such

Today we went to Kinsley Family Farm to get our Christmas Tree!
But first we had to stop and fill up at good ole Waffle House. Hazel's favorite breakfast place and every time we pass one she screams "FAFFLE HOUSE". I blame my mother who takes her there every time she spends the night with her. 

 It was such a beautiful farm and I am so happy we went there. Last year we just went to Home Depot, nothing wrong with that but I think Hazel really loved seeing all the different kinds of trees and walking around and looking at all the stuff they had there! Along with the beautiful tree's they also had a duck pond, cows and goats that you could pet, a couple different fire pits along with stuff to make s'mores and the nicest staff! 

Check out my awesome panoramic pic... 

We were going to cut down our own tree but we couldn't find one that wasn't under 10 feet tall and that we could agree on so we ended up getting one that was already cut but we both LOVED it. It is my favorite tree so far! 

See for yourself!
Along with the tree we also decorated the inside and outside today!
My Mantle 
We started the Elf on the Shelf this year! Hazel named him Alf... NO IDEA where she got that name but I thought it was pretty cute! He brought her cookies from Santa and we read the story. Stay tuned to see what craziness Alf gets into this season :)

This is on my kitchen counter
Ignore my dirty dishes

These all belonged to Jonathan's mom. She passed away almost 3 years ago so we love bringing out all her decorations around Christmas to remember her and celebrate her favorite season. If you can't tell she had a slight Santa obsession. Most of the decorations in our house were hers. 
This is in our downstairs bathroom. (It looks better in person.)

And finally, the outside. I still need to get wreaths and lights for the windows but for now I am really happy with the decorations. Last year we didn't decorate the outside at all so I'm really excited about our lights. 
You can see our Christmas tree in the far window. :) 

Now I have to get to shopping :)
Until next time
Mrs. K Scott

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