Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa Picture "Fail"- Link-Up

Well... sadly you won't be able to get any giggles from my child screaming on Santa's lap. But I still wanted to do this link-up because I don't like being left out.

This is Hazel's third Christmas and EVERY year I say "this is the year she's going to have a total meltdown and its going to be awful and I'm going to have a panic attack."
I have been a stay-at-home-mom since Hazel was born. Therefore she has never been around a bunch of new people without me being right there for her to hide behind. Usually  when she meets new people she hides behind me until she gets comfortable enough with the new people. It has been this way since she could walk. 

One funny story:
Our friends, Aimee and Bryan (Meme and B-Ry), came over to hang out at our house. We met them through church "group-link" (where you figure out who you're going to be in a small group with.) It is like a middle school dance.
 Do you like me? 
You would literally walk up to a group and if you liked them then you stayed but if you didn't you walked away. AWKWARD. 
I am a super awkward turtle and my comfort zone is in the corner. So that's where I went. Jonathan at some point literally had to drag me to talk to all these strangers. 

Anyway, so at group-link Aimee and I immediately hit it off. She is my soul sister. 
She even let me be in her wedding! 
And she's trying to get me to drink red wine.

We emailed for a couple of days before I finally (or she... I can't remember) got the nerve up to get those digits. So then we texted Finally we decided to have a double date out a restaurant/bar, so my mom watched Hazel and we had the best time!! It felt like we had been friends forever. 
Well, then they came over to our house to watch a movie or something and got to meet Hazel. At first she wanted nothing to do with them and would just laugh and run away whenever they wanted to talk to her. Then, after about 20 minutes, she was butt naked and sitting in Aimee's lap. I told ya'll she was my soul sista ya'll. This was only our second time hanging out so we didn't really KNOW them and this was their first time meeting Hazel... And she was butt naked in her lap. 
And it totally wasn't weird. 

Anyway, so usually that's how Hazel is. After about 20 minutes of scoping you out... THEN she'll be butt naked in your lap. I seriously hope she outgrows this :)

But Santa... Santa is a magically creature who brings you chocolate, presents, and lets you watch Christmas movies all day oh wait that's me.

So I guess she just loves him. Or maybe she has a thing for beards? 

So anyway.. here is her first Christmas picture. 
Yes, we went to a chic-fil-a Santa. It was free AND we got a free meal. So boo-ya. Plus we were super poor. 
Diapers ain't cheap ya'll!

Unfortunately, I can't find her second Christmas picture. This was the one she went with her cousin's and was in the picture with them. She smiled like a model and didn't cry at all. I think their excitement helped her that year. If I find it I'll post it...

This this year. 

Is this seriously my baby's THIRD Christmas?? Goodness that is crazy. 

Link-up with Darci to post your hopefully funnier than my  Santa pictures. 


  1. Awh, I love it! It's heartbreaking how fast they grow up.

    1. It certainly is! I just can't believe it! She'll be 3 in March! So weird!

  2. Haha, it says my comment was published but I don't remember writing anything? Anyways, super cute pics!! Savannah is like that too about stranger. Girlfriend has not grown out of it!

    1. Haha! Hazel hasn't grown out of it either... with anyone, except Santa!! :)

  3. Ha great pictures. Maybe you could punch her before sitting on his lap next year and get the crying photo? Bahahaha

    1. I totally should! Or just take her during her nap time :) I'll try that next year!

  4. I saw that you have been following me on IG for awhile but I never knew where you blogged. So glad I found you via Darci's blog! New follower :)